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  1. We stay right on a pond. Walk out the door and into the yaks fishing. Besides , with over 900 ponds ... i have to try em all !
  2. Always fun when something is wiggling on the end of your rod...
  3. 2nd trip up this summer, this time with the whole family. Spent the morning “ meat fishing “ with my dad catching around 40 or so white perch on crawlers and gulp minnows. Lost a 4 or 5 pound smallie as well. Took pics of the 6 eaters back in the cottage, need about 6 more by tues. More pics to follow.
  4. Soooo.... did you get to a cape league game ? try for stripers off the beach ?
  5. I have a Hoyt Hypertech in very good condition. It is 60-70 lbs , its cam specific at 29 1/2 draw. You can find some extra cams on archery talk. I believe its a 2002 model. A friend just gave it to me and told me to find a good home for it. pick up in or near scotch plains, union co.
  6. Before you head home, take a trip up to Goose Hummock in Orleans. Maybe the best tackle shop I’ve ever been to. Then catch a Cape League baseball game. Wood bat league...best college players in the US. Games are free and everyone stands for the flag !!! Head downtown into Chatham and eat at the Squire , try the Lobster Bisque and add a license plate to the wall. I’m heading up for all of next week...cant wait.
  7. Based on liberal preaching, if i find it offensive, doesn’t have to be taken down ? Or does that just go one way...
  8. If your REALLY interested in trying new things ....you could take the trip up to P Town and join a parade !
  9. Bring a top water plugging rod and try along the south side sound beaches at high tide ( either early am or late pm). Harding beach was good this year. also, try Morris Island off the southeast tip of Chatham. Small swimming minnows, yum dingers, sluggos all work well ...plus its absolutely beautiful in the morning but you need to wait till the park opens the gates to park. Morris island
  10. The Kodak’s with the blue lines are later models. All of the hunters are great shooters. glws
  11. And Kype keeps his s&w pistols in great shape as well ! happy 4th !
  12. I always point out 3 major points in these paragraphs to my snowflake students... 1- our founders believe in God and our Creator. That’s one point the radical left wants to eliminate. Without a higher power “ God “ then there truly is no accountability for human actions 2- “ all men are created equal “ ...one of the most misused and misquoted lines. The intentions are that all men are created to have equal opportunity to the “...life , liberty .....”WE ARE IN NO WAY ALL EQUAL ! It’s not possible to take this literally. Ex. If i played one on one with Micheal Jordan... we are not equal. If i competed against Einstein in a math compitition...we are not equal. The liberal attempt to equalize all people is a complete and unnatural impossibility. 3- the document states “ the pursuit of happiness “ not the guarantee of it! We all should have the opportunity, but we also have to accept the outcomes. Yes , i teach in a public school no, i have no idea how i still have a job !
  13. To avoid confusion..... these plates are STANDARD , which have one inch holes. They ARE NOT Olympic which have two inch holes.
  14. Need the room more than the money! Lol
  15. Selling a Fenwick HMG surf/plugging rod. Specs are: 8’6” , 1-6 oz lures , 15-40lb line Penn 6500ss reel both in very good , but fished, condition. lets do $125 for the complete set up. Basically the rod is free. located in union co.
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