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  1. I actually have a stand looking right at it. Amazing how I go under a fence and get hung up for 10 minutes , but a buck with a big old rack can slide under like water. LOL
  2. Maybe i need a cam here… looks like the Texas border !
  3. That tight 8 looks like a frequent flyer.
  4. I’m asking what i actually paid. I got a tremendously good deal on the bow and now I’m paying 1200 for another one from Athens in a different finish. So all i want back is what i put in. I actually may have just sold it on AT. Just waiting on paypal .
  5. Did you try it on that really nice Sage you bought off of some clown ???
  6. Amazingly….still available . Deal of the year here.
  7. How was that grandma pie ??? looks tasty !
  8. I can also add in some B Stinger stabilizers and a brand new Bieter target rest to make a package deal.
  9. Might as well buy a back up from a trusted seller !
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