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  1. Yea well although she shot very well she only shot one string That title Queen of the Rimfire shoot was given as a courtesy the attendance was shitty to say the least so there was just a day of shooting steel targets no formal competition but then people that were not there wouldn't know that would they
  2. Anybody been to the range wondering what condition it's in
  3. Confirmed so far shortfuse + Son in law + 2 Grandsons Shootemandmountem Pathman BC Saw Bowhunter NJ Lefty 222
  4. 8" round shoot and see target 50 yards 5 rounds tightest group
  5. There may be a date conflict with the Outdoor Expo we are trying to find out if the range is open that day any help with this matter would be appreciated. RULES
  6. 22lr only Lead nose because we'll be shooting steel Targets 17s will burn right through them and Jacketed ammo can ricochet. Rules will be posted soon
  7. That Scumbag won't let a tragedy go to waste after the Shootings over the weekend
  8. I have a Savage 93 R TR Tactical 17 HMR for sale this rifle is extremely accurate with Hornady 17gr V max ammo. It has a 22" Fluted barrel, Tactical Bolt Knob, Tacticool Stock and an Accutrigger. Scope and Bipod in the Photos are not part of the Sale $350 Shipping on your Dime Has Original Box and Manual Call or Text 732-678-6706 No Longer Available
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