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  1. Congrats! I hope to be able to do this with my son one day.
  2. I am looking for a chimney sweep and for someone to install a top damper if anyone does the work in Ocean County.
  3. I had a doe standing 10 yards from me, head down eating when all of a sudden she went on alert. I figured she winded me but no, she spun her head around and looked directly away from me. So I knew something was going on in that direction. Sure enough it was the king of the forest. He was too far away for a shot, but he walked through with tines a foot long, an absolutely magnificent creature who commanded the respect of the forest as he moved. You know where you can find me this afternoon after getting chores done.
  4. All is quiet at my location.
  5. Great buck! But just wondering if you are hunting alone how do you get a buck that big in the bed of a pickup?
  6. I am in Ocean County and seller is in Burlington County
  7. Couple of questions, do shotguns now have to be transferred through a gun dealer? If so, where does everyone do it on here? Do we have any members that do it? What is everyone paying for a private gun transfer? I called a few places and the fees for the transfer seem high.
  8. Looking for a shotgun that I can use for deer hunting and duck hunting, even if I have to buy another barrel to do so. Let me know what you have.
  9. Maybe it is a rookie hunter that you can give pointers to, might want to see if you can find out who it is. Maybe you found yourself a new hunting partner.
  10. I will never forget. I was at the top of the WTC 9/10 in the afternoon, I also bought a sweater in the mall below the WTC on 9/10. Back then credit cards were run the in the morning by retail stores for purchases the day before. I was never charged for that sweater.
  11. I have a place that doesn't require a boat. PM me and I will let you know where.
  12. Also forgot to mention in my post above that the pictures in the cameras from the day before still showed headgear on the bucks.
  13. So I am the A-hole, and here is the back story to my hunt: I have been hunting for a few years now. I took up the sport as a way to get back outdoors after breaking my leg very seriously and had started in a ground blind for 3 seasons. I have had the opportunity to shoot at deer a couple of times and up until this season I have not shot a deer, sometimes the deer are too far away, not a good shot, etc, so I have passed. I missed a doe early on this year that was perfect broadside at 30 yards, went back evaluated my equipment, practice shot a lot and came to the conclusion that I just missed - I guess it happens when the heart is racing out of my chest. In November I was hunting in a blind and out wandered a buck a little less than 20 yards, so I took that shot, and was my first deer harvested - this was not the shed buck, just my first harvest after 3 seasons of hunting. Fast forward to winter bow and I had a shot at a doe first day of winter bow that I passed on because she had 2 yearlings with her. The young deer would probably do alright without the doe but I felt passing that show was the right thing to do. As the season went on, I was patterning the deer deeper into the woods and I had an opportunity to hunt a tree stand deeper in the woods. My first sit in a tree stand ever hunting, and I had 2 deer walking about 30-40 yards down a trail. Front one was a doe, and there was a larger deer that I thought was a doe walking behind. The larger doe stopped perfect broadside and I decided to take the shot on the deer walking in the back. The deer ran off and dropped within 20 yards. I drag the deer out of the woods to the clearing and as I go to gut the deer I realized the doe had balls to my suprise. I then check out the head and burried in the fur are small pedicles that had just started to scab over. Without looking into the fur you wouldn't see it. Not that it makes a tremendous difference, but this was zone 51 in the pines. Given the shot again, I would take it every time because it was a good size deer, and I was looking to fill the freezer late in the season. There was no sign that he was a buck until inspecting very closely. So I am that A-hole, but proud that I was able to harvest two deer this year for my family, and it was the first deer that I completely processed myself.
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