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  1. trapperjake

    Found shed on film.....LMAO

    How could you ever admit you even know that kid.
  2. trapperjake

    Cool Trail Camera Photo

    Looks like a button buck.
  3. trapperjake

    Cool tree I found in Z4 last week

    Nice. Always enjoy finding unique trees.
  4. trapperjake

    Portrait Of Governor Christie

    When he closed island beach to have it for himself.
  5. trapperjake

    trail cam pic. huston we have a problem

    Yeah kinda looks like she's shaking her head. Can see her ears.
  6. trapperjake

    My turkeys fall diet

    Interesting didn't think they would eat a stink bug. Didn't think anything would for that matter. Thanks for sharing.
  7. trapperjake

    H&R 20ga Ultra Slug Hunter - $550-SOLD

    Send you a pm.
  8. trapperjake

    I was almost out of shooting light ...

    Haha looks like a mount at first. Nice picture
  9. trapperjake

    LMAO...now for something really different

    "Cherries are good. That's not a cherry its a pepper. " Can't fix stupid. Haha classic.
  10. trapperjake

    E mail received from State: Bear Hunting NJ

    What would happen if everybody got together and just hunted state lands? Think they would ticket everyone?
  11. trapperjake

    This is what is coming next

    Wow . Thought it was a joke at first.
  12. trapperjake

    Had to shoot a buck in velvet today.

    That is strange. It's mouth looks a bit odd too.
  13. trapperjake

    Saw this buck yesterday

    Nice starting to loose his summer coat.
  14. trapperjake

    Anyone own a brush cutter?

    Never had an issue with it bogging down. I also looked at the bigger ones but the dealer said they were unnecessary for occasional use. He said there made to clear saplings in timber stands. As long as you cut on the correct side of the blade it draws itself in like a chainsaw. I have cut 6inch diameter trees by going around the whole tree. The chisel tooth blade rips through anything with ease. I was amazed at how well it worked. The walk behind brush cutters are great if your clearing land.