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  1. Just awesome. You'll be hooked now. 150 is my PB. My Ex landed one over 170. Just amazing fighters.
  2. I always have regardless who owns the boat. I've never had a mate on a Tarpon or Back Country trip, so always just the owner. BTW Good Luck. I'm heading down tomorrow.
  3. Always been a Mepps Guy. 0 or 1 in silver.
  4. Nice. I delivered to your shop for Lentini a few times last spring.
  5. I don't think anyone posted this. Get yourself a Thermacell. Bugs can be unreal in the spring woods.
  6. I went up this weekend and the property I looked at wasn't very promising, but I have a few more leads I'm gonna check next weekend. Also gonna knock on some doors. Really nice area all-around though.
  7. I’ve gotta do a better job on pics. Some beautiful shots here.
  8. 9A and 5E!! Time to start scouting Zone 5. Pumped to hunt new ground.
  9. Hammer thanks for the advise. I'll check then out today.
  10. Before I go buy a new one, I figured I’d ask if anyone had a left or right helical fletcher laying around they don’t use anymore. Looking to fletch 4 and 5” feathers. Thanks
  11. I’ve got a bunch of custom slate and beautiful box calls, but this Walmart special has put more birds down than the rest combined over the years. It purrs like a kitten.
  12. Oh boy. That's definitely trouble. That guys a machine. LOL
  13. I’m pretty content with my 150 acres in Bedminster. Thanks though. 😎
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