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  1. flukebelly


    Well, i really should hold on to what i have, but i want a new bow so I’m going to try to offer some calibers that i think i have enough of for now. I looked at plenty of ammo prices all over the web and checked what was available vs what wasn’t. I even have a gun shop in penn. that will take it all for more than I’m offering it up here. I think what I’m asking seems pretty fair considering what’s out there... here we go. Federal American Eagle 55gr fmj ( 100 round boxes ) = $ 80 per box ...i have 5 boxes Just selling 223 for now... Located in union co. thanks
  2. Are the dead coyote shells and the .22 hornet still available? 

    Thanks Chris

    1. flukebelly


      Hornet still is

      coyote is gone

  3. Bump good deal on the 22 hornet for varmints
  4. 270 dead coyote 38spl spf.
  5. I have a bunch of assorted ( mostly half empty ) boxes of ammo if anyone needs these calibers just for sighting in or maybe an upcoming hunt. rifle calibers: 270. 14 rounds of win. Partition gold 150gr and 2 rounds of rem core lokt 130gr = $20 SPF 7mm08. 10 rounds fed fusion 140gr and 7 rounds rem core lokt 140 gr. = $25 SPF 300 win mag. 7 rounds fed fusion 180 gr =$5 30-40 Krag. 10 rounds 180 win power points. =$ 20 38-55. 8 rounds Speer ( old ) 255 gr. = $5 22 hornet. One new box ( 25 rounds ) hornady v-max 35 gr. And 18 rounds win sp 45 gr.
  6. Bob White shooters corner up in lake hopatcong. built a beautiful competition rifle for me around a rem 700 action. check his website.
  7. I spent most of my time watching, but not much catching. Still fun standing on a lake finally!
  8. Those perch must have been packed with eggs ! Looks like a good day..
  9. I have a messed up penny from 1955. It looks blurred , like the date and numbers are doubled. Are screwed up pennies worth anything?
  10. Newark’s own Corey Booker has wisely been appointed to the senate committee on agriculture. It seems like only yesterday when i saw him riding down McCarter hwy on his John Deer Cultivator....wow how time flys! And who can forget his infamous speech delivered from the Prudential Center on the importance of Corn , soybean , and pork belly shares ! It is rivaled by only MLK’s I HAVE A DREAM speech ! I have to admit , I had no faith in this new administration to make logical , unbiased decisions for the American people... but i guess i was just being silly. At least we can rest easy knowing that
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