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  1. Nice one, congratulations on your success!
  2. I'd like to think that Chris Jr. and I did a great job mentoring one of his good buddies Stephen who showed an interest in hunting. He shot a doe on opening day and then shot this beautiful 4 or 5 year old buck tonight w/ his compound bow that weighed about 180 pounds! Not a bad first week of your hunting career… September 18th, 2021 Somerset County A HUGE thank you goes out to my buddy Lee from NJW&W who provided the young man with a free compound bow to get him started!
  3. I took out a young man that my son and I have been mentoring this evening and he closed escrow on his first ever whitetail deer 🦌 17 yr old new hunter..
  4. I really prefer the cash friend, I have a couple .22 rifles already
  5. Just a huge thank you to everyone for holding the contest and for donating prizes and money etc., both my son & I feel extremely fortunate and grateful. A special thank you to Matt as well… And thank God for giving us is great sport of hunting
  6. That is some honey hole you have there, great footage. I’m surprise he didn’t go down for count immediately. Congratulations on the bird and thanks for sharing the video.
  7. Sweet, great fish! Real pretty
  8. The Generosity shown by this man was over the top, then we got on great talking about hunting like we’ve known each other for years! Thank you very much Lee, on behalf of me, my son and the recipient of the bow. Truly a selfless act to help a new person in our sport…
  9. Sorry I didn’t catch any stripers, but at least the blues serve as a consolation. It’s always fun though getting on the water...
  10. I have a wonderful 17-year-old young man who I recently helped to get into the sport who was looking for a compound bow. I took him for his bow/gun class last Saturday at Hudson Farm. Please LMK & thanks in advance.
  11. I have my sons 17-year-old friend who I just took to get his license on Saturday would be interested in this bow, he shown a real interest in the sport and we plan on taking him out in the fall. Please let me know?
  12. Great buck & the work looks great, I just don’t like that particular style of mount...
  13. Very sad to hear about your brother, but nice to see that we’re still thinking about him 20 years later and doing something that is a tribute to him! Hang in there pal, he’s always with you...
  14. A huge thanks to Keith Griglak & the Hunter Ed volunteers up North for helping my sons 17 yr old friend obtain his New Jersey hunting license this morning at Hudson Farms in Andover! I volunteer myself, but I wanted to go on this particular day to help mentor the young man and to make him feel more comfortable because he was nervous. The volunteers were awesome, the conservation officer gave an excellent speech and our friend was over the moon excited upon successful completion of both disciplines! Really looking forward to getting him out this fall to chase the elusive Whitetail Deer 🦌 It should make for an exciting season for him, as well as my son and I... Thanks again to all who had a hand in the process today, including the Hudson Farm guys. He really has no one in his family who knows anything about hunting, so it will be fun to pass on what we know! Congratulations Stephen & Best of Luck 🤞 this coming season! IMG_2777.MOV
  15. Someone needs to clean all that crap off the top of the water. Maybe clean out the spillway so it filters out
  16. The snappers never are happy to see us...
  17. Bomber bird, I love watching the videos. Great job!
  18. 3 of us hit the musky yesterday morning and even with the high water & fast current we landed 7 between us... Took 4 home 🏡 for dinner
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