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  1. Can't help much with the glass you're looking at but if you're gearing more towards a tactical use, you can't go wrong with the Trijicon that has been mentioned above (RCO). We use the RCO's and the SDO's. SDO comes with an RMR attached to the top. Sights pretty heavy and honestly not worth it IMO. Both are extremely accurate out past 500 yards. Only negative I have had with the RCO is it collects a ton of light. Putting a piece of electrical tape on about 3/4 of the fiber dims it down so it's real crisp. I have mainly Vortex's on my personal ARs, but if I were to treat myself, the Trijicon in
  2. Going to be tough with a modified but I'm sure you'll knock down a few. I switched to shooting a 20ga this year for ducks and geese with it having no problem out to 40 yards so those loads should work.
  3. I’ve switched entirely to cell cams. Spartan and Coverts are my choices. Can get expensive depending on how many areas you hunt but totally worth it when you have different properties in every which direction.
  4. Different world when you’re surrounded by theM. Most don’t really care for their presence. A lot of guys lose dogs every year to gators and don’t look at it as a big deal. 2 years ago I hunted the Tampa Bay. Set up in the mangroves along a canal. Kept feeling “fish” bump into my legs during the dark hours leading up to LST. After the hunt my buddy finally decided to tell me that those “fish” were baby bull sharks. Acted like it was an everyday occurrence.
  5. Same here. Sold my LWs for the Heliums for that sole reason.
  6. Two totally different animals with all kinds of different factors. I’m sure others will chime in and explain in greater detail, but in the broad picture, it’s much easier to kill a deer in NJ than upstate.
  7. I have spartan. $5 a month for unlimited pictures/videos due to my unlimited data plan with Verizon. Just have to add the camera to your existing plan. I believe it was about $30ish up front for something (don’t remember but apparently you can get that fee waived now) and then $5 a month.
  8. Like Matt explained above. I did the "add a line" with my Verizon phone bill and since I have unlimited data on the plan, the Spartan then falls under the unlimited data. At first I used the 250mb for $12 but it ran through the plan when on video mode and I was out usually in a week.
  9. 100% people should be able to look at the case and make their own decision. I’m not excusing this death in the slightest. Some cops are quick on the trigger no matter the race. Others wait way too long before the trigger, luckily not getting hurt beforehand. Either way, it’s not a set in stone issue.
  10. Don't have a problem with you and you're right, mass killings, but most of those are still considered mass killings. My problem is the flawed view that is portrayed to the public. Everything today is in order to fit narratives. There's a YouTube channel my Black Studies professor, this was a man who had PhD's in Crim and Black Studies, introduced us to called "Police Activity". Shows body cams of the good, bad, and ugly involving many police shooting interactions. Don't expect opinions to change, but things are much different that most believe.
  11. More deflection......shocking Since they're not mass killings why do mass shootings and killings represent the same "mass shooting" statistic?
  12. Connor Stephen Betts, Dayton, Ohio, 2019 Seth Aaron Ator, Odessa, Texas, 2019 Ricky Lee Gardipee, Great Falls, Montana, 2019 Santino William Legan, Garlic Festival, 2019 Hugo Selva, Lake Worth, Florida, 2018 Matthew Riehl, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 2017 Spencer Hight, Plano, Texas, 2017 Jeffrey T. Johnson, NYC, 2012 Thomas Alton Caffall III, College Station, Texas, 2012 Michael E. Hance, Copley, Ohio, 2011
  13. Spartan. Hooked them up to my phone bill and it’s $5 a month for unlimited pics and/or video.
  14. I’m not excusing anything I just don’t know enough to send this guy to the chair. I personally believe DD’s get off way too easily when they do cause fatalities. All the sentences are slaps on the wrist when they plead guilty. Only difference I have here is guy was 20. Even if he drew .01 at the hospital, he was still getting the charge. Now if blood showed something much different than minuscule .01-.04 BAL then I’m with everyone else on this, it’s not the typical 2am DWI. And I could careless about his views on opening the gym. I’m not excusing his actions because of his views. Per
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