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  1. Found one when I worked at the Power Plant in Pa. Only one I’ve ever seen. So cool.
  2. Drives me crazy. On the other hand those DAM Quick reels were the shit back in the day.
  3. Lanceinpa

    Good Guy Alert

    Just wanted to thank mpdiesel for the bow he GAVE me for my nephew. It was way more than I thought I was getting. It came with a release, a drop away rest, a sight, eight arrows and a nice hard case. My nephew will be thrilled to death and can’t wait to kill something with it. Great people all over this board.
  4. If not accounted for I’ll take it. My nephew on Block Island has outgrown his. He may hunt with us this year but needs newer equipment
  5. Yes the tarpon were stacked behind a shrimp boat, and the red was on a crab in the inlet.
  6. Awesome day on the water yesterday. Blazing hot, but found a few wiling to chew. 1/4 on Tarpon, some big sharks and a nice red to round out the day.
  7. Good call!! I fought a monster Cobia in Jensen Beach a few years back only to get sharked after 45 minutes. Big Tarpon (125lb +) give anything I’ve caught a run for the money.
  8. 2018's I've got covered. I'm dropping weight to 45 and the 2018's I have are to stiff from what I'm reading.
  9. Perfect. Let me know. It really doesn’t matter what they are. I’m interested.
  10. Looking to see if anyone has 1/2 dozen 2016’s laying around. Need to be 30”. Thanks for looking.
  11. Moved back to Jersey after 20 years in Easton. Miss that place, and the gun laws. LOL
  12. How about calling Bucktail Taxidermy. Judging by his shirt he knows someone there.
  13. Just awesome. You'll be hooked now. 150 is my PB. My Ex landed one over 170. Just amazing fighters.
  14. I always have regardless who owns the boat. I've never had a mate on a Tarpon or Back Country trip, so always just the owner. BTW Good Luck. I'm heading down tomorrow.
  15. Always been a Mepps Guy. 0 or 1 in silver.
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