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  1. I find this to be very "Fishy"! Why would someone from Califorina be searching our site completely across the country. With all of the Guns showing up on GunBroker, he doesn't need to look on our forum. Is anyone on here searching on the Califorina site?
  2. Yes, and years ago the paper companies would cut the deer yards! That was devasting for the deer in the area. Now the state has sanctions on cutting near yards.
  3. Depends- it can be like going to a used car dealer on RT 46. Or it could be for a super rare firearm that you are willing to pay up on. Also, some of the private sellers who do not have an FFL could be scammers. There are always a few with pictures of firearms on their couch. I would much rather buy locally to see in person what they are selling you. I would not want to scammed out of a rifle.
  4. This deer most likely had some type of injury to the left side of his body.
  5. Maybe if someone on this forum would be willing to sell me their late uncle's Remington 760 Carbine, I could then post up a picture. But until then, I am trying to shoot a buck with a sling shot.
  6. Yes, buying new is the best. The problem is that Remington Arms is out of business. Although they have been bought by an invester, it is any body's guess when production will resume.
  7. My Tacoma is an 2003 that I bought used privately. I get call calls everyday that the warranty is about to expire. The manufactures warranty expired 12 years ago! Another scam call!
  8. Greed! It does not matter to me if I bag another deer in my life! Just love being outdoors!
  9. I can also remember back in 1973 when I got my drivers license and bought my first car. A VW Beatle. The previous spring my trapping buddy moved to upstate NY and took all of our traps. So I went out and bought 24 brand new Victor #110's and decided to try and trap the tidal waters of the Hackensack Meadowlands. I had read in all of the trapping books that you have mark all of your traps with a long stake with orange flagging on top or you will never find them. In one afternoon I set out all 24 traps and could not sleep that night dreaming about a nice catch of muskrats! The next morning I wen
  10. Apparently it was different in Bergen County where I grew up in the 1960's. You had to set right after dark and pull traps 12 hours later in the pre-dawn hours or the traps would not be there the next day!
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