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  1. How difficult is it to get any vehicle Titled and Registered these days with all of the DMV closings? Do you have to make an appointment or wait on line around the block?
  2. I had a 1995 white Z28 when they were new. Great fun car! Only gripe was that it was tough to see over the front of the hood when pulling into a parking space. Just took getting used too.
  3. That is a real nice car! How original is it?
  4. The camaro is a 1995. So that will be 26 years old.
  5. Yes, my friend has a 92 mustang with QQ plates on it.
  6. That was a great choice! This car will soon become collectible as the guys who wanted them when they were new were too young to buy them at the time. And furthermore, the production of this generation of Camaro was far less than the more plentiful Mustang. Supply and demand will be in your favor down the road. Good luck and have a blast driving it. That is a corvette motor in a Camaro. Get out there and get on it!
  7. Looks good! I cannot believe the price of lumber this year!
  8. Exactly! How many guys are looking for a nice Packard!
  9. Welcome- Let us know what county you are in and what outdoor activities you like to do. Maybe hunting for birds, ducks, deer, or turkeys. Or fishing?
  10. I have the option now to buy a original owner, original paint, documented, true SS 396 4 Speed Convertible 1972 Chevelle from a family member who is about to list it on a on-line auction. Its is not the quility of a car that you would see in Jay Leno's collection, but it is a true survivor. But, I am seriously thinking if this is a good investment at this time.
  11. Not only is tough finding a four speed muscle car, there is a ton of made over junk out there. And you have to take out a home equity loan to buy one. Most are 35K plus. Is the muscle car market and hobby about to collapse? With more cars being restored every year, and with many of the visitors who attend cruise nites having silver colored hair. Who will be buying these cars in ten years? Sure, there will always be a market for the specialty cars such as the the Shelby Mustangs and Hemi powered Mopars. Will the younger generation have an interest in cars from the 1960-70's? Or will they be sh
  12. $1,000 buys 5 cords of already sprit wood. I am not splitting my own wood this year.
  13. The bears, woodchucks, snakes, and turtles have all come out of hibernation. The large flocks of Canada geese have migrated through in late March. Most of the BuffleHead ducks that stop at the lake behind my house on their way north have already moved on. Where are the chipmunks!
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