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  1. Loose lips sink ships. I’m sure there are going to be quite a few that’ll embrace being a “felon”.
  2. Tbryant

    Looking For Duck Recipes

    This^^ I used to breast them out, put them in a marinade and then do the classic chunks wrapped in bacon on the grill. Over the years though, I'd found them more enjoyable when made into sticks. We blend in our duck/goose breasts at the end of the season and make snacks.
  3. Tbryant

    Boots, socks, and gloves for the stand

    Boots are Muck Arctic Pros with regular socks. My probably is my feet sweat no matter what so wearing wool socks and heavy boots would have my feet soaked in no time. Not a big gloves guy. Could probably count on one hand how many times I’ve used them in the last 10 years. Usually keep some hand warmers in my jacket pockets if it’s real cold.
  4. Tbryant

    6-day Memories

    I wish I was around when most of you guys started going out for 6 day. It seems like back then it was way different that what I experienced. My first was when I was 11 (only 9 years ago) and I went with a buddy and his dad to our pheasant club out in warren county. We got up there the Friday before planning on staying over with a bunch of other guys that have been hunting throughout the week. Get up the next morning, sit in our stands and hedgerows with no shots. Then around 10 we planned for the first and my first drive. As I’m setting in a hedgerow I see a few suburbans pull up to a field across the street (about 100-150 yards with a main road separating us). I knew it was one of the neighboring clubs and I heard the horror stories behind them. Just figured they were BS campfire stories. Well they weren’t. About 40 kids/guys start doing their drive through the little wood lot and beans yelling through bull horns and lighting off fire crackers. They were at my back so I didn’t pay too much attention to them until the shooting started. After a few shots I turn to see what they were shooting at. To my surprise a spike was running between me and the group on my side of the road. Things started getting hairy when I could see the dirt flying up from where their shots were landing less than 20-30 yards from me. They knew I was there. I looked like a traffic cone with what I was wearing. Out of reacting I dove into the drainage ditch before the hedgerow and waited for the shooting to stop. Since that day I’ve ever had the thought of participating in a drive and I truly believe that experience is why I have such distaste towards them.
  5. Tbryant


    Not my pic but this one is just as good
  6. Tbryant

    His Biggest Buck To Date! 132" 10pt

    That’s the beauty of backyard hunting
  7. Tbryant

    Would you shoot?

    With a gun you’re more than likely to blow right through that. Personally I’d wait for him to clear it but I don’t see a .243 or any rifle cartridge getting affected by those twigs.
  8. For us in high school it was either get the games postponed until the field was playable, find a neutral site, or get a bunch of us and shovel it. I'd rather play and get the game over with than the other two choices. I'm not too sure how it works on the inside at our BOE but our guys have never plowed or cleared fields.
  9. Up to $90 now but the comments are hysterical. The anti's are going after a guy in a GoFundMe comment section LOL
  10. Tbryant

    Cheap deer bait?

    Find an oak hammock. Cheapest "bait" you'll ever find.
  11. I'm sure this isn't going to be the last time something like this happens
  12. Tbryant

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    Last year I went duck hunting down by the Tampa Bay. Hunted both the morning and evenings on Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning we went out, didn't see much and decided to get breakfast. Always take the plug out of the boat but since no rain was in the forecast and we were usually in the boat a few hours later I figured to keep the plug in. Stupid me. Sunday evening I launch the boat, buddy is holding onto the rope just BS'ing with a local who's fishing off the bridge. I park the truck and walk back down only to see half the boat under water, decoys free floating and blind bags moving with the current. Somehow someway we managed to save everything and decided to call it a trip and head back to school.
  13. Tbryant

    Another Bergen’s county Beauty

    Nothing huge but this is a cool one from last year in River Vale
  14. Tbryant

    Another Bergen’s county Beauty

    Where abouts in River Vale? Have a buddy who lives on Bernita Dr who sent me a pic a few weeks ago of what looks to be the buck in the video. Gotta see if I can find the pic
  15. Tbryant

    Dead Deer

    We pick up and dump it in the back of our yard. Space farms comes in and picks up from our dump. I think the longest I’ve seen a deer in the yard was 3 days and that was because someone forgot to call it in. Great company