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  1. Tbryant

    Rt 23 Fatal Accident Due to OD

    Have some family/friends who work in Wayne and the surrounding towns. Heroin is getting big in that area real quick. Not jumping to conclusion but if I were a betting man that's what id be putting my money on.
  2. Tbryant

    School me on an AR

    I have bought and built. Bought a M&P in 223/556 and built a 300 blk out. Personally, I enjoyed building it. I also don't like the look of the lower range ARs. Not a huge "tacticool" guy but I don't want to own an ugly gun IMO but Building one can actually be cheaper. Magpul stock/trigger kit, a PSA lower, a BCG, charging handle and a decent complete upper could definitely be in the $500ish ball park. YouTube is going to be your best friend if you go the build route. A ton of videos giving you step by step procedures. There's also a lot of places that have sales pretty regularly. I 300 has about $1500 into it so far. If I paid full price with parts I'd be well over the $2k mark so it's not unrealistic to save a good amount of money.
  3. Tbryant

    Browning Strike Force Pro cams

    I use nothing but browning and bushnells. Even though each cam is $100+, I know it won’t miss pictures. Have tried the cheaper wildgame/tasco/etc and they do take pics, but many are inconsistent. I like a cam I know will capture almost anything. Lock it up and you’ll be a happy customer
  4. Tbryant

    Who is always thinking about whitetails?

    To an extent. Cams stay up year round but its turkey time now. Once turkeys over I'll go back to focusing on whitetails.
  5. I've already spoke my word previously on this topic. I don't believe in the whole "more opportunity" argument. With all the resources the state allows you to use, shooting a deer is not a challenge anymore. Also 6 bucks is pretty ignorant. Granted many don't shoot more than 2-3 (according to the limited poll) but the whole "it gives people the chance if they wanted to" is bs. We have 6 tags and a half a year long season because the state feeds off it, not so people can get their fair share of meat. Imagine the time when people would shoot 2-3 deer and be happy? Hell even one deer was a big deal. Now it doesn't seem people are happy unless they get their moneys worth on filling a tag. It's crazy how pissed off people get for eating tag soup. Not many care for the "hunt" anymore and it's becoming evident. You would think having the ability to spend money once and not have to worry about what permit for what zone and what weapon would be a huge but it also seems there's a lot of greedy hands in the bunch.
  6. While we’re at it why don’t we just make the season year round? Give people ample opportunity to hunt.
  7. He is talking about using two flexible tags that can be used throughout the season. Where are you getting he wants to eliminate flexibility or take away hunter options to hunt certain times of the year? You get your tags, they can be used sept-feb (if the seasons stay the same), any weapon. Theres's no early bow, permit bow , muzzy, shotgun tag, etc. It's here's your two tags, use them. If you want to shoot your two bucks during early bow, go ahead. If you want to use them later in the season, you still can. How does that eliminate any opportunity? If anything it gives people better opportunity
  8. Tbryant

    NJ Robo deer busts poachers

    Couldn't agree more. Today, many don't care for the "hunt". They care for instant gratification. They care to have the biggest deer shot. They care that they shot the most deer out of their group. Some people need to get satisfaction by others while others can be self satisfied. There are deer that would top the lists at the Classic every year but some of those guys just like taking a picture of it, putting it on the wall, having a beer with their buds and calling it a day. Personally speaking, my greatest trophy I have is a turkey I shot back a few years ago. It wasn't because it was the biggest bird ever, but it was the first solo bird I ever shot. The 3.5ish mile walk up and down hills back to the house in a downpour absolutely sucked, but looking back it was and still is the most hard earned animal I've ever worked for.
  9. Tbryant

    NJ Robo deer busts poachers

    I'd say it's all about "trophy" and guys being able to beat their chest about how big the deer they shot is. Today we have people who tag roadkills, hang them on the wall and make up stories about how they shot it. There's a reason this robo deer is as big as it is. Not many, I would think, plan to go out and pop a dink. Not saying it doesn't happen but I'd bet a majority of the people out there that are jacking deer illegally are going after bigger ones.
  10. Tbryant

    2018-2019 Button Buck Poll (not shed bucks)

    Same thing happened to me. My second year bow hunting I shot one during early season. Probably only the 3rd or 4th deer I shot with a bow at the time. Thought it was a doe until I walked up on it. Felt like someone kicked me in the balls. The old man wasn't happy either. Definitely a hard lesson learned.
  11. Tbryant

    Your 2018-2019 DOE harvest poll

    Shot 2 this year. Doe numbers seem to be doing good by me. A few years ago you'd have 10-15 does a sit with no bucks. Had to pop more than I'm use to but last year I couldn't buy an EAB. Had nothing but bucks walking around. Seems now the ratio is doing pretty good.
  12. Tbryant


    Exactly. Most hold off for the rut in hopes of making a mistake. Personally speaking, if two buck tags were issued, I'd use one for early season and save one during the rut. With the amount of tags people can possess now, there's no need to hold off for anything because you get another tag in a month.
  13. Tbryant


    To go off what you said, seasons should be shorter yes. I don't feel the need of AR if tags are limited. Let someone shoot their two bucks whatever they are. I'm not going to go into does. I like shooting them but I don't agree with the unlimited aspect to it
  14. Tbryant


    I’d be in total favor for 2 buck tags that can be used for whatever weapon of ones choice. Some don’t gun hunt and some don’t bow hunt. Give them their two tags and let them shoot what the want, when they want, with whatever they want.