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  1. Amen.....plenty of college football to watch
  2. Devil's spawn for sure....they seem worse this year than any I remember
  3. On the mainland, Bruni's in Hammonton...on the boardwalk....Manko and Manko (formerly Mack and Manko) in Ocean City
  4. Nature's way of weeding out the stupid
  5. Where can you buy this? Would like to try it
  6. Thank you....I did not realize that.....time to shop for a new one for the fall
  7. Yellowtail (The Reserve) Shiraz
  8. I'm caught in the middle on this one.....I'm both a Trump supporter and a government employee. There was a freeze on salaries a few years back, and we went five years without a raise...but no one seems to remember that. Salaries are only a part of what it costs to employ someone, regardless of where they work. Our benefits have been cut every year since 2011, but again, no one seems to see that as significant. Sweeping cuts are not the answer to the waste...especially what I see every day. The 'trimming of the fat' that everyone is clamoring for, needs to be done with a scalpel and not a chainsaw.
  9. Did something similar with some camo material that i bought...attached it with velcro tabs to reduce the size of the front window opening
  10. I'd also like to see how it stacks up against the Stealth NXT.....almost more of an 'apples to apples' comparison
  11. I leave them open. I've had deer react to seeing them open when I'd had them closed prior to hunting out of the blind
  12. Congratulations....is that an A500G in the picture?
  13. David is top shelf, and his crossbow knowledge is second to none. Trust me, he will point you in the right direction
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