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  1. Bob my friend called me to thank me for contacting you and getting him in contact with John. He was very happy to see that Josie went to a good home! That goodness it all worked out well.
  2. Not in Ft. Lee that’s my video. There are 3 that hang together and that one is the middle one. There is one that’s bigger than him!
  3. I'll be there from August 10th to the 25th this year at Four Winds. Our family has a condo there and my wife has family in Palatka. I suggest you head over to the inlet by Marine land. We will be out on the boat while I'm there. It fits 2 people but there will be 3 of us lol, otherwise i would invite you. Life Outside773 we will be neighbors for a week. I will be there from the 19th till Labor Day. I will be staying next door at the Sand Dollar!
  4. I vacation at Crescent Beach at the end of August every year. I have tried fishing under the 206 bridge not much luck. Any suggestions I stay down by Devils Elbow. Thanks for any info I love that area!
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