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  1. I have found thin socks and boots on walk in. Then after 30 minutes in stand toe warmer and heavier socks and boots. If your feet sweat on way in to your stand your screwed. Steel toe will make it way worse.
  2. In 15. Cool and breezy. Hopefully a productive am sit
  3. Congrats awesome job
  4. Cool morning in 15. Bumped a few on way in. Hope for a nice buck
  5. Out in 15. Windy but not bad. Few does nothing following.
  6. Out in 15. Nothing yet exc or so wind.
  7. Bucks are cruising and chasing does trying to find one in heat. The woods are on fire
  8. Nice buck. I really hope this is a joke cause I am sure fish and game will be at your door in the morning.
  9. Looking for butchers near Mercer county. Ones that do sausage would be awesome.
  10. Thanks guys. It was in zone 15.
  11. Well this morning was a great, cool morning deer moving. I called this guy from about 125 yards out. He came ready for a fight, I gave him a few doe bleats and few grunts he came in on a string. He stopped to smell the signal 11 tramp stamp and that was he last breathe. He ran 20 yards and piled up.
  12. Looking for a taxidermist to do a shoulder mount. Looking for suggestions and contact info for Mercer county area or central jersey
  13. I am starting a second clover food plot and am wondering what all you guys use as far as a fertilizer goes. The seed I bought suggest 5-15-30 but I can not seem to find any, I checked tractor supply and agway. What are you guys using and where are you getting it from?
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