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  1. 3 does and a scrub so far. Decided to give the spot I’ve been sitting in the past two days a rest but today one of the bigger ones decided to hit the scrapes in front of the stand. Been getting texts all morning of him
  2. Just got down. Had action all morning with over a dozen does and 5 bucks. Some good 2-3 year olds that’ll be real nice in a few years but nothing worth shooting.
  3. Bass Pro has them in stock now. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/hawk-helium-climbing-sticks
  4. I’ll do some digging but that doesn’t look like a US patch. Could be totally wrong but that might be from an Ally.
  5. Don't even need the bacon. Gator is very good
  6. Have a Leupold VX-2 3-9x40 on the top of my 220.
  7. Pay through stealth cams website and you don't have to open an account with any carrier. These are the plans you can choose from. I don't have any experience with StealthCam but if you are going to trade or sell, I'd go a little better than a Spypoint. That Stealth Cam is $300. Get a quality cell cam
  8. Am I the only one that sees the bear being downstream from them and the two guys are looking at the bear?
  9. I’m by no means a vet but I’ll chime in. This really depends the birds you’re hunting. If you’re hunting stale birds, the hunting will get tough and you’ll have to time it out. Shooting fresh birds means you could get away with shooting it a little more. A few years back me and my pops hunted a warm water creek during the deep freeze 4 days in a row. The longest hunt lasted before sunrise. We were in and out which kept pressure low. The main river was also seeing new birds regularly because it was the only open water around. There is no definite answer to your question it all relates to what you’re seeing but we usually keep it to at least once a week and pick a new spot of the ponds each time depending on the wind and sun
  10. Haven't used any other brands but Nockturnals. Probably will never not use a lighted nock. Much easier to see shot placement and to find the arrow after the shot.
  11. It all has to do with jealousy. People get pissed when these guys lock up complete neighborhoods and have sole access to these bucks.
  12. Been watching them for a few years. Ironically, one of my buddies from school has 20 acres in the suburbs up there that they hunt on.
  13. ^^^.....Never used paint or a mask. When standing and getting ready to shoot, I usually keep my bow parallel to my face to break up my outline. Also never hunt a stand with the sun in my face.
  14. Depends on how far your shooting is. Personally, I use a full year round but a modified will be fine. Maybe even an IC if you have it.
  15. Still pretty much intact. Only different is the corners are worn over but the block doesn't look like it has been touched in a while.
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