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  1. Aqua therapy does help if you can spend the money. Be careful pushing it 80-90% times they tear the other leg by compensation. My lad tore one leg Memorial Day the other leg Labor Day recovery took awhile cause was just getting moving then down and out again. 12-16 weeks maybe on smaller pup Parker took almost 10 months before back to normal. Was two legs though Best of luck and don't push it
  2. Sun sugars so sweet eat them as picking um.
  3. Nice buck has to be opening Saturday no snow on ground.
  4. Was only able to get a quick hour walk and didn't see anything but live deer till last fifteen minutes of walk. I had them walk to 15 yards of me before retreating. Spotted one, seconds later found the second. The third one I stepped over and saw on return. The larger broken one found last week, all where found in 50 yard or less area. All coming out of swamp that I can't get into without waders. The last one when held up to broken one looks like brothers or same genetics . By far my best year of shed hunting. Gotta love the woods!
  5. It was a hit or miss season. I took a doe and buck out of camp in big woods of PA. Two missed bucks home in NJ and two doe.
  6. No he can't even find his tennis ball in his mouth
  7. After couple days of wandering the woods and fields I got a decent one. I did find a few from last season pretty chewed up. Beautiful spot minus the trash people dump will go back again few more times and keep checking.
  8. That's what I like to think but it's real thick in some areas and I wonder did I push them out and not hear them leave or are they just not there yet. IDK
  9. Thanks . I do have good idea where they come from and keep a watchful eye in that direction. Been hunting a different patch lately and can hear um coming before even see them. Both patches are thick and long range site is not in my favor.
  10. So I have a parcel I'm hunting and taken a few off of but it backs to a expressway and the road noise is constant. I can't hear the deer coming till usually within shooting range. I have been busted getting out of tree cause I never heard them come in and I like the area but hate not hearing them. I know I'm not the only one who hunts near a road. Any suggestions or tips?
  11. Was out and had deer all around me. Was like a hostage situation had to wait um out just to get out of the tree.
  12. I like to have 3 to last my wife and I the year. We eat it three times a week.
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