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  1. Did you check out the stocking schedule? It tells you what's being stocked around you.
  2. Any particular items that are worth looking at?
  3. I'll be working if it makes you feel better... all week in fact.
  4. sent you a message... I have a zone 1 permit but trying to figure out when I can get out.
  5. After all the bad articles on NJ hunting and hunters here's a positive one: http://www.newsmax.com/TheWire/hunting-spots-best-america/2015/11/18/id/702640/
  6. Why in the world would you ever want to come to NJ to buy a firearm? You live in the land of milk and honey when it comes to firearms.
  7. What kind of budget are you talking about here? Can't really beat a Swaro EL or SLC but they ain't cheap.
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