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  1. Tikka t3 -fully agree. Just remember a 270 limits the bullet weight compared to some other “ all round” calibers.
  2. Took a break from hunting today and hit a stretch of a local wild trout stream. Water levels and clarity were perfect, but the fish were very few and far between The best fish of the day was a very thin 15 incher and then i managed 1 other mini brown and had about 7 or more chases. I look at this stream all season from my stand, so it felt good to finally get my feet wet and forget about deer for a little while.
  3. flukebelly


    If you are in the area, take them to Central Jersey Rare Coins on rt 28 in bound brook. The owners name is Robert and he will sort through them and give you a very fair assessment. The bulk of your coins are definitely not rare and will bring a little below the spot value of silver , which changes daily. I just sold some silver on fri. And it brought $24.09 an ounce. Any pre 1964 dime, quarter, half dollar or dollar are mostly silver as others have stated. They are pretty literal: a dime is a tenth of a Troy ounce quarter-quarter Troy ounce etc.etc.
  4. Sold, thanks pathman....great meeting you today.
  5. Up for sale is a never used, new in the box ( but about 10 yrs old ) , Leupold vxiii 6.5-20x40mm efr air rifle scope. as stated , the scope has never been mounted - i bought it for a 10 meter air rifle and never got around to putting it on it. the scope is perfect for any Airgun including springers, and is perfect for 22s as well. This is a target scope-NOT a hunting scope. It has an extremely small target dot reticle and multiple objective adjustments that would not work well in the field. at 100yds you can sight in on a dime! the box contains: scope, sunshade, extra targe
  6. flukebelly


    Looks like good old OB III ?
  7. Selling a very nice Smith 617 , 6 shot 22 revolver. i used the gun for steel matches and had some really nice tigger work done ( very light single action) gun is in excellent condition and is very accurate. $500 firm union co.
  8. I have a marlin original golden 39 a s , micro groove, jm stamped 22 lever up for sale. rifle comes with a Williams rear peep sight and a fiber optic front. Great condition with just some minor dings on the stock - $500 firm union co.
  9. If you’re interested, give me one cut round of the tree and i can make her a large bowl or platter from the tree. No charge - it would provide a nice memory for her ( if she liked the tree ) . Send me a pm if you want. Here’s some pretty black walnut...
  10. That’s what the acc’s were for for me as well. The carbon one’s were for field.
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