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  1. Put in behind lucky bones and swing around and fish through under the little bridge and back behind the lobster house. Good flounder fishing in there
  2. I have a set of Vortex Diamondbacks and I love them. They come with a nice case too. Super clear and you’d think they were way more expensive than they actually are
  3. I say both actually depends what happens to pop into my head at the time
  4. They are cool little guys. I love checking out the birds on those long days on stand. My field guide to North American Birds gets a workout in the fall/winter
  5. The world won’t know if he’s really dead for weeks
  6. Coming from from MD last weekend I saw a huge flock right on Rt40 Sharptown area.
  7. Got a spur to the middle finger once. Guess he a had a little bit more fight left than I thought. Probably shoulda got a stitch or two.
  8. I got the artic ice last winter and they are awesome in cold weather. Light and not clompy to walk in. The camp finish on mine has worn almost completely off but no tears, no leaks. I’ll definitely get another pair when mine wear out but it’s probably gonna be awhile
  9. Couple nice ones down in Kansas. Bucks are cruising and chasing
  10. Leaving for NE Kansas tomorrow morning. Not a lot of serious rut action yet but that’s just the info I got. Got a full 7 days out there and a cold front early next week should be good!
  11. I didn’t say it was a 1949. And I’m not sure I got it in a trade.
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