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  1. Sure, who would want to donate to such as cause!
  2. I find it odd that this woman has only contributed a mere $25.00 to this cause. She was constantly in the local newspaper here in north Jersey for violating the laws pertaining to bears. https://www.nj.com/news/2019/06/woman-who-freed-bear-from-trap-escapes-jail-time.html
  3. We have the same bear billboard on RT 23 South going down into Riverdale.
  4. You cannot go wrong with a 30-06! It will take any animal in North America
  5. Jack is going to lower my property taxes!
  6. Welcome! Forget about moon phases! Get out there and hunt when time allows. And for the most part, its all luck anyway. Why do you think the first question hunters ask each other is- "Any Luck?"
  7. The older they are, the longer they last!
  8. Without the primers, we have to buy their top dollar ammo.
  9. Like everything else, you have got to eat it this year if you want to hunt!
  10. The real killer is that no one has large rifle primers!
  11. You may have to buy it off of GunBroker. There is a good supply of the more common calibers such as .270 now. On GunBroker, it is more important to look at how many Positive Feedbacks a seller has as opposed to the price of the item.
  12. Exactly what are you scouting for and where?
  13. The good news is that there is a lot of fresh ammo showing up on GunBroker. I was in WalMart in Milford Pa. yesterday, not even one box of any kind of ammo in stock!
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