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  1. As per my wife’s orders , I’m down to one last week to get the basement cleaned up ! I put most of what’s left of my reloading supplies in a bin and will take the first $ 25 pick up in scotch plains. too lazy too list it all, the pics should be clear enough. The scope is a cheap BSA
  2. I may have some - i will check this afternoon.
  3. Crap...i knew that pic would surface some day
  4. Only the second smallmouth I’ve caught there in last 2 years.
  5. Well, i figured if Hemlock could catch em in the rain so could I . Had an interesting day...caught a few 6-8 inchers in the decent weather and had my 3 biggest in the middle of an absolute downpour. I know they don’t count without pics, ( the phone stayed dry in my waders - lol ) but the biggest was right around 12in , the other 2 just over ten ... nothing Hemlockian , but nice fish ! The bonus for the day was a smallie that looked like it had swallowed a brick ! Not long , but fat as could be. Saw a few nice birds as well- the warblers are really starting to show up in force. Last night with
  6. Congrats- you’re gonna be spoiled in that yak! After owning many kayaks, i will only own hobies from now on. looks like you set it up for some hardcore fishin !
  7. It’s a southbend. I really do like it . My buddy is keeping that one for himself. We both appreciate the history and different stages of technology of these rods.
  8. You are correct...the one in the box is a Sakura . 5 pieces in pretty decent shape. Found them on line for about $150 in mint condition. This one is NOT mint. It’s 3rd on the list for refinishing. The Southbend with the automatic reel is next.
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