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  1. Westampton took 3 weeks when I applied in January and 2 weeks for them when I applied in March.
  2. I bought one on Monday 5 April and the website said they were just getting to the checks from last Monday 29 March.😤 I'd be happy if I hear back on Friday.
  3. Problem would be there would be 15 other guys on that farm opening day with the same story on how they got permission.🤣
  4. I guess I'm just plain ignorant and liberal minded. I have had a few Pitts in my life all were well behaved, loyal and loving to me, my wife and my children. I would never have a dog in my house I did not trust 100%. Yes they are animals with minds of their own but I also made sure no one in our house did anything that would make them aggressive and that went for all our dogs even our Chihuahua. I have had to put 1 Pitt down only because he was old and had bad arthritis which made him uncomfortable so he started showing signs that I could not trust him anymore so we had to euthanize him.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. It seemed easy enough just wanted to make sure I was reading everything correctly and there wasn't any hidden crap I wasn't aware of with NJ rules. Never bought a gun online before but with things the way they are now, to get what I want I don't have any other option but to get it that way.
  6. If I win a bid or buy a handgun on GunBroker what happens next. My understanding is it has to be sent to a FFL dealer here and they transfer it. Is this correct? If you have done this how was your experience with it? I have 2 more purchase permits on their way and I can't find the guns I want available anywhere but on GunBroker.
  7. I guess I'm in the same boat. Got the Email that I was awarded but no option to buy on the website. I have never not been drawn for 1 of my choices before. More fishing time I guess.
  8. Got Email saying I won also but there is no where to buy the license on the website. Never had an issue before.
  9. mvl30

    Post Office!!!

    I had a package sent from Harrisburg PA. Made it to Philadelphia distribution center from Harrisburg in a day just to have it sit there for 3 weeks. Tried calling to find out why it is just sitting there and always got the Covid excuse and to be told I should of spent extra for the express shipping. I have been using Fed Ex and UPS since with no issues.
  10. It doesn't happen often and when it does happen it is very short time period to get out on it. I'll take a 30 minute drive over an hour and a half drive I was doing to go ice fishing.
  11. Wildlife Management Area in Ocean County.
  12. Finally able to ice fish close to home. 1st one of the day.
  13. Hunting season is ending and ice fishing is still sketchy for most of the state so we are all bored.😁
  14. We all are affecting people everyday. Like my example, people drive everyday you crash into someon that now affects them. We try to prevent what we can but there is a fine line between protecting and controlling. People die from the flu every year, maybe not as many as from Covid so far, but it still happens why have we not had to wear masks for the flu. My thing is where is the line. Is it 200000 people dying then we take action, is it 400000 where is it. I had no issues with wearing a mask when this first started because it was unknown of the severity it was going to be. Even now I will wear
  15. The 3rd leading cause of death in the US is medical malpractice. Several studies have estimated the deaths from 250000 to 440000 people a year in the United States alone but yet we still go to the doctor. Why is this not in the headlines? People dying of this Virus is real, yes, but so are people dying in car accidents every day but we still drive. Everyone should be able to make their own decisions. If you are concerned about the Virus wear a mask do your social distancing what ever you feel you need to do but this blanket everyone has to do what we say from the government is concerning and
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