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  1. jlaz90

    coastal Reports

    Didn’t see much flying at all yesterday. Scouting all week saw lots of brant mallards and blacks flying and yesterday nothing was moving. I thought with the weather they would have. Hitting it again in the morning hopefully a better show.
  2. jlaz90

    20 ga shells?

    Just picked up a 20 gauge mossberg pump for my daughter to start duck hunting with me. Any recommendations on brand and shot selection. I’ve never owned or shot a 20 before this one. Generally shoot mallards blacks buffles and some teal. Very seldom some Canadians just curious what some of you 20guage shooters prefer.
  3. jlaz90

    Opening day of waterfowl

    I’m jealous coastal doesn’t open for about a month. I would much rather be duck hunting in the rain then deer :/ Good luck have fun shoot straight
  4. jlaz90

    Hunting in cattails

    So I have a area by my house where I duck hunt,all creek inlets etc, well it turns out the deer population past few years is getting good in there. Lots and lots of does they will even be down on the shore while duck hunting they don’t even spook when shooting. Just curious how to hunt areas that is like all cattail. Very few small trees nothing you can really set up in. Does anyone hunt similar areas just not sure how to go about it, I tried last season setting up a blind near some heavy runs but it doesn’t really blend in. Just looking for any ideas
  5. Wallew you want to take me with you lol
  6. jlaz90

    Got my first buck back

    Got my first buck back. Only been bow hunting for 3 years now this will be my 4th and I love it. To me it’s a monster deer lol, I was nervous as shit but glad I got him
  7. jlaz90

    Early goose guide

    Just curious if anyone ever used a guide in nj for goose hunting. I know it probably sounds silly to some but only goose I get to hunt are random fly overs at my duck spots. Not many public fields by me that we are allowed to hunt. So just curious if anyone has used a guide and who they recommend. I live in Monmouth county but would travel where ever to slay some geese
  8. jlaz90

    Archery golf

    Haha apparently it’s only out in the Midwest but you basically shoot arrows instead of hitting a golf ball and then have to hit a target for equivalent of getting in the hole
  9. jlaz90

    Archery golf

    Just curious if there is any archery golf courses anywhere in central jersey,
  10. jlaz90

    Slowwwwwww morning

    Should I just pack it in at this point
  11. jlaz90

    Slowwwwwww morning

    Found birds at end of the day yesterday and saw them roost, get out early this morning nice and quiet. No birds anywhere where I saw them last night ,haven’t heard anything in the woods all morning either . I saw 2 coyotes at a distance this morning and wondering if that’s why the birds are in hiding
  12. jlaz90


    Monmouth county
  13. jlaz90


    Who do you guys use to tune your bows ? Looking into getting a new Bow and just curious who everyone likes to have work on their bow
  14. Cj all depends what taxes are but the homes i were looking at were in the mid 3s I can go a little higher but all depends on the house
  15. So I currently live in union beach/ Keyport area but looking to buy a house. I commute m-f to the Bronx for work, but after 3 more years of steam time I’ll become a engineer and be able to work in Manhattan or Brooklyn also. I’m looking to not lengthen my commute( takes a hour 10 in the morning and hour 30-45) on way home). Realistically I would love to not have to live in nj but I’m far from retirement and my job is too good to leave. Looking for an area where I get a little more for my money. Would love if possible to live in wooded area possibly with the choice of hunting my own property. Just looking for any suggestions if anyone else has a city commute or just knows the area. This morning me and my gf went to west Milford , Vernon, and Hewitt to look at some houses and the area and they were all very nice areas but literally no property and on the side of the steepest cliffs possible. Any suggestions on where to look? Ideally I would love to be able to deer, duck, goose, turkey hunt my own land but I don’t see that happening haha but just looking for any ideas. Thanks