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  1. It's a Model 37 deerslayer it's not like the old ones the barrel is rifled and screwed into the receiver like a rifle is
  2. Lowered price $75 for all
  3. Too surf rods one is a plugging Rod 9 foot custom-made I think Fenwick blank with a 710 pen real the other is a 8.5 foot rod with a Penn surfmaster that I used for live lining and baitcasting Howell $150 takes it all and a gaff
  4. I'm selling my 12 gauge Ithaca deerslayer it has a 2- 7 Leupold scope hardly used great condition I'm in Howell comes with four boxes of lightfield slugs I'm asking $600
  5. I had the same problem when I started getting older the only problem with those things is they make the pins clear in the Target Lottery so now I went to a traditional bow and shoot instinctive
  6. I still use one it has to be 40 or 45 years old
  7. I use Rick Welch's method not exactly the same but I had good luck with that and I've been using it since I started shooting Trad archery
  8. There's a cabin fever shoot at Black Knights in Jackson on February 25th there's a lot of tread guys there. Come on down and hang out and there are usually bows and other things for sale. You can shoot some bow
  9. You can go out to Leon and he will spend as much time as it takes to hook you up with the right bow and if you ever have a problem you can talk to him or go out there any time. I have a few Leon Stewart long bow
  10. I have the same rifle I've shot Fox at 50 yards and it knocks them right down. In my opinion I would use something bigger on a coyote
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