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  1. 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport JK. 3.8L 6cyl, 104k, 6 spd manual, 3.5” lift, 35” tires. All the Jeep goodies and more, too much to list. Approx 8k in upgrades. Runs and drives perfect. $21,000 obo. Any questions just ask, come check it out. Located in Cape May County. Thanks, Matt
  2. I have 2 (50 rd) boxes of 9mm. One FMJ, one HP. Would like to trade for .40 S&W. Located in cape may county. Thanks, Matt
  3. I have a cell cam set up on my buddies property in MD. It was a gift from my wife, and it’s pretty cool. I like it for out of state cause I can’t check it. I don’t really use them much her in NJ. I used to a lot but it gets a little ridiculous when you’re looking at your watch “4:53 they should be here in 5 mins”. I missed the feeling of surprise and excitement. A ban wouldn’t bother me, but that’s just cause I don’t use them. I understand their purpose and don’t knock anyone who uses them. Although I do think they’ve taken a lot of the woodsmanship out of the game
  4. Yeah man you’re welcome! I am the same way when I go somewhere I wanna eat where the locals eat and get the scoop on the fun things to do that aren’t necessarily on the “brochure”. I’ll be damned if I spend thousands on a vacation to go sit in some friggin sand everyday and get burned. Maybe the beach is just old hat to me though lol. Lots of things to do around here that’s for sure
  5. The Grand is pretty nice. It’s probably the most “touristy” in Cape May but it’s just a place to crash anyway. Lots of good places to eat. Some good lunch and drink spots are Harry’s, Mad Batter, C-View tavern (best wings), Exit Zero filling station. Dinner if you’re gonna go all out definitely try and get reservations at Peter Shields Inn, Washington Inn is good too, Sappore Italiano, 410 Bank Street. Please don’t go to the Lobster House. When I talk to people about Cape May and they say “I love the lobster house!” it just screams Shoobie. Over rated tourist trap. Go to Lucky Bones or Mayer’s across the street and get some good seafood instead If you want some good cocktails and music check out Nauti Spirits. Rusty Nail is pretty chill for a beer too. Harry’s has the best crushes and ocean views. Mad Batter is known for their brunch drinks. Willow Creek Winery (if you’re gonna check out a vineyard make sure it’s this one). Some fun outside stuff: Beach Plum farm has a nice market and places to explore. Cape May Point lighthouse has some nice nature trails. Washington street mall is good for shopping and pretty centered in town for walking around and checking out the Victorian homes. There’s a bait and tackle store (Jim’s) on the way into town right over the bridge. Don’t know about crabbing spots in town, I’ve seen people crabbing the little creek on Elmira St. but I’ve never tried it. There’s some places within a short drive though. Any other questions PM me. I live here so I’ve pretty much ate, drank, fished, or hunted most places around here. Enjoy your stay!
  6. I have had a Milwaukee for 15 yrs. Used it almost daily for 8 yrs when I did construction work for a living. It’s still a beast. Not one problem or issue. I have had other brands and some died, some I just didn’t like the blade lock system.
  7. Sorry brother. That sucks. Especially when kids are involved. Like said before, get all this stuff in writing. Women change their mind quick when things don’t go their way. Sounds like you’re just going through the emotions. Things don’t always make sense until you have some time to look back with perspective. It’s a big change, but it sounds like you got out pretty clean overall and you’re making sure the kids are taken care of. Focus on bettering yourself. Gym, stay busy, bank some money, learn something new. You’re still in your prime and have a lot to offer to someone who will appreciate it. In the meantime, enjoy yourself. The world is your oyster!
  8. Mine’s gonna have to be a thick ribeye charred medium rare on the grill and a glass of good bourbon. Close second is a big pile of snow crabs with a few cold bottles of beer. Now I’m hungry haha
  9. This is very well said. Those that want and/or need the vaccine can now get it. And they are now “protected”, are they not? If you choose to take the risk of getting the virus, OR even spreading it to compromised people WHO ALSO TOOK THE RISK OF NOT BEING VACCINATED, that is a personal choice for your own health. I feel for all who have lost loved ones to this disease. But we are at a point now where protection is available to anyone that wants it. If you don’t, it’s on you. Why should anyone care?
  10. the truth


    I have an f150 too for work and commuting. My wife is actually the one that talked me into buying the Jeep. Glad she did cause the kids really enjoy it. Nothing like cruising with the doors and top off blasting some tunes. Closest thing to a motorcycle I can get
  11. the truth


    Mine is a 6spd manual too. Makes it even more fun
  12. the truth


    Nice! I had a 94 YJ back in the day looked just like yours. Regret selling it
  13. the truth


    Who’s got a Jeep for your hunting or fun rig? Post em up. Here’s my fun ride. 2010 JK 3.5 lift and 35’s. Haven’t thrown a deer in the back yet but hopefully in a few more months 👍🏼
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