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  1. Tbryant

    Dream gun

    Have a slight addiction for long range shooting so this would be a dream gun once I hit the lottery. Sako TRG 42 in 338 Lapua. My more realistic dream guns are the M1 Garands my fathers uncle has in his safe.
  2. They used to be my favorite block but I've given up on them. Past two years they've been terrible for me with them turning to crumbs in a week.
  3. Happens a lot in my town when the pups drop. Pretty cool to listen to
  4. I'm a Sig guy myself so if you're going to go out and test some guns, throw in the the P320 compact (9mm) and the P238 (380). Personally, my girlfriend likes shooting my 1911 the most but just like everything else, test and see what fits the best.
  5. Shoot the same ones but 110 grain. Arguably the best round for hunting with the 300 blk.
  6. DD makes a fine piece. I like BCM and LWRC as well. Buddy has a LWRC that we shoot a lot. Noticeably heavier than the AR I have. We got my pops a M&P tactical a few years back. Another gun well made. Most higher end ARs are quality but you could also build one of high end parts for cheaper than MSRP.
  7. The .300blk is a mean gun for hogs. What rounds you use for it?
  8. Low 150s but I have a feeling the pic is pretty deceiving Feel I was way off. Going with KB and going around 169-170 after that second pic. G2s and G3s are at least 12"+ (using the tail light as a reference).
  9. Archery is pretty much closed on all WMA's now. Small game season is really the only way to hunt hogs on public now (spot and stalk with a shotgun). Corbett is going to be your closest WMA but gets hit hard, as with every piece of public. Getting into the palmettos and walking along the swamps is going to be your best bet.
  10. Looks like a great trip. You use an outfitter?
  11. Agreed. Saw a few in the 150's and one low 160's shot last year. Different strokes for different folks...
  12. That kids muzzy mount is a shame. Saw something on Facebook where some guys are trying to get together and have the mount redone for him, rightfully so because that things rough.
  13. https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/federal-premium-new-speed-shok-12-gauge-3-1-1-4oz-1450fps If you're in the market still, Rogers has them in stock. #1 are what we use. Absolute nasty load
  14. Used to shoot Kent religiously. Patterned well out of our guns but made the switch to Federal Speed Shok. Can buy a case for $110 at Rogers and I like them way more than the Kents. You'll have good success with the Kents
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