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  1. Just a crummy picture, buck grossed 157 and change
  2. MFoster


    It’s true that they build immunity, problem is that there’s 7 different strains of ehd and bt, so when a different strain comes thru the herd gets hammered all over again. I’m pretty lucky as all the neighboring land owners are over a thousand acres each and the herd rebounds pretty quick since there’s so little hunting pressure. Silver lining is that our biggest deer always seem to be a few years after an outbreak because the numbers come down to a more manageable level.
  3. MFoster


    Warren definitely got it the worst,Its pretty much all over in zone 5
  4. MFoster


    My farm In Iowa is getting hit pretty hard this year, extremely wet spring and plenty of rain since then. Pretty sure the theory about it being worse in drought years is over now.There’s a 12 mile by 12 mile area about 50 miles northwest of me that is estimated at 95-100 percent deer loss.
  5. I agree with you 100%, there would zero hunting involved, just killing. I love hunting big bucks but have zero interest in killing one I can hand feed.
  6. All depends where your at, where my farm is you won’t find anybody driving deer, very little of it in managed areas. It is insane in areas where it’s still mostly farmers that own the land tho, groups of 40-60 guys sometimes.
  7. I’ve been fortunate to kill 2 of them, one of them has 4 drops and the other had 2 small ones but busted one of the day before I got him. Also missed one with a good drop last year with my muzzleloader.
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