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  1. Summit viper (I believe). Bought it 3 summers ago. Used a handful of times just don’t use it. Cables are in real good shape. $200 Field and Stream Timberline Deluxe XL. Stands practically brand new hunted out of it once just way too big of a platform for my style of hunting. $50 Last is some older loc on that I’ll let go free to a youth. Going to throw in a Safe Link life line as well and a generic harness. Stands are located Essex/Morris border
  2. Tbryant

    Sick doe

    This was sadly in my town. The Facebook groups all last night and today were hysterical.. They had scheduled times for people to go and watch the doe to comfort her LOL One of the cops had enough and went by the deer last night around 2am to put it out but when he showed up he had some woman sleeping next to it. This morning the doe was “humanely euthanized”.
  3. He did not. He was attacking the decoy when I drew back. Had to hold for probably close to a minute before he calmed down and gave me a shot.
  4. No blind. Sat behind a tree that had a thick patch of briars at the base for cover
  5. Had this bird talking last Friday but hung up about 60 yards from the decoys. Found him again this morning in the same area but this time he came in on a string. First bird in a few years as well as my first bow bird. Check in got him at 20 1/4 lbs, just over a 10inch beard, and 1 inch spurs.
  6. Zone 10. Haven’t heard a single gobble but had one and a hen sneak up on us while we were sitting on stumps f’ing around. Hen came to about 20 yards but the gobbler sat back around 60 yards. Bows weren’t even knocked. Fogs still pretty thick so we’ll see what happens
  7. Thanks for the help Smitty. Buck, my buddy said he's going to try to list them elsewhere first but if nothing I'll let you know.
  8. Have a buddy who received some guns from his grandpa. He's trying to price them out to possibly sell 1 or 2 of them. We've found Superposed Lightnings selling anywhere from $2-4,000 but we're both clueless with these types of guns. Anyone on here knowledgeable to give some price ranges on them and know where would be a good place to sell them? (Besides gun broker) First one. Can't find SN on the gun but has "N9 37429" with the year of '77. Second two we've found to be from '52. They haven't even been put together. Still have original everything. These are the ones we've found pricing on but couldn't tell you what makes one $2,500 and the other over $4,000.
  9. I've taken my fair share of Ubers in Florida and a large majority conceal carry for that reason. Even had a few in PA that carried. Uber/Lyft is great but you definitely take your chances.
  10. Very nice build. Just an FYI, Geissele is offering 20% off on their triggers right now. I believe it’ll run till Easter Day but there’s some nice deals on their website.
  11. Like mentioned, what are your intentions for the gun? I'm no help with the bull barrel ideas but I will put in my 2 cents. Personally speaking, the barrel is one of the most important parts to a build. You can have the nicest trigger, optic, etc but if you have a barrel that shoots like sh*t you're screwed.
  12. I would definitely put a can on it. I have a 16" one for NJ but once I got to FL I built a pistol and put a can on it (SilencerCo Omega). The difference is night and day. The 10.5" barrel is much more accurate than the 16". If you're using supers, I've had great luck with Barnes For-Tx 110 gr and for subs, you can't go wrong with Makers 190 or 200gr.
  13. Have caught a couple reds but mainly sharks off the beach at NSB. Try to catch yourself some ladyfish and use them. We used both chunks and live lining them. If you're hitting the bays, pick yourself up some Cajun Thunder popping corks. Tie a leader behind it depending on the depth you're fishing. I typically tie it off with an artificial shrimp (z-man but gulp works too). Soft plastics with a jig head are also a hit. Can even use live bait with it. Live bait down here is almost an unfair advantage. Expect to be able to catch reds, snook, specks, flounder, sheepshead, jacks, and even drum.
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