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  1. Smith Guides choice are what i wear now. my old pairs were smith also. i was never a sunglass guy my whole life, but i can't live without them now. the optics on the smith are great, and they have lots of polarized lens options. if you have a script you can order them also.
  2. can't go wrong on a great winter hunting coat. will last a lifetime
  3. careful with the shorelines. there will be safe ice some lakes for sure, but the rain and warm temps beat a lot of shorelines up bad. we were on 10in on wed, but that was the most i could find. mast were still 4in then
  4. most of the deer ive been seeing lately have been between 830am-1130am. different spots. i still like to get in early, but if i sleep late i dont mind going in after sun up.
  5. kuz

    Fall fishing this evening

    i been doing ok. got some with the fly rod in the streams. been doing good on holdover lakes too
  6. screw saddle river. hunters should never pay for or have to go through hoops to do something we were legislated away from doing. let the problem get worse and worse and more and more expensive and eventually the taxpayers will beg for hunters to hunt for free. the message should always be bowhunting is a safe, free, effective means of population control.
  7. i use a case mini trapper with CV blades. nothing fancy
  8. i think the watershed is now considered municipal land.
  9. ok who put all the cats in the picture? hilarious
  10. i thought the coaching call was ridiculous. everything after that was on her. fact is she was losing the match before the initial call and i think her frustration got the best of her. i feel bad for the opponent, she played a great game and would have won regardless. i will give serena credit for still supporting the winner during the ceremonies. but she got beat by her opponent that day, not the ref
  11. i just wear a light later under the pants and only wear on the coldest days
  12. this area up here is full of thieves, but everywhere is. i dont even bother with cameras anymore. waste of time
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