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  1. This is the problem with America today. If someone has a different opinion than you they are wrong and everyone has to argue their opinion. We know what opinions are like. There is no celebrity worship here, it was an informed decision. Take a look at TEDTalk "What I learned from Dirt Jobs" and also an interview he did with Ben Shapiro. My first choice is Dinesh D'Souza but due to the fact he is not a natural born citizen he can not be president.
  2. mvl30

    2 more deer finished for christmas.

    Ya that's why I wont do it full time, I want it to stay fun. I do like mounting my own stuff alot better than others deer but I'm running out of wall space.
  3. Finished these 2 deer for a couple buddies in time for Christmas. soundbite
  4. mvl30

    Finished deer mount.

    I did my first one with one of those kits but knowing what I know now, I would get everything individually. The kits are ok but have limited sizes and cheap pieces. You can PM me if you want some more info.
  5. mvl30

    Finished deer mount.

    Thanks. When do I start.
  6. mvl30

    Finished deer mount.

    Finished up this guy for a friend.
  7. mvl30

    Anyone out in this heat today?

    First sit of the year for me. Had a good evening, watched this guy and a couple other bucks for 2 hours. They wouldn't leave. Not a doe to be seen.
  8. mvl30

    Deer Mount finished

    I used Mckenzie 6300 on him.
  9. mvl30

    Deer Mount finished

    I've thought about going the last few years but just couldn't get the time to make it up there. I heard it's fun and I know I would learn alot but just no time.
  10. mvl30

    Deer Mount finished

    Yes it was taken in Jersey.
  11. mvl30

    Deer Mount finished

    Finished up this guy today. It's a friend of a friend's deer.
  12. mvl30

    Buddies deer mount

    I know what you mean. I spend more time looking at deer anatomy than the antlers and I only do it as a hobby for myself and a friend every now and then. It's actually been almost 2 years since I did my last one.
  13. mvl30

    Buddies deer mount

    Finished up my buddies mount this weekend.