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  1. Tucker dog

    So, let's talk grills

    Broilmaster hard piped with natural gas. Ran out of propane 18 years ago in middle of cooking filet. Never again 18 years old used weekly year round, original burner, cast iron grates, stainless trays and post. Only have change lava rocks. Had one at parents house 30 years before they moved. Had three different lower cost models from box stores at campground and hunt camp, all rotted away in less than three years.
  2. Tucker dog

    Carcass Cam 2

  3. Tucker dog

    Does your Lab / Dog do this?

    Tucker did all the time Parker has not but is still young. Time will tell
  4. Tucker dog

    Rare Find When Shed Hunting

    Saw one get hit by truck on Rt55 years ago. State trooper sat on it till CO came for recovery
  5. Tucker dog

    Youth days are over

    Before you know it they will be taking you out to secret honey holes.
  6. Tucker dog

    Euoropean Bass AKA Branzino

    I have when out plenty of times. They cover in sea salt and bake comes out light and flaky and very tasty. I say try it.
  7. Tucker dog

    Aruba bow hunt

    I think I thru up in my mouth
  8. Tucker dog

    Who Gun Hunted This Year?

    Bought a new/used muzzleloader this year so spent January using it but prior to hat haven't bought a gun tag in six years
  9. Tucker dog

    Coyote and Deer on camera

    This an older picture but do get them together sometimes
  10. Tucker dog

    1/29 check-in

    I'll be out in 25 this afternoon
  11. Tucker dog

    Pa anterless mz season

    Heading to camp in Potter on Wednesday, First year ML got new /used Pro Hunter hoping to break in.. Best of luck !!!
  12. Tucker dog

    Back from Wyoming!

    Freaking Amazing ! So wish I good do a hunt like that with my Dad
  13. Tucker dog

    Nice 8pt down trad style!

    Dude !!! Nice deer.
  14. At the store other day and overwhelmed by how many there are. I have just an older tube but now they have five different tones you can produce. What brands are you using? How do you like the one's you are using? Any feed back would be a good help. Thanks
  15. Hoping something like this shows but with my luck it will be the other one I see