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  1. Go to a shop and shoot anything and everything. Once you have figured out what you want, get onto archery talk and look for that bow. My buddy just bought a loaded RX3 Turbo for $1250. The rig has well over $2k into it. Another thing is bow value decreases immensely. You'll be able to buy a year old bow for some ridiculously low prices.
  2. You’re being generous. I’m going well before noon
  3. Getting there early Saturday to beat some of the crowd. Best shoot in the state.
  4. Arrows and climber sold pending pickup. Thanks
  5. *BLIND PICKED UP* and Lock On sold pending pickup
  6. Summit Climber: Barely used. Like a lock on and sticks better. Aluminum, comes with foot rest. Cables are 8/10......$150 Field and Stream Lock on: Great shape, no rust anywhere. Its the XL one so its a big MF'er......$40 Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter: 350 spines, uncut, DO NOT come with inserts.....$110 for the 2 dozen Ground blind: Used it once for turkey. Been in the shed for years. Easy to set up......FREE TO A YOUTH, ELDER, DISABLED. Located Essex/Morris border.
  7. Had a few buddies go at 830 and they didn’t even finish because of how hot it was. I was thinking about going in the am but probably going to sit this one out.
  8. Looks more like a bad shot than marginal. Most times what the camera shows isn’t what the hunter sees. If the guy is to the left of the camera man, looks like he is pretty clear of that tree.
  9. I wouldn’t do a guided goose or puddler hunt. Paying $200+ for 2/4 birds isn’t worth it. Get in contact with Reedy Creek or Ol Barney and do a coastal hunt. A lot of shooting with a good variety of birds that can be taken.
  10. County line firearm in East Hanover. Chris will give you a deal.
  11. I have a few packs of them. I never had a problem with the collars but these take out a lot of the issues people have had.
  12. I’ve been seeing little ones since the first week of June. Had to pick one up a few weeks ago in someone’s yard. Thing was the size of a football. No idea how died but it couldn’t have been more than a few days old.
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