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  1. JC Higgins Model 30 F/S

  2. JC Higgins Model 30 F/S

  3. JC Higgins Model 30 F/S

    Yea but it's original to that Rifle and still works it's zeroed for subsonics right now
  4. Not Where I’d Put My Bow

    The Bow is in the front seat the wife is in the Bow case
  5. JC Higgins Model 30 F/S

  6. JC Higgins Model 30 F/S

  7. JC Higgins Model 30 F/S

    Have a JC Higgins model 30 22LR in very nice condition with the original JC Higgins 4X scope Tough to find one in this condition Left side charging right hand eject. The only issue is it's missing the retractable sling assembly but it's available at Numrich Gun Parts. Text for more pictures 732-678-6706 $300 Shipped or $275 FTF
  8. So, let's talk grills

    I have this griddle and Love it the only thing you can't cook on it is Ribs but I also have the Grill top for it for Ribs and Steaks. Weekend Breakfast with the Family
  9. Nh ccw

    Protection and All Legal Purposes
  10. What made these tracks?

    Rimfire King BC Saw
  11. New Forum / Sub-forum ideas?

    Wildcat Cartridges
  12. Last min - 1st coyote

  13. Fox hunting tips needed

    You can't go wrong with any of Lunatics advise