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  1. Imagine having to wake up to that chicks mouth every day. Ughhh.....
  2. Congrats to him and thank you for passing on the tradition of hunting
  3. Cool article. As a teenager I got one that was 37 1/2 inches in my town lake. I suspect it swam in from the Passaic river. This was over 20 years ago and it's weight was just under 8 lb
  4. I have shot these out of h&r savage 220f and the browning gold and there is no better shooting slug out of my guns. The problem with the accutips is that the deer tend to run a ways and not bleed with these slugs. The winchester partition golds and dual bonds shoot almost as good and are way more effective on game. I shot a deer through both lungs in illinois with an accutip. We were literally following pin drops of blood every 30 feet. I love the way accutips punch paper but prefer the Bullet effectiveness of the winchester slugs
  5. It looks like copper solids are most suggested
  6. I have personally never killed a bear. I would say that higher velocity slugs probably leave less of a hole and bears have thick absorbent hides. I would go with a foster style slug like a Remington buck hammer or a winchester super x. While these slugs won't shoot as accurately they will give you knock down power and gaping holes to drain the bear of blood. I could be wrong but this makes more sense to me than a saboted high velocity slug which will blow right through the animal at 70 yards leaving no blood
  7. Bucks are not on lockdown my hunting partner and I have about a dozen text cams across nj and bucks are actually feeding with doe again.
  8. Cool post some pics I have only heard of one youth in ny and one in nj that has gotten one
  9. In order to shoot antlerless deer during 6 day you need a permit shotgun zone permit for the area and also you need to read the regulation set for the area you are hunting to make sure doe hunting is permitted during 6 day. Not all areas allow doe hunting on 6day. This season is a buck season but doe hunting is allowed in some zones provided you are in possession of the permit shotgun zone permit.
  10. Let's see some pics of the youth day bucks!!!!!!
  11. My first buck in NY state with rifle at left and a nj 2013 shotgun buck at right
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