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  1. You should be getting a lot more work then. Every property that is being hunted that hasn't already been surveyed, needs to be surveyed. How do you work for? I'm an engineer myself and always need surveyors.
  2. We specifically limit the number of hunters on each property for safety reasons and general common courtesy. We don't want guys stepping over each other. The hunters on each property all exchange numbers and communicate and help each other . This year we are looking for 25-30 hunters. Last year we had 8 and thats only because it was restricted to Readington residents, this year it is open to all.
  3. Each permit is property specific. Get the NJSFSC membership ($40) that comes with $2M liability insurance. https://galie.wufoo.com/forms/njsfsc-membership-application/
  4. I didn't make the rules but success is very high. Didn't have enough hunters last year.
  5. 543 acres open for deer hunting this season in Readington. The application is on the website: https://www.readingtontwpnj.gov/images/notices/2020/Deer-Mgmt-Program-Permit-Application-2020-21.pdf Applications are due 8/18 by 4:30pm. When dropping off your application, please follow the instructions on the door of the municipal building. There is a number to call and someone will meet you at the door (8:30 am-4:30 pm). Any questions, please ask.
  6. I'm the chairman of the wildlife advisory subcommittee in town. Readington Twp just approved 532 acres of hunting across 12 properties for this upcoming season (better late then never). This will be open to anyone in the State. There will be an application package coming out shortly which includes a background check and $100 fee. Properties are selected via lottery with preference to previous years successful hunters. I will post here again once the application is ready to download.
  7. Been not since 3:30 Z12. Just counted 14 squirrels within eyesight.
  8. Like it says, let me know what you have. Thanks. Adam
  9. Unfortunately it will only be open to residents this year....it was part of the compromise. Moving forward I would love to open it up.
  10. Glad I could help with business. Do you offer commissions? Thanks for your help.
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