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  1. I think what is burning everyone up , is this guy said he always gonna pay everyone back as soon as he was back on his feet. When someone needs help you’d give him some leniency to repay. But when you see posts of his new toys, you can assume he has the cash to repay now. And for him to go radio silent just shows his true character in my opinion. I for sure would be pissed if i Lent him money and then saw that he was buying stuff and posting it online. I’ve personally been down that road and won’t drive that way again. What really sucks is the next person that needs help on here will have a harder time getting help,because this clown burned down the bridge for others. I don’t know this guy but I know someone who used him and he said he’s a good mechanic. But I guess just a lousy person. I’d bet if he ever answers on this subject. he’d have some halfass excuse on why he didn’t come foward sooner. I can’t wait to here it ....
  2. Communicate....... if you don’t say anything he doesn’t know you have a problem with it. If he tells you that’s what he want on his property then the next move is up to you. Talk to the new guy. He may not know you also hunt there also. If you don’t like the new conditions then you can pull your stands. If you want
  3. 100% the video is sped up on the chop
  4. I have the lanky as well I don’t think you’d need anything better
  5. Neither one of these coolers should break with regular use. Both of these company’s have excellent products with one being significantly cheaper
  6. I’m just saying both cooler company’s are close to being the same except for size and price. They will both hold ice for day. With Rtic being significantly cheaper and the same quality if not better than the more expensive models
  7. Engels look like great coolers Engel 65 qt is $279 bur I’m a Rtic fan Rtic 65qt $199 i can’t think that the Engel is better than the Rtic or is $79 better.all the high end coolers are pretty good definitely worth a look Rtic is super strong and holds ice forever and if one is better than the other it wouldn’t be more than a few hours there’s plenty of YouTube videos doing comparison tests. Both company’s are having good sales
  8. I made one out of a 3/4” 4x8 sheet of PVC its exposed to the weather all year works perfect any lumber yard should have it also comes in 1/2” i got mine from Kuiken Bros.
  9. Ideally you would be able to find a stud . But like what was posted before you’ll only catch one stud if you install it level. if you install it on a angle you’d be able to catch two studs. Even if you catch a stud most likely all the screws won’t connect. Typically there is three hole per end. I’ve installed hundreds of towel bars, toilet paper holders. Grab bars etc. I would get the biggest toggle bolt that would be covered by the grab bar and install it without any worry of it coming off. Most if not all of the pressure exerted on the bar is shear, and with thee large googles on each end it isn’t going to come off and with tile on the wall you will never be able to pull it off. On a demo job once I was actually standing on a grab bar in a tile wall and it wouldn’t budge. Don’t worry about stainless or galvanized just install and silicone behind it before you tighten it fully. Installed this way it will outlive all of us.
  10. Just my opinion but there isn’t 1 ounce of this video that’s believable that fish looks like it has 5 % life left in it .... nice try
  11. Those products will work ONLY if the directions are followed exactly. Which 95% of the people applying it don’t ....
  12. Mkid

    Naples Florida ideas

    Thanks for the imput👊👊
  13. Mkid

    Naples Florida ideas

    I’m heading to Naples next week with the family for vacation. I’m looking for more ideas on things to do , possibly fishing from a boat or from the beach. Any ideas on who with or where ?also cool places to eat. Thanks for the input ....
  14. When We hook and fight then land a fish no matter what species. We all should carefully revive and let it go , or keep it whatever your choice. What would everybody be saying and thinking if you watched the person next to you on the water airmailing the fish back into the water on release. Keep fish to eat or let go I do both but to see these guys on the edge of the water releasing the fish like this is wrong. Nothing can convince me that this is beneficial to the trout....
  15. Can someone explain to me why they need to throw these fish into the water like this ? Absolutely ridiculous.....
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