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  1. So on opening day me and friends drop a few geese and one had some jewelry, super excited it was our first band any of us had ever seen, then this past Saturday we were in the same spot a group comes through and I drop another banded bird. Super excited but when I reported the band I was surprised to see that both birds were banded in the same area in Connecticut and both were banded on the same day. Just surprised that’s all, is that common to have multiple bands from same day same time?
  2. I’m in Monmouth county In union beach. I had peanut butter in the trap cause I learned they can’t grab it and drag it out of the trap but like you said he didn’t even go in. Third time I have him on video thou in 3 days so he is def close by
  3. So about a year ago I had a problem with raccoons always getting in the trash and got into my soffit, well I got rid of them and everything was good for a year well now they have returned. They aren’t living in my soffit or anywhere now but close by to where they travel thru every night tearing up the trash and eating and tearing up along my deer corn. But then I saw this guy last night and realize he’s even bigger then the trap is. Any suggestions ? 92BB332F-6080-4AC9-984E-4AD25F6E25D7.MP4
  4. I’m in my stand watching the duke game as we speak lol
  5. I am. Diehard sooners fan, hope we got the mojo on Saturday to do what the nation thinks we can’t . BOOMER SOONER!!!!
  6. Looking for a gun smith in Monmouth County area take a look at my shotgun. I took gun apart yesterday after duck hunt and pulled the choke And cleaned everything good now can’t get the choke to seat flush with barrel. I’d rather someone who knows what they are doing it rather then me try and force it in
  7. So this is the first year my daughter is allowed to duck hunt with me. We sat yesterday and with in a hour her feet were freezing. I want her to continue to be able to come with me but need something to help her. Does anyone use any electric socks or soles? Do they really work. Any input would be appreciated. Any glove ideas would help as well
  8. Didn’t see much flying at all yesterday. Scouting all week saw lots of brant mallards and blacks flying and yesterday nothing was moving. I thought with the weather they would have. Hitting it again in the morning hopefully a better show.
  9. Just picked up a 20 gauge mossberg pump for my daughter to start duck hunting with me. Any recommendations on brand and shot selection. I’ve never owned or shot a 20 before this one. Generally shoot mallards blacks buffles and some teal. Very seldom some Canadians just curious what some of you 20guage shooters prefer.
  10. I’m jealous coastal doesn’t open for about a month. I would much rather be duck hunting in the rain then deer :/ Good luck have fun shoot straight
  11. So I have a area by my house where I duck hunt,all creek inlets etc, well it turns out the deer population past few years is getting good in there. Lots and lots of does they will even be down on the shore while duck hunting they don’t even spook when shooting. Just curious how to hunt areas that is like all cattail. Very few small trees nothing you can really set up in. Does anyone hunt similar areas just not sure how to go about it, I tried last season setting up a blind near some heavy runs but it doesn’t really blend in. Just looking for any ideas
  12. Got my first buck back. Only been bow hunting for 3 years now this will be my 4th and I love it. To me it’s a monster deer lol, I was nervous as shit but glad I got him
  13. Just curious if anyone ever used a guide in nj for goose hunting. I know it probably sounds silly to some but only goose I get to hunt are random fly overs at my duck spots. Not many public fields by me that we are allowed to hunt. So just curious if anyone has used a guide and who they recommend. I live in Monmouth county but would travel where ever to slay some geese
  14. jlaz90

    Archery golf

    Haha apparently it’s only out in the Midwest but you basically shoot arrows instead of hitting a golf ball and then have to hit a target for equivalent of getting in the hole
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