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  1. Tbryant

    New Bow Strings

    I’ve used JBK strings for awhile now. Used to take the hour drive to Simon peters but now do all the work myself.
  2. Just have to get the CO permit and you’re good to go.
  3. I've only ever done day pigs Yes. Pigs are pretty abundant in the few zones he has stands in. Every time I've gone down, I've shot a hog during the day time (been down 5-6 times). Have not done the night hog hunt. My uncle did the night shoot this past October and shot a 230lb'er. Either way you cut it, you should have a real good opportunity at shooting a pig. They're everywhere down there. Deer population is as expected in the south. They have some nice deer down there but as mentioned before, it's not everyday they kill good deer. Here's a link to their instagram. Mr. Boone
  4. I went for hogs and deer. Shot a velvet 7 as well during the trip.
  5. Red Bluff is a real good operation. Have a family friend who has hunted with Mr. Boone since he first started. I've taken quite a few trips down there myself and always have had a great time. Never done gator trips with him but that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity at the lodge. I've never stayed in the lodge, but it's definitely on the list of one of the nicer places I've been to and everyone involved in the operation will treat you very well.
  6. Worst part is, his buddy was the one who pushed the kid which started the fight. Guy almost lost an eye because his buddy couldn’t handle his alcohol.
  7. As mentioned, snows are a headache and a half to deal with. Most of the feeds in the western part of the state (Merril Creek, Asbury, etc) routinely visit the same farms every year with most of the farms already locked up with permission or no hunting. I don't even try the southern part of the state anymore. Too many guys and even more jumping fields. Snow geese are a tough bird to hunt but they're not impossible. It all depends on what you consider a good hunt. People see the piles of 100, 200, 300+ days and base their hunts off that which is extremely unrealistic. Spend this season with a gu
  8. I have an Indian Creek .570 for my M2 20ga. The best shell I got for it were the Fed TSS #7's but the Long Beards were a close second. Either round will kill birds no problem.
  9. Either that or survivor shot the two younger guys, old man pulls up to see what happens, survivor shoots old man since he was a witness, and puts blame on him. I'm not buying the whole swing birds argument at all. The old man had apparently been hunting that lake for 50 years. He's definitely dealt with way more than some swing birds during that time. The survivors story doesn't make sense at all. Hopefully the truth comes out one day but no matter how you cut this cake, we'll never know what actually happened.
  10. Glad I'm not the only one here. I've read a lot about it and the 3rd guy has to be hiding some details. Things just aren't adding up at all with this situation.
  11. Can't help much with the glass you're looking at but if you're gearing more towards a tactical use, you can't go wrong with the Trijicon that has been mentioned above (RCO). We use the RCO's and the SDO's. SDO comes with an RMR attached to the top. Sights pretty heavy and honestly not worth it IMO. Both are extremely accurate out past 500 yards. Only negative I have had with the RCO is it collects a ton of light. Putting a piece of electrical tape on about 3/4 of the fiber dims it down so it's real crisp. I have mainly Vortex's on my personal ARs, but if I were to treat myself, the Trijicon in
  12. Going to be tough with a modified but I'm sure you'll knock down a few. I switched to shooting a 20ga this year for ducks and geese with it having no problem out to 40 yards so those loads should work.
  13. I’ve switched entirely to cell cams. Spartan and Coverts are my choices. Can get expensive depending on how many areas you hunt but totally worth it when you have different properties in every which direction.
  14. Different world when you’re surrounded by theM. Most don’t really care for their presence. A lot of guys lose dogs every year to gators and don’t look at it as a big deal. 2 years ago I hunted the Tampa Bay. Set up in the mangroves along a canal. Kept feeling “fish” bump into my legs during the dark hours leading up to LST. After the hunt my buddy finally decided to tell me that those “fish” were baby bull sharks. Acted like it was an everyday occurrence.
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