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  1. Maryland did a good job of getting rid of them. They let the last ones they caught go with gps tracker in order for them to lead them to anymore.
  2. Dan's hunting gear makes nice stuff. Have hip boots and overalls from them. They are very tuff. https://danshuntinggear.com/category-froglegs.html
  3. Good discovery. Definitely something to look for now.
  4. What a county are you in that you can't use a rifle? I hunt in Dorchester/Wicomico and there's a two week rifle season.
  5. Good call. Amazon has them too same price.
  6. Great idea thanks sharing.
  7. Kamicks. They are very comfortable and light. They have held up way better than the mucks I had before.
  8. trapperjake

    Sad story

    Further evidence that we need a hunter safety course you can actually fail. What happened to know your target and beyond.
  9. Yeah seems that site is a scam. Just looked Amazon has them for the same price as Walmart
  10. Was thinking what if you put old skis/snowboards on the bottom. Anyone ever try.
  11. trapperjake

    A look into...

    Haha that's a classic
  12. Which digital camera would you recommend getting. Or just find a cheap one on Amazon.
  13. Good size body on him. Would be really interesting to see him next year.
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