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  1. anybody got one of these was looking into it see what you guys that have em think hate getting all bundled up in 10 layers just to stay warm thanks in advance
  2. Still wanna get rid of them. Check pm. Sent you my number I'll take em.
  3. SO i got this new lease this year things look on the up and up very well past check of the camera i got over a hundred pictures of the neighbors dog im over 100 yards in from the border of the property this dog has been coming in morning noon and night guess it has free roam 24/7. what do you think is the right thing to do to help the problem the people that own the dog are known for being assholes maybe a letter in the mail with pics of the dog?? is there a law that helps with this problem?? i like dogs but not when there messing up my hunts i realize i can just go there but dont want confrontation i think there a lil nutz
  4. Around 6 tonight had the whole herd come thru. Must have been 40+ deer all heading to the bean fields. Had a group walk in front of me at 18 yards. Took a nice doe. She went 30 yards and down.
  5. Way warm. Sweating just sitting in the stand. Good luck.
  6. Buckman2121

    Got er'

    After watching a lot of different bucks today finally had a doe come by at 7 tonight. 28 yard shot. She went less than that. New ravin r9 did its job. And those dead ringer freak nasty,,,well there just nasty. Congrats to all that got there doe today. It was a perfect afternoon.
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