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  1. Like Matt explained above. I did the "add a line" with my Verizon phone bill and since I have unlimited data on the plan, the Spartan then falls under the unlimited data. At first I used the 250mb for $12 but it ran through the plan when on video mode and I was out usually in a week.
  2. 100% people should be able to look at the case and make their own decision. I’m not excusing this death in the slightest. Some cops are quick on the trigger no matter the race. Others wait way too long before the trigger, luckily not getting hurt beforehand. Either way, it’s not a set in stone issue.
  3. Don't have a problem with you and you're right, mass killings, but most of those are still considered mass killings. My problem is the flawed view that is portrayed to the public. Everything today is in order to fit narratives. There's a YouTube channel my Black Studies professor, this was a man who had PhD's in Crim and Black Studies, introduced us to called "Police Activity". Shows body cams of the good, bad, and ugly involving many police shooting interactions. Don't expect opinions to change, but things are much different that most believe.
  4. More deflection......shocking Since they're not mass killings why do mass shootings and killings represent the same "mass shooting" statistic?
  5. Connor Stephen Betts, Dayton, Ohio, 2019 Seth Aaron Ator, Odessa, Texas, 2019 Ricky Lee Gardipee, Great Falls, Montana, 2019 Santino William Legan, Garlic Festival, 2019 Hugo Selva, Lake Worth, Florida, 2018 Matthew Riehl, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 2017 Spencer Hight, Plano, Texas, 2017 Jeffrey T. Johnson, NYC, 2012 Thomas Alton Caffall III, College Station, Texas, 2012 Michael E. Hance, Copley, Ohio, 2011
  6. Spartan. Hooked them up to my phone bill and it’s $5 a month for unlimited pics and/or video.
  7. I’m not excusing anything I just don’t know enough to send this guy to the chair. I personally believe DD’s get off way too easily when they do cause fatalities. All the sentences are slaps on the wrist when they plead guilty. Only difference I have here is guy was 20. Even if he drew .01 at the hospital, he was still getting the charge. Now if blood showed something much different than minuscule .01-.04 BAL then I’m with everyone else on this, it’s not the typical 2am DWI. And I could careless about his views on opening the gym. I’m not excusing his actions because of his views. Per
  8. I don’t even believe in the word “addiction” so let’s get that straight. I don’t buy into the whole “drug took over me” excuse they use. They’re choices people make and they continue to make those choices. In this case, the guy, 20 years old, spent a night drinking, slept, then drove in the morning when the accident happened. I guess everyone who has a beer or a glass of wine at dinner is an addict too when they drive home from the restaurant and blow a .09
  9. The guy came out on his Instagram saying his side of what happened. Far from an “alkie”. If what he did would consisted him an alkie, I don’t even know what category I would belong to.
  10. Those are extremely successful out west. Tough to use in the more heavily wooded areas on the east coast. Also allowed to stalk birds in Tennessee so that could've played a role in either side.
  11. Shoei X-14. Real comfortable helmet but like everything else, try a bunch and see what best fits you. Can’t go wrong with any of the three mentioned above.
  12. My grandfather came down with Corona a few weeks back. This was an 89 year old man who survived a heart attack, stroke, cancer, and suffered from dementia. After a little over 2 weeks of having the virus, he was cleared with results coming back negative. We moved him back into the home where he was staying, ultimately passing a day later, peacefully. The hospital, at first, marked that he was a victim of the virus, which he was clearly not. The numbers that are being posted are inflated beyond belief. I'm not even taking them with a grain of salt.
  13. And another where one of the kids is curb stomping the hell out of a chipmunk.
  14. They didn’t go out of their way to shoot it, correct, but they most definitely went out of their way to torture the animal. Watch the video and you’ll see the disturbing actions these two partook in.
  15. Shocker. Yet another slap on the wrist. PGC choked hard on this one.
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