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    Could the deer have been suffering from EHD?
  2. Looks like a movie set from that 1980's Patrick Swayze movie "Red Dawn".
  3. Why are people so afraid of rain! It only water! Yet they do not think twice of taking a shower every day!
  4. Light rain really gets the deer moving! And gets a lot of hunters to stay home.
  5. Yes everyone! I will say it again- "If the Post Office were a private company- they would have been out of business a long time ago!"
  6. I am sure he is a good guy. Just might be a city boy would needs some time around bears. With a little bit of seasoning, he'll be just fine.. We all had to become accustomed to bears. Thirty years ago, it was rare to see a bear in NJ.
  7. In some cases, you could have walked to the destination before the package arrives!
  8. Yes, they suck! If the Post Office were a private company, they would have been out of business a long time ago. I just bought a rifle in Pa off of Guns International. I sent the money order to the gun shop. My MO sat in the Harrisburg Distribution center for a week before they could figure out what to do next. Then the gun shop ships the rifle and that too got stuck in Harrisburg for a week. Then Harrisburg finally figured out the mail must go out. Now it is Teterboro and they have been very good lately, so it may get delivered to my FFL tomorrow. If it would have come into Jersey City, forget about it, I have had packages sit there for over 60 days!
  9. Fur prices are not expected to rebound any time soon.
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    I live in Zone 3 and there is a bumper crop this year. I have not been seeing any giant bears this year. They are usually in the swamp next to my house eating Skunk Cabbage. But why get their feet wet when they have all of the acorns they want on a dry ridge!
  11. Hunting permits were $45.00 last year. I agree that the place is overrun with illegal ATV riders. There is an illegal ATV entry trail right up the street from my house. Every week-end there is a group of 5-6 ATV riders riding right on the pavement on my street to that entry trail. Not alot of deer around all of the ATV trails. On a positive note, the Watershed does not get hunted hard during the firearm season like it used to. Now with no bear season, there will be even less hunters. Twenty five years ago there would be 15-20 vehicles parked where I used to hunt. Now there is only one or sometimes two the most on opening morning. Last year, opening morning, there were maybe six vehicles along the entire six mile stretch of RT 515. The area on the east side of RT 23 is Zone #3. There is a "Three Point" antler restriction there. Some real nice bucks come out of there every year. But like anywhere else, you have to do your homework. And lots of it! Hamburg Mountain WMA on 515 gets hit hard because hunters do not want to pay the $45.00 Watershed fee. Hamburg Mt is a tough place to hunt because of the rugged terrain. I know where there is a beautiful "Funnel" in Hamburg Mt WMA. Found that one the same way I would find all of my deer hunting funnels- by backtracking the deer in the light snow after the seasons end. Find out where the deer spend the day!
  12. Does anyone on here have any info on the convention for this year?
  13. Well if everyone else on here agrees that 1200 yards is an acceptable distance to shoot at a whitetail, then I am OK with it. I will no longer stuck in the "Old Days".
  14. No one should take a shot at a live animal at 600 Yards! Too many variables!
  15. Not always true. I have personally taken two 200lb bucks with a 30-30 and they dropped in their tracks.
  16. Why does everyone need to be "Over gunned". There was a time when the 30-30, .32 Special, and .35 Remington were all that was needed to put down a 200LB whitetail. Then for some unknown reason those calibers became no longer effective. Will someone please explain to me why anyone needs a magnum cartridge for whitetail?
  17. X2! I could not agree with you more. One of the reasons that I no longer hunt in New Jersey is simply because its too easy. Most NJ hunters who come up to Maine for a week and do not see anything after the 2nd day become defeated and lose their focus. They can't wait to get back to NJ to shoot an 80LB spikehorn. I am going to Maine for the 3rd week of deer season and I am totally prepared to not see a deer for the entire week. And you know what- I will be right back up there next year. It is about the hunter and not the deer!
  18. Yes, it is like Christmas everyday. I run long muskrat lines on the fresh and saltwater marshes of New Jersey and also in New York. For me though, I equate muskrat trapping to being similar to a commercial lobsterman working his lobster pots up in New England. Going out everyday and reaping the harvest.
  19. Awesome job guys! Took my course the first year it was required at the old Hackettown hatchery. Same with snaring. Took the snaring course that was given by Dan DeZarn back in the mid 1980's and that was quickly followed up by the first mandatory F&G snaring course.
  20. Is Canada open to US Citizens for hunting now?
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    OldTimers- I guess I fit in that catagory.
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