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  1. Anyone looking to part with one?
  2. OCbowhunter

    Daytona 500

    I am headed to the Daytona 500 this year, first time ever attending
  3. He is just starting to shoot. As I told bugnerd, my son has come hunting with me and said “I want to shoot a deer”. I explained that it’s not a matter of pulling the trigger but having the confidence in your shot and the knowledge on how to harvest an animal. We started on a BB gun and now time to transition to a .22.
  4. I occasionally get up that way for work, I will let you know if I am passing through. Thanks so much!
  5. Looking to get some .22 ammo so my son can start target shooting. Let me know what you have and pricing, can send private messages if you like. It’s been difficult to find in the stores, figure someone may have a bulk bucket laying around not doing anything. I’m located in the Ocean County area, the closer the better.
  6. These are very large, but I agree I could always use more space since I have a lot of camo. Having this size will force me to get rid of what I don’t use.
  7. Lacey Home Depot. As for the size it didn’t list a volume, just size of 37x18x14
  8. I went to Home Depot tonight to grab Plano storage totes for my gear and didn’t like the sizes They had in the organization area. As I was walking out, the store was setting up the after Christmas bin/organization area in the center. They had put out nice large Plano storage totes, for $20. I picked up 2 bins and when I got home my wife broke out the vinyl cutter and figured the DU and browning logos were better than labeling as duck and deer.
  9. I’ll take the 12 ga remaining.
  10. If it makes it’s way to me I will take it.
  11. Just got a new puppy, chocolate lab. The kids named him Hunter. Looking for some antlers for him to chew on. Does anyone have any sheds in the ocean county area that they would be liking to pet with?
  12. If it falls far enough I would take it.
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