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  1. Lanceinpa

    870 30” FC barrel

    I have a 2 3/4” 30 inch full choke barrel for an 870. Was my buckshot and turkey barrel many moons ago. It’s gloss finish and non vent rib. No idea of its value but if anybody has any interest let me know. I’m in South Plainfield. Thanks
  2. Lanceinpa

    Saw something cool today!!!!

    Lol. This was during Turkey Season in May. I guess they have a long breeding season.
  3. Lanceinpa

    Snake ID

    Garter and I’ve caught them up to almost 30”. Pretty docile snake but man they stink.
  4. Lanceinpa

    New Hunting License Protocol from the DF&W

    Yeah good luck with that. I took both courses in the 70’s and I’m not a hoarder so they are long gone. Glad I got both of this years licenses already and give the state time to figure things out. On he other hand I find it hard to believe that this state is gonna turn away someone looking to hand them money.