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  1. Have you fished out of a kayak before? Looking for a saltwater/ big water boat or something for pond hoping ? My buddy and I don’t have any for sale, but we have fished just about every kind of yak out there ...so if you need any help shoot me a pm. Personal choice- Hobie outback, or any wilderness system tarpons.
  2. Best bows on the market-still hunt with my alloy.
  3. Prime alloy QAD rest Beestinger stabs black gold sight vitory R.I.P elite arrows custom string and cables.
  4. From dec 28th right up until last nights post , i have seen more bucks ( not just young ones ) running does non stop. While i was shooting an old beat up 7 pt last night , about a 1/2 mile from me, another guy in our group grunted in a big 8pt that was chasing 2 does and shot him at 10yds. The smaller bucks have their noses so far up the asses of the does they cant even see where they’re going!
  5. Yup- the hole plugged up quickly, especially since the arrow stayed exactly where you see it. You can still see it sticking out in the pic with the dog.
  6. There was so much standing water that we couldn’t follow the original blood trail further than 100 yds. I knew it was a liver shot deer so we waited til morning and called Darren. The dog found the deer in less than 10 min , in the complete opposite direction that i watched it run the night before. The dog follows the scent up on the brush - not the blood. We learned a lot that day , i regret the poor shot , but the whole experience watching the dog work was incredible.
  7. That should look intersesting
  8. I thought that iluv2hunts post and pic was awesome. Much better than this one , but i had almost the same kind of impact pic, only from the pass through side. Yes , i know the shot was a tad back ( liver shot) ... the arrow caught a rib going in and deflected back and stayed stuck across the bucks body. We found it the next day with the help of a friend who also is THE best deer tracker in NJ. -Darren Doran ( actually the hairy little wiener dog is the best tracker ....absolutely amazing !) pic was opening day of permit bow.
  9. I have a friend who has two bengal cats, the only thing they will eat is ground venison! I give him at least 10 deer a year.
  10. Very nice! Next time try some ponds out on the cape...
  11. I did have to order it. Most of the guns sold at Cabelas are illegal to own or hunt with in the wonderful state of Jersey. Almost all of the new gammo’s and Benjamin’s have a silencing device. i guess we need to be careful of all of the terrorist cells that are stockpiling pellet guns for the next attack.
  12. Here is a .177 springer that doesn’t require adapters and an outside air source ( scuba tank , compressor, etc) , just pull the under lever and shoot.
  13. Definitely not stupid questions ! The scope was extra - when i bought the gun , i asked them to match a scope to the rifle ( they do this for a living...) and this was the scope that all of the employs loved on their guns for hunting. that being said, it is a scaled down illuminated mil dot scope , specifically for doping the wind. The pellet will do everything a bullet will do in wind.... just at shorter ranges. Headwinds and tailwinds - drop or rise, side winds drift....only with an airgun it happens after about 20 yds !. A .177 will not be as affected as a .22 , but they
  14. BSA gold star - it comes with a muzzle break ( air stripper) instead of a moderator.
  15. I agree , but my new .22 is shooting an avg of 890fps and is shooting one hole groups out to 50. Not bad for an airgun!
  16. After reading Mallard1100 and ERS’S posts i thought I’d chime in. Mallard talked about how tasty squirrels can be ( which is definitely true) and without question the most entertaining way to whack tree rats is with an air rifle. Just be careful in this state with what you carry in the woods as far as airguns are concerned. I just spent a full month ( literally ) trying to find a NJ legal airgun that i liked in .22 . Some had 12 shot mags- no good, almost all had some form of sound suppressing device: moderators , shrouded barrels, etc. - also a no no. I went through Pyramid air , Straigh
  17. Thanks, but i have one of those and the jaws are more of a annoyance than a benefit. They make it awkward to maneuver into any tree with branches like cedars , etc. thanks anyway.- i found a few others.
  18. Thanks guys- a 2man is too big , and I didn’t see one that would work at walmart. I might just order one from sportsman’s guide- 71.99.
  19. Hey guys, I’m looking for a simple used ladder stand or two. Nothing with big mesh seat, shooting rails , etc. just the basic old school 15 ft ladder . I know i can find one online, but i was checking here first to see what’s around locally- no shipping. thanks.
  20. Tikka t3 -fully agree. Just remember a 270 limits the bullet weight compared to some other “ all round” calibers.
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