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  1. Tbryant

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

    No trail cam pic but saw this guy today in town. He was with 4 others but nothing close to him (pictures are blurry because they’re screenshots from a zoomed in video.)
  2. Tbryant

    Naples Florida ideas

    Capt. Kevin Aley in Captiva is a good guide. He'll do either inshore or offshore. He's got a big 36ft Contender for offshore that makes you feel real comfortable. His website is www.sfloridaoutfitters.com if you want to check him out. Shore fishing in Florida is not like NJ. Live bait/shrimp will catch anything from little Sheepshead and specks to big bull reds. Big bulls, tigers, and sand tigers are pretty popular off the beach in that area but you'd need a big rig for that. I'm no help for restaurants. We've mainly eaten at the local restaurants on Captiva but no matter where you go you'll find fantastic seafood.
  3. Tbryant

    Murphy Signs The New Gun Laws Today

    You "lost" them...
  4. Tbryant

    So White Boys Can't !

    I've been watching the kid for the past two years. Kids impressive to say the least. Saw a documentary they did about him and the community. Kids a hometown hero
  5. https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2018-03-20/the-latest-injuries-reported-in-shooting-at-maryland-school Would you look at that. Threats made a month ago yet there was no significant threat. Obviously have to see if the shooter is related to the treat or not
  6. Tbryant

    Florida hunting regs

    I tried deer hunting down here for bow on some of the bow only areas but it just wasn't worth it. Some are quotas, some are just the WMA permit, seasons are extremely short, it's more of a hassle than it is enjoyable. Out of the 7 times I went with bow, I saw a doe and a black bear. The deer are extremely spooky and you need to really get off the beaten path to just find tracks. On the big National Forest you have people running dogs like no other. You'll find hogs pretty much anywhere in the state but take a look at the regs and what season it is. If possible meet a buddy or two or try and get onto some private land/lease. It's a real eye opener down here and if you do visit some WMAs be careful with an out of state tag on your car. The locals absolutely hate everyone from out of state (except Georgia) and have no problem destroying a car or two.
  7. Tbryant

    Dumont school lockdown

    James Caldwell High School in Essex County had a lockdown Saturday. Some kid who graduated last year put out a song on Soundcloud (music app for phones for you old timers) saying how he was going to blow some b**ch brains out. His cover pic was a picture of him and a gun. He tagged the class of 2019 on social media so people thought he'd do something at the school. He was charged with false public alarm, 2nd degree. You'd think the school got shot up the way people were acting yesterday.
  8. Tbryant

    2018 firearm plans??

    In the process of building a SBR .300 blackout. Have my form 1 and 4 turned it, just waiting for the lazy asses to send them back. Plan on throwing a thermal on it to use for hogs. Also plan on picking up a Benelli M2 in 20 gauge. That’s about it until something catches my eye while window shopping.
  9. Tbryant

    No more AR's

    You mean the FBI. This was not a LEO issue, this was solely on the FBI. Our government is the biggest piece of baby s**t. They let things happen instead of acting before hand
  10. Tbryant

    No more AR's

    These threads are really getting old. You could ban every gun in the country, not gonna stop. For the 1000th time, the damn gun isn’t the problem.
  11. Tbryant

    Mass Shooting in Fla.

    The wacko bought the gun a year ago, way before the Youtube comments. The FBI was aware of this kid for months and did nothing. What's a local LEO going to do in this situation?
  12. Tbryant

    Mass Shooting in Fla.

    A few of my roommates have friends at the school. One of them said he was in a room where the gunman walked in and shot a few. Why wasn’t the door locked? It’s because the teachers have to manually lock the door......WTF is that?? My high school, once the door was closed you couldn’t get in from the outside period. You either needed a key or someone from the inside to unlock it. The kid said a few who died were because no one locked the classroom door and the kid just walked in, shot a few, and left. I don’t know about you but that’s some BS security if you ask me.
  13. Buy out of state. No one has or ever enforce gun laws. They're only in place for the politicians so they can get the satisfaction. You'd be surprised at how many people have "illegal" guns/accessories in this state
  14. Tbryant

    Looking to buy handgun...

    Ironically I just picked up this guy the other day. Don't miss NJ at all
  15. Tbryant

    Rare White Canadian Goose

    I shot something similar last year. Only thing different is it was a Canada goose