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  1. This. I mean we all blow money on gear, but cmon. I carry Binos, 2 knives,rangefinder, drink, scents, grunt tube, release, and whatever extra clothes I may need, and the regular old pack I've been using for years is more than enough.
  2. Red Tail, Rough Legged and Catbird?
  3. My father shot a nice 8 a few years back with the same issue. It turned out to be an abscess in it's tooth. When the taxidermist cut it open he said it stunk to high heavens. The deer was also very light for it's age and rack size.
  4. Yes Old Wingmaster 870. Older Hastings barrel and they shot meh at best. I went back to Lightfields.
  5. I hate these threads but am always happy when it turns out OK. Glad for pup and owners.
  6. I can’t do it online or at the store. Total joke. That’ll teach me to wait til last minute. SMH
  7. I played a golf course in New Tripoli Pa a few weeks ago and they were everywhere. Worse than stink bugs!!
  8. My only questions to deadonshot2? How old are you? Born and raised where?? Not busting balls just curious.
  9. I bought it direct from Mossy Oak before Turkey Season this year. https://store.mossyoak.com/camo-patterns/bottomland
  10. I have a 30" FC barrel for an 870. 2 3/4 only. Just looking to get rid of it. It's going in GF's garage sale Saturday if no interest here. No vent rib. I'll say that this thing throws buckshot like crazy. Make an offer. I won't be insulted.
  11. Found one when I worked at the Power Plant in Pa. Only one I’ve ever seen. So cool.
  12. Drives me crazy. On the other hand those DAM Quick reels were the shit back in the day.
  13. Lanceinpa

    Good Guy Alert

    Just wanted to thank mpdiesel for the bow he GAVE me for my nephew. It was way more than I thought I was getting. It came with a release, a drop away rest, a sight, eight arrows and a nice hard case. My nephew will be thrilled to death and can’t wait to kill something with it. Great people all over this board.
  14. If not accounted for I’ll take it. My nephew on Block Island has outgrown his. He may hunt with us this year but needs newer equipment
  15. Yes the tarpon were stacked behind a shrimp boat, and the red was on a crab in the inlet.
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