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  1. I'll be in NY from the 28-31 giving it one last shot. My uncle was up this week, and had birds all over the place. Can't wait.
  2. I’ve only ever seen one while Turkey Hunting in NY. Absolutely beautiful birds.
  3. 2005 seems right. If it’s 1975 it’s as mint as mint gets
  4. I’m confused by the Remington site so I’ll ask for help.
  5. John is super easy to deal with and the rifle I just purchased was very well cared for. Thanks John
  6. Yes they do. I’m outside of Walton and they kick my ass every year, but at 52 I’ll do it til I can’t do it anymore. Truly awesome country!!
  7. I’ll be heading up to Delaware Co. Thursday night for Friday-Sunday hunting/fishing/golfing. Anyone else doing NY this weekend? I’ve been going for 35 years to the same area and it never changes. I can’t get enough.
  8. Anyone work on or know somebody that does appliance repair in the area. I’d rather give someone here the work if possible. Let me know. Thank you
  9. I’ll be out for a few hours. Have to be at work at 830. I’m off Tuesday though, so I’ll be out then as well. Good luck to all and be safe.
  10. Thanks Guys that makes sense. Good luck and be safe.
  11. On Saturday can you fish before 8AM as long as you're releasing. A guy at worked asked and I had no answer.
  12. My second year Turkey Hunting. I'm in NY and had a bird working the better part of the morning, but he wouldn't commit. I hadn't heard him in almost 45 minutes and decided it was a good time to take a leak. As soon as I stood up, I get the alarm putt and off he goes. He wasn't 25 years behind me and I had no idea he was there. Lesson learned. Damn that was over 30 years ago. I've also missed a few at embarrassingly close ranges.
  13. When I lived in Easton I used to see them on 611 North heading to work. Pretty cool to see.
  14. Not a fan at all, but he did win The Masters last year. I’d say that’s something.
  15. 9A and 9E. Can’t wait!!
  16. I’m calling off sick tomorrow. I’m afraid to step out of my house with 150 million gun deaths in the last 10 years. SMH. Laughable.
  17. Great to see, and great shirt!! Gobble Gobble
  18. Yes!! My son's first Youth Day bird when he was 10. Got me to the tune of 4 stitches between my pinky and ring finger. Made for interesting pictures of my son watching blood run down my arm, and even better stories at the Medi-Merge when I got stitched up. Still an experience he and I will never forget.
  19. I’ve got a box full of calls I’ve collected over the last 25 years, but this has been my go to for a long time. Dirt cheap, but purrs and clucks like no other call I use. Great tone and can be super quiet or as loud as you’ll ever need.
  20. This. I mean we all blow money on gear, but cmon. I carry Binos, 2 knives,rangefinder, drink, scents, grunt tube, release, and whatever extra clothes I may need, and the regular old pack I've been using for years is more than enough.
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