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  1. How do you like that light? was thinking of getting it for the garage or basement
  2. you should definately hold them for a size comparison
  3. @bushden probably didnt want this turned into a political discussion, but it sure is entertaining. The way i look at it, they keep learning new things about the vaccines AND the virus. Hell, they dont even know how long antibodies last in the system or how long the vaccine lasts in the system. They are even talking about creating a "booster" shot. This is probably going to turn into a flu-shot scenario where you get it every year and its a crapshoot what strain is covered for that year. That being said, the CDC, FDA, and pharma companies have said from the beginning that the "vaccines" only minimize symptoms and do not protect you from getting the virus. You can still get it and pass it on. Whether you want or dont want the vaccine, do what works for you. You still want to wear a mask and quarantine after you get the vaccine? Go ahead. We still live in the Great USA and still have the freedom to choose (for now ).
  4. We tried doing that with baby stuff when our son was born. Anything that he could've put in his mouth we wanted Made In The USA. We were doing good for awhile but it became damn near impossible when it came to toys. Even the bottles were tough; Dr Brown has some bottles made in China and some made in USA, but I think it depended on the kind of bottle
  5. Gonna try a small row garden this year now that our yard is fenced in. Probably gonna start it next week. Gotta also prep the raised garden beds
  6. Good time or not, its better then sitting around doing nothing. The jello legs are a good thing. Enjoy and nice job!
  7. Here you go @bushden...this was about a year ago for my sons 1st bday
  8. Went there a few times. Good stuff. Some stuff costs a good amount of money, but it is exotic meats
  9. Don't know the kinds of gardens everyone has, but as anyone tried the "no till" method? I've been looking into the whole regenerative farming method and would like to try it if decide to do a row-garden section in the backyard.
  10. His website is pretty interesting also. has a few free series on there. Im a fan of Back 40. www.themeateater.com
  11. At this point, easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission...kinda
  12. I had no clue. Just did some quick research and it looks like EPA changed pressure treated wood standards in 2003. Still might decide to line the wood after the winter just to be safe. https://www.finegardening.com/article/are-pressure-treated-woods-safe-in-garden-beds
  13. 1st pic is from late spring when i built it. 2nd pic is from this past week...we're just about done with our first round of vegetables. starting our 2nd now. 1st round we didnt get much, but its a learning process
  14. Thank you all. Ive been getting my license for the past 3 years, but recently didnt have any time to go cause of life things. Hopefully I can get back out this year
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