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  1. Wildcat. Strict enforcement? You mean like only driving to the range and back with no deviations? Or how about having a pendant on your neck that has an inert casing with a hollow point that is a felony here? Or suppressors on airguns? I could go on. How about we look at the laws instead of just saying "strict enforcement would be a start? If we aren't willing to accept that many laws are not only stupid, they do nothing to ameliorate the situation, and in fact turn good meaning people into felons, then we aren't going to get anywhere.
  2. I didn't say that. I don't think that trying to control people is going to be helpful, we've had many years of that. You are also assuming I think there is some sort of problem. As has been pointed out, violent crime has been trending down for a while now. Also, and I can't stress this enough, it's better to admit you don't have an answer, than to pretend you do. I also spent a good part of my youth in Hammonton.
  3. I'm not concerned about "gun" violence. I, as we all should be am concerned about "violence" and also maintaining Constitutionally guaranteed rights. You realize if we got rid of all guns, our murder rate would still be double Serbia's? Guess who has almost as many guns per person as the U.S. The problem isn't the guns, it's our politics, our economics, our society. Those are not simple problems, so people like you go for the easy target, while doing nothing to address the problem. I never pretended like I had a solution, so acting like you "got" me by asking what's my plan isn't going to get us anywhere. It's okay to say "I don't know the answer". Doing that is MUCH better than acting like you do, when you don't even understand the problem.
  4. Interesting, as I never implied you were being dull or stupid, just that you are being dishonest. Now I can't tell if you are intentionally being obtuse or if your self assessment is flawed.
  5. You are being disingenuous now. If it is not to "strip" someone of the right to own a gun, why did you bring it up in this thread? I have no time for people that can't be honest in a discussion.
  6. So, here in NJ, what percentage of doctors do you think would stick their neck on the line to OK someone getting a firearm? What you and Batsto are proposing is one of the easiest ways to disarm the populace yet considered. You realize adults here in NJ have been denied their firearm ID card simply because as a child they were sent by the school psychologist for an eval for possible ADHD. That is what waiving your HIPPA rights gets you here in this state. No thanks!
  7. What good is something that would draw a "red flag" on 1/6 of the population, unless your goal is simply to strip 1/6 of the population of their 2nd amendment right on some arbitrary cause?
  8. Did you miss my question? Why do you think the second amendment was written? What issue is it trying to address?
  9. What do you think the purpose of the second amendment is?
  10. I also use permethrin on my clothes and have been good ever since. Word of warning though, if you have cats make sure they never get close to your clothes, the permethrin is deadly to them and the death will be awful. All they need to do is rub up against your pant leg that you sprayed with it and the horror will set in a few hours later. [emoji20]
  11. I've taken three so far with my .17 WSM.
  12. Got a link? I'm not finding it. Their mobile site kind of blows.
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