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  1. Have hunted Chenango County for about 15 years. Absolutely love it up there. Less deer, but bigger on average. Have killed 5 bucks over the years, a spike, a 4, a 8, and two 9’s. The two 9’s were legit bucks for most any state. Weather can be a challenge, and there is a lot of woods. But sooner or later something walks by most years. The key for us has been hunting funnels and edges. If in the area, check out The Outpost in East McDonough. Great food at a very reasonable price. Filled with hunters.
  2. My son had his arrive on Saturday, and wore them Sunday ice fishing in 9 degree weather. Said his feet were comfortable all day. Thanks again!
  3. Just ordered for my youngest son, thanks for the tip!
  4. Just as the title says. New in box 20 foot Comfort Zone Double Step Climbing Sticks. Located in eastern Monmouth County. Can arrange for pick up in Middlesex County also. I can text pics of the box label which provides details on the sticks. $50 or best offer. Thanks, I will respond to PMs.
  5. Aren’t we all! Agree on the .308, I feel like it is underrated. My Dads 760 is in .308 and is a great shooter. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Agree. This has been my experience as well, hunted NY, PA, and NJ for 30 years with bow and gun.
  7. I have been hunting both NY and PA woods for 25 plus years. You can count on a few things... 1. Majority of shots (unless on a huge field) will be under 100 yards. 2. Deer will be pressured (often moving quickly) and fast follow up shots can be key. I personally know I am no where near as quick with a bolt as compared to cycling a Pump. 3. Weather will be a challenge. Snow, freezing rain, etc. Reliability of the weapon is key. No auto’s in PA anyway. Under your price range, but I would choose an older Remington 760 or 7600 Pump all day long. Not a new Remington -t
  8. Chenango County here also. 7M. Not a lot of shots by us on Saturday, couple more on Sunday. My Dad passed a small buck on Saturday and I saw a few does. Sunday at 9:55 am I shot a 9 point coming up the ridge, not pushed, but walking at a good pace alone. Dressed 160 lb range.
  9. Chenango County here also. Headed up early Friday with Dad, back on either Monday or Tuesday. Good luck all.
  10. Hi all, After hunting with the bow and shotgun for 30 plus years, I decided to get into the Muzzleloader game this year. I purchased a CVA Accura Mountain Rifle and took it to the range this past Sunday. I loaded with 2 White Hots, a 270 grain PowerBelt, and Winchester 209 primers. The gun shot well, but 2 of the 25 primers used resulted in misfires. I googled and it appears these primers have somewhat a history of misfires. What do you use and recommend if I was to switch? Thanks so much! Good luck this season. Bill
  11. New in box. Viewable on the Mountain Khakis site. 38 waist with 32 length. Men’s 307 style. Classic Fit. Medium Wash. Paid $70 plus shipping, will take $50 or best offer. Can be picked up in Monmouth County (Oceanport) or Middlesex County (South Plainfield). Never worn. Great for Fall and Winter days with the flannel lining. Look good but sturdy enough to walk in the woods. Selling because I purchased a pair, then received this pair as a gift. I do not need two. I can text pics. Thanks, Bill
  12. PM sent on the Arctic Sport, thanks...
  13. Interested in the 7600. Can you text me at 908 930 8579 as I have some questions? Thanks! Bill
  14. Great thread. In regards to timing of the bite, what general rules does everyone follow? We do pretty well with the Fluke (only jig bucktails), but it drives me crazy when I miss a fish. And I sometimes miss too many... My Dad has been Fluking for 50 years, his technique is pretty interesting, and his hookup ratio super high. When we gets a hit, he actually starts jigging harder and more aggressively. By the time he sets the hook (usually 10 seconds later), the rod is bent over pretty good. The fish must feel the pressure, and occasionally they drop the jig, but not too often.
  15. A BIG thanks to John. My older son just tried the skins on - fit perfect. And when he is done - my youngest boy will grow into them. Not only would John not take a dime, he even drove to meet me half way. Talk about a stand up guy!
  16. Hey John - saw your PM, thanks for reaching out. Sounds like 1957 is passing, therefore would love to have these for my boys to Striper fish in. I am on my way to NY State as I type for the rifle opener tomorrow - so hopefully you do not mind holding for me. Based on the predicted weather in Chenango county tomorrow - perhaps I should have bought my Grundens with me also!
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