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  1. trapperjake

    A look into...

    Haha that's a classic
  2. Which digital camera would you recommend getting. Or just find a cheap one on Amazon.
  3. Good size body on him. Would be really interesting to see him next year.
  4. Truly an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your first buck.
  5. Looks great. Counter top looks like quartzite. I looked at a very similar piece.
  6. Are they all time four wheel drive?
  7. Yes looks to be a good one.
  8. Wow glad there was a camera there
  9. Have only ever goose hunted that area and have great success and seen thousands of geese in the air at times.
  10. 160 that's awesome. Thanks for feedback.
  11. Wow 76 on coyotes. Why are they going for so much?
  12. Yeah it good app. If you call the company direct to pay for it they will give you a discount. It's got a tracker on it so you can see exactly how far and where your walking.
  13. a fool and his money are soon parted. It is easy to getmoney from foolish people. It is difficult or unlikely that foolish people maintain their hold on acquired wealth
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