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  1. Jeff M

    Parker Pete's bottom fish 6/5

    way to go Pete
  2. Jeff M

    parker petes 6/1 round robin bottom fishing

    great trip thanks to Pete and Ed for a great day out there..lots of laughs as usual and Pete put us on the meat..new boat is great, tons of space on the deck..cabin is very spacious too..boat mowed through the growing swell from the south on the way in and you would never know we were in 6 footers..if you want to get out give Pete a call..class act..thanks again
  3. Jeff M

    2013 River Rental Fluke Wars! Pick a date!

    only date i really cant do would be the 22nd..mako mania
  4. Jeff M

    2013 River Rental Fluke Wars! Pick a date!

    this would be a good time..lets get it started
  5. Jeff M

    Death on the Log Crossing

    yea really..wow..thats mother nature for ya
  6. just seeing if anyone was going to be around tomorrow morning..scrub and I will be hitting the Tiger for some fluke..they have been doing pretty well lately even with the water temps still a little chilly..let me know if anyone will be in Atlantic Highlands tomorrow and we could meet up and BS
  7. good luck..may be asking some assistance in the near future for a tune up
  8. it will be ok...get out there early and put a few on the deck..see ya at jakeabobs for some beers after
  9. Jeff M

    My trip

    thanks guys..great to finally get away for a little while..now time to break out those bucktails!
  10. Jeff M

    My trip

    caught a lot of the nicer ones on big willow bladed spinnerbaits and some on jerkbaits and soft plastics texas rigged too..also caught the big largemouth on a top water which was awesome here she is..roughly 22 "
  11. I'll have to see if the work schedule will allow it..im off til Friday and go back Friday night but Ill see what i can do and get back to you
  12. Jeff M

    That was quick!!!

    way to get em