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  1. Very nice build. Just an FYI, Geissele is offering 20% off on their triggers right now. I believe it’ll run till Easter Day but there’s some nice deals on their website.
  2. Like mentioned, what are your intentions for the gun? I'm no help with the bull barrel ideas but I will put in my 2 cents. Personally speaking, the barrel is one of the most important parts to a build. You can have the nicest trigger, optic, etc but if you have a barrel that shoots like sh*t you're screwed.
  3. I would definitely put a can on it. I have a 16" one for NJ but once I got to FL I built a pistol and put a can on it (SilencerCo Omega). The difference is night and day. The 10.5" barrel is much more accurate than the 16". If you're using supers, I've had great luck with Barnes For-Tx 110 gr and for subs, you can't go wrong with Makers 190 or 200gr.
  4. Have caught a couple reds but mainly sharks off the beach at NSB. Try to catch yourself some ladyfish and use them. We used both chunks and live lining them. If you're hitting the bays, pick yourself up some Cajun Thunder popping corks. Tie a leader behind it depending on the depth you're fishing. I typically tie it off with an artificial shrimp (z-man but gulp works too). Soft plastics with a jig head are also a hit. Can even use live bait with it. Live bait down here is almost an unfair advantage. Expect to be able to catch reds, snook, specks, flounder, sheepshead, jacks, and even drum.
  5. Another for Millennium. M150 monster is probably going to be your best bet.
  6. 2017 American Tonneau soft Tri fold. Was on 2016 Chev Silverado 6.5’ bed. Got rid of truck in 2018 after lease was up. No zips or tears, minimal wear on it. Throw a reasonable offer. Located in West Caldwell, Essex County. Call/text 973-four seven nine- 2925. Tom
  7. Another vote for Cheyenne
  8. According to their Facebook. Great little shop though. Gets my business when I need something.
  9. If this is the place you're talking about, it's worth it. Caught some good size bass out of there a few years back.
  10. Haven’t been there in probably close to 15 years but would go every year with the extended family for the winter Olympics. Our old neighbors in Randolph run the operations there. Great family and great atmosphere. Definitely a place I’d recommend as well.
  11. I use 4 Muddy sticks and a Millennium stand. I used to love my climber due to the comfort but I always felt like I stuck out in it. Typically bring 2-3 screw to start at the bottom and can easily get up 20ft. If you want to leave it over night, take the stand off the receiver and take out the bottom 3 steps. Sticks are up high enough that someone would need help to get to them. Next morning you can be set up in under 5 minutes.
  12. My favorite isn’t N.J. legal. Before people jump **it’s located in Florida** Built a AR pistol and put a can on it. Besides the headache dealing with ATF, it is the most fun gun I’ve ever shot. All my N.J. guns are basics. Besides ARs I’d say my grandpas .357 is on top. He shot competition back in then 60s with his department so it’s set up real nice. The trigger is right around 3 lbs. and smooth as butter. Personally speaking, a good trigger can make a gun.
  13. Have some family/friends who work in Wayne and the surrounding towns. Heroin is getting big in that area real quick. Not jumping to conclusion but if I were a betting man that's what id be putting my money on.
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