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  1. Tbryant

    What do you consider to be a big buck?

    For me it has to be bigger than the one I shot the year before. Early bow there’s usually an exception but for permit it’s gotta be 3+ years old and 130”+
  2. Tbryant

    Shotgun Choice For 6 Day ?

    Not really into gun hunting but if I do take it out its the 220 with a Leupold shooting 2 3/4 accutips
  3. Tbryant

    Opening day of waterfowl

    Shot 4 woodies and a greenhead. Had someone set up just down river from us that seemed to really tear into them.
  4. Tbryant

    Whose ready for the opener?

    Had a bunch of geese fly over when in the stand tonight so it looks like birds might be moving in. Hoping some stay for the morning but it’ll be a crap shoot
  5. Tbryant

    Whose ready for the opener?

    Checked another spot that’s much shallower than the others a few minutes ago and found a little bunch of teal. Hoping some birds get pushed in over night
  6. Tbryant

    Whose ready for the opener?

    We have too much water in our area. Birds are here just spread out all over but we'll see how Sat morning treats us.
  7. Tbryant

    Leg Position and Shoulder Blade Location

    She was a good size doe. That shot went through and the broadhead poked through the opposite side. I'm no fan of shoulder shots, prefer quartering away shots the most, but for some reason (not trying to toot my own horn) I have never had the dreaded no penetration when I've hit shoulders in the past.
  8. Tbryant

    Leg Position and Shoulder Blade Location

    These are two deer that I shot this week. Both a slight quarter to shot. I have never taken any quartering to shots but both of these hit heart and the farthest made it about 65 yards. If the pics are too much mods you can erase them.
  9. Tbryant

    10/9/2018 check in

    Got in the stand about an hour ago. Cables on the stand snapped when I got in but I’m going to be dumb and sit it out. Pushed 4 does coming in. This is the first sit of the year for me in NJ so more of a scouting sit than anything else.
  10. Tbryant

    Most dangerous NJ cities

    this is going to get good
  11. Tbryant

    where I woulda aimed tonight...

    Follow the leg up and you're golden, like said above. Plus at 20 yards, most tuned bows now-a-days will be able to blow through the shoulder and get some penetration if you do push the shot.
  12. Tbryant

    Etiquette Question

    Personally, no. It'll survive and I could wait another day to shoot something with some more meat on it.
  13. Tbryant

    The Palmanator Disappeared Again

    This x100. On our farm a few years back we had a nice deer that would be around all spring and summer then disappear right before early bow and only come back around Christmas. Happened 3 years in a row until someone 4 miles away shot him. Got to talking to the guy who shot him and he would talk about how the deer would show up early to mid September and be gone a few months later.
  14. Tbryant

    College football

    Gonna be at the game tomorrow vs FSU. Praying the noles can take care of business but it’ll definitely be a good game. Either way, I’m happy as hell to see Miami get their a** beat right now against LSU