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  1. Lanceinpa

    Fletching and Cresting

    I used to have an Arizona EZ Fletch, but for the amount I would use it, I'll just pay someone.
  2. Lanceinpa

    Fletching and Cresting

    OK that makes sense. I'll buy the wraps, and can find any number of places to fletch. Thank You.
  3. Lanceinpa

    Anyone know where to buy aluminium arrows

    I would look on Ebay or The Leatherwall classified section. I'm also shooting 2018's from my recurve but if i were starting over, would probably go with carbons. Just easier to find, and either straight or broke. Never bent.
  4. Lanceinpa

    Fletching and Cresting

    I'm up that way pretty frequently. I'll give him a call. Thanks
  5. Lanceinpa

    Fletching and Cresting

    I'm looking to have a dozen 2018's crested and fletched for my recurve set up. Can anyone recommend an individual or store that does this in Somerset Co area. Would like something a little nicer than just plain fletching. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Lanceinpa

    First for the year!!

    Zone 8
  7. Lanceinpa

    First for the year!!

    Only found 1 yesterday AM but a nice 3 year old 6 point. Main beam is 24”. Typical for our property. We have a history of really big 6’s.
  8. Lanceinpa

    Savage 410 Turkey Gun?!

    That's not quite my idea of running and gunning. LOL
  9. Lanceinpa

    Savage 410 Turkey Gun?!

    I'm trying to wrap my head around the running and gunning comments. Is a 12 gauge to heavy to carry?
  10. Lanceinpa

    Now I've seen it all!! TSS

    I started with a 30” full 35 years ago and man that thing threw some serious shot. My current 1300 is the best turkey gun I’ve ever owned shooting 3” Winchester Supreme 5’s. It puts them to sleep quick.
  11. Lanceinpa

    Now I've seen it all!! TSS

    So I'm browsing another site, and I see guys singing the praises of TSS. So I do a quick search for Federal TSS, and low and behold a bigger and better turkey load. Get this though. $60.00/5 Pack. Are you kidding me?? I'm all for a better mouse trap, but cmon people they're effing birds. Call em within reasonable distance and pull the trigger. Jesus my dads killed a million birds and still shoots 2 3/4" 5 shot. It's not rocket science. Just my rant for the day.
  12. Lanceinpa

    Turkey Sling

    That’s pretty sharp I may have to make one myself. I probably shouldn’t bitch about it because it means I was successful, but I’d love a bag or something that keeps the back of my pants being covered in blood.
  13. Lanceinpa

    What bucks did you let walk this year?

    More than I can count. My phone is filled with videos. It's gotten to a point where I question why I even bring bow/gun into the woods.
  14. Lanceinpa

    So, what does everyone do for work around here?

    Equipment Rental Sales at Sunbelt Rentals in South Plainfield.