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  1. Mkid

    Naples Florida ideas

    Thanks for the imput👊👊
  2. Mkid

    Naples Florida ideas

    I’m heading to Naples next week with the family for vacation. I’m looking for more ideas on things to do , possibly fishing from a boat or from the beach. Any ideas on who with or where ?also cool places to eat. Thanks for the input ....
  3. Mkid

    4/20/2018 Stocking

    When We hook and fight then land a fish no matter what species. We all should carefully revive and let it go , or keep it whatever your choice. What would everybody be saying and thinking if you watched the person next to you on the water airmailing the fish back into the water on release. Keep fish to eat or let go I do both but to see these guys on the edge of the water releasing the fish like this is wrong. Nothing can convince me that this is beneficial to the trout....
  4. Mkid

    4/20/2018 Stocking

    Can someone explain to me why they need to throw these fish into the water like this ? Absolutely ridiculous.....
  5. Mkid

    1000 Members!

    Yup..... I'm # 1000 this place seems much better than the other one Now for my door prize ...... A moose hunt to Alaska would be nice .... Haha