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  1. Curious if anyone has any personal experience with the QAD Exodus broadhead? I think they fly great in practice, just curious about people's experiences in hunting situation. thanks.
  2. Scout76

    2015-16 trapping photos

    GG: How much did that coyote weigh?
  3. Scout76

    Collar Um

    The woods where I've located coyotes are filled with mature trees and little underbrush and I've had trouble finding consistent coyote travel routes to snare them. I figured I would give this a try in those woods. My concern is how to keep the racoons from setting it off. Maybe I need to thin out the coons first?
  4. Scout76

    Collar Um

    Yup, that's the website.
  5. Scout76

    Collar Um

    Does anybody have experience with the CollarUm device for catching NJ coyotes?