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  1. Shortfuse

    H&R Handi-Rifle .270 (LEFT HAND) - Price Drop

    Already offered to trade a Black synthetic stock got no reply
  2. Shortfuse

    H&R Handi-Rifle .270 (LEFT HAND) - Price Drop

    If you want to sell the Thumbhole stock let me know I also have a Monte Carlo black synthetic but stock to put in the mix if your iterested
  3. Shortfuse

    Mossberg Target 22lr Rifle For Sale

    Deal Pending
  4. Shortfuse

    F/s Savage 93R 17Hmr "Rimfire King model"

    Can't believe nobody bought this yet this is a steal
  5. Shortfuse

    Buying Ammo Online ( Internet )

    Wow a whole 10 boxes that will probably last you 10 years. If you look back at my post I'm just giving another on line alternative with reasonable shipping Graff and Sons not Sportsmans Guide I wouldn't buy shit from them if you payed for it ( and you would probably complain about the price) and you better keep your FUs to yourself Keyboard Tough Guy
  6. Shortfuse

    Buying Ammo Online ( Internet )

    The fact is I buy ammo from them sometimes twice a Month in different quantities and never paid more than $7.95 so no I'm not bothered by the facts when the Facts are not some kind of Conspiracy theory which you seem to find in every post on this Forum
  7. Shortfuse

    Buying Ammo Online ( Internet )

    Graf & Sons $7.95 Fixed rate shipping
  8. Shortfuse

    Savage B Mag 17 WSM F/S

  9. Shortfuse

    Savage B Mag 17 WSM F/S

    For sale Heavy Fluted Barrel Laminate Stock Savage BMag 17 WSM. Stock photo But this is the exact model and color. 200 Rounds Fired. $375 Shipped or $350 Face to Face in New Jersey. Also available 400 rounds of ammo for $115 Shipped. I won't sell the ammo till rifle is sold. Call or Text 732-678-6706 Actin Bolt Barrel Color Black Barrel Finish Matte Barrel Length 22" Barrel Type Heavy Bolt Release Type Side Caliber 17 WSM Magazine Capacity 8 Rounds Hand Right Length of Pull In 13.9" Magazine Rotary Overall Length 40.5" Rate of Twist 8 Receiver Color Black Receiver Finish Matte Receiver Material Carbon Steel Type Rimfire Stock Color Grey Stock Finish Natural Stock Material Wood-Laminated Stock Type Varmint Beavertail Weight Lb 4
  10. Shortfuse

    War has been declared

    Bait the farthest corner of your yard get your favorite bolt .22 and CCI Quiets ( won't disturb the neighbors) and a Predatourch light. Lung shots only If you hit them in the head they spray on impact with lung shots there's a good chance they won't spray but close the window after the shot just in case. PS these rounds work best out of a 20"or longer Barrel don't shoot well out of a 16" they need the extra length to stabilize I have a dedicated rifle zeroed for these Quiets it has a 22" barrel and I can hit squirrels in the eye all day long at 40 yrds however I have gotten lucky before and hit a skunk at 65yrds but these rounds are deadliest inside 40 and they won't cycle a semi auto
  11. Shortfuse

    Mossberg Target 22lr Rifle For Sale

    Call me I'll make you a good deal on this Rifle
  12. Shortfuse

    Mossberg Target 22lr Rifle For Sale