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  1. Vince66

    RIP Stevo I can't believe it's been a year

    I still have a saved voicemail on my phone that Steve had left me a month or two before he passed..I don’t have the heart to delete it ..
  2. Vince66

    Buck down

    Nice ..congrats
  3. Vince66

    My Brother In Law's PA Buck

  4. Yep.. Amazon ads here ..
  5. Vince66

    Looking to get gun dipped ?

    Try Savage cerakote in OldBridge ..
  6. Vince66


    Is this still available?
  7. Vince66

    Stevo's Family Donations

    It’s not the link to the site itself.. I keep getting message saying “unable to process due to a temporary glitch..Try again later”
  8. Vince66

    Stevo's Family Donations

    PayPal site isn’t working ..
  9. Vince66

    The last Stevo update

    I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of Steve.. He was a man amongst men .. I had the good fortune of meeting Steve almost 2 years ago when I sold him a rifle he had dreamed of owning for many years.. Since then Steve and I would continuously run into each other at different places.. (gun range, tree farm, apple orchard, trap shoots etc) We’d talk for hours about everything..He always had a good story and a kind word to listen to.. His love of guns and country were second only to his wife and family.. The world is definatly a lesser place without him .. Rest In Peace Steve..You will be greatly missed ..
  10. Vince66

    Bear Down

    Nice .. Congrats !
  11. Vince66

    good price on Browning trailcams

    I own two of these ..Pretty good camera for the price ..
  12. Vince66

    Locked In Dance Of Death

    What a shame.. But still a cool find...
  13. Vince66

    Finally got my deer on the wall

    Very nice work ..
  14. Vince66

    Took the plunge on a new truck

    Congrats.. Best of luck with it !