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  1. Scout76

    Buck Down.

    I am surprised no blood initially with such a low shot. Beautiful buck!
  2. What is a reasonable effective range for squirrel on a NJ legal air rifle?
  3. Just got my 10 year old a Mossberg 500 bantam. He does well with it. I also bought him a shoulder pad to make it more comfortable.
  4. Looking to take my 10 year old on his first preserve pheasant hunt. Any recommendations?
  5. Small walrus bearing its tusks.
  6. Curious if anyone has any personal experience with the QAD Exodus broadhead? I think they fly great in practice, just curious about people's experiences in hunting situation. thanks.
  7. The woods where I've located coyotes are filled with mature trees and little underbrush and I've had trouble finding consistent coyote travel routes to snare them. I figured I would give this a try in those woods. My concern is how to keep the racoons from setting it off. Maybe I need to thin out the coons first?
  8. Does anybody have experience with the CollarUm device for catching NJ coyotes?
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