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  1. That’s because the secondary market is too scared to repurchase the loans from the banks.
  2. Sure I don’t want to hijack this thread but my reason is simple; I love the stand but I’m kind of doing an inventory liquidation. I haven’t had enough time to hunt in two years for personal reasons ie kids work etc. So until I can get back in the game I’m selling everything I can.
  3. Not CNJ but Bergen County. About to sell my X Stand Sit N Stand.
  4. I think there was some confusion so I’d like to be more explicit. These are $50 each on sale plus tax new. So my asking price is $40 each.
  5. Hello I'm selling my Hoyt Charger 65lb draw weight and 28.0" draw length with the ready to hunt package accessories and hard case. Great shooting. I'm looking for $300. Thanks
  6. Hello I'm offloading two completely new in the box Comfort Zone 20' Double Step Climbing Sticks. I think they were each like $70 MSRP, $50 on sale plus tax etc. I'm looking for $40. Happy to sell them individually or together. They are in Paramus NJ. Thanks
  7. Did you check out the stocking schedule? It tells you what's being stocked around you.
  8. Any particular items that are worth looking at?
  9. I'll be working if it makes you feel better... all week in fact.
  10. sent you a message... I have a zone 1 permit but trying to figure out when I can get out.
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