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  1. Never turn and run from a black bear! Scare them off and continue facing them with your arms up over your head in an attempt to look larger than your are. We do not want to see another fatality cause by a black bear.
  2. I mean 300 years ago during the colonial period. The human population has exploded in direct relation to the discovery of crude oil.
  3. Yes, but they are also adapting. When I studied wildlife biology in college, I learned that if a specie cannot adapt, they cannot survive. Two examples are the polar bear and the wolverine. Neither one can co-exist with man. A whitetail deer can co-exist with man. Yes, in fact they thrive from the edges created by man.
  4. Suburban Deer- Here is my take on them. OK- Whitetail deer have been here for millions of years. We have only built up this area in the last 300 years or so. 300 years is just a drop in the bucket compared to millions of years. The Whitetail deer is adapting to living among humans. Just like the squirrels and raccoons living in your attic. Like the geese at the parks and country clubs. The coyotes in NYC. The bears in Sussex County. Now its the Whitetails turn.
  5. Yes! And bring back as much ammo as you can pack into your rig!
  6. A lot of people do not know that you can get scammed as a seller on E-Bay. There are several ways such as - They will claim that you sent them some piece of junk rather than the real item. - They may have an item at home that just broke and then order an exact replacement from you and return the broken one. In many cases they have an identical item to return to you that is inferior. Some scammers will say that you sent them a rock wrapped up in bubble wrap. Another way is to order something valueable and make a payment to Pay-Pal with a Credit Card, then cancel the credit card payment once they receive the item.(E-Bay is in the process of getting away from Pay-Pal in the near future.) Then there is Feedback Extortion- That is where they will slap a negative feedback on you the moment the item arrives until you give them some type of refund either in full or partial. Just to name a few. Everytime I sell something over a couple hundred dollar, I wonder if and how I am going to get scammed.
  7. The original post was intended to receive Leupold scope recommendations. I am an active e-bay seller and am well aware of e-bay policies and how scammers can rip me off on a legitimate item that I have sold and shipped to them. I have been scammed a few times from buyers. But that is the cost of doing business just like a store gets its share of shop-lifters.
  8. I have been actively sourcing E-Bay for a good used Leupold 2 x 7 or 3 x 9 scope. I do not want to buy new or even from the last 10 years. And that is because there are too many counterfeit models mixed in with the real ones. I am aware of and understand the Pre-Fix and Suffix date codes in the serial number. So my question is this- What years did Leupold make a top quality scope? And also, are the 1973 and earlier models still a reliable instrument? If anyone in North Jersey has a real nice older Leupold that is just collecting dust, please send me a PM. Thanks
  9. We had our own pool. It was always easy to see when some of my class-mates wanted to become friends the day summer break started!
  10. Lots of fun and excitement waiting for you! Enjoy!
  11. I may be repeating myself here- "There is nothing "Cute" about an 800 LB Black Bear!"
  12. '94 Winchester. $64 dollars new at Meltzers in 1972.
  13. I am out. I do not even know what it is. LOL
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