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  1. My buddies and I have several bucks that have now dropped one side and a couple with both sides gone. Others are still holding ,but if you kill a nice buck be careful handling the antlers !
  2. I had a very good season. I hunted every day except Friday. Killed a seven point at noon on Monday that cam in with a smaller buck and four does. They came running into the hardwoods I was watching yet there had been no shooting .I realized why after shooting the buck. They were being chased by a sow with two cubs. I did not go back out after dragging the buck out that day. The next morning I saw several does and a small buck , but did not shoot. I found that the bears cleaned up my gut pile ,including the stomach contents. I went back in at 2PM and had eleven deer come in . The little buck wandered off and then came running back then the whole herd took off . A couple minutes later a bear appeared , sniffing where the guts had been. The next morning a bear came into my bait and laid down shoveling whatever corn he could reach into his mouth. He would lay for ten minutes ,get up ,take a couple steps and lay back down gorging himself. Some deer came up the hill ,saw the bear and took off. That evening when I came back I saw another big herd of does but they were very spooky and would not come to the bait. I think the bears in the area has them on edge. Saturday morning I only saw a few deer at a great distance and they busted me as I was opening a thermos for a warm drink as I was freezing my butt off. I left the stand at 9 AM. I came back for the evening hunt at 2PM. At 4 PM a button buck came into the bait at 4:30 the button buck looked up the hill past me and was staring intently at something. I turned my head and saw movement ,but I was 100 yards away and I could only see the white tip of a reddish tail. I thought it was red fox that I had been seeing daily. Moments later a large buck stepped out from behind a tree. I could see a rack with my bare eyes, but when I raised my binoculars I gasped . It was a very large buck ! I lifted my Savage 220 picked an opening in front of the buck and when he stepped in , I squeezed off the shot. The buck dropped in his tracks and never got back up as the 2-3/4" AccuTip did its job. Now I had to walk nearly 3/4 of a mile back to the car, get out of my heavy clothing and grab the Jet Sled. I was quite worried about a bear being on the deer when I got back ,but luckily there was not. An hour later I was art the vehicle ,drenched in sweat but quite happy.
  3. I notice no bears have been shot in Hunterdon during six day. I am hunting a Hunterdon County Park where only deer can be shot . I have seen bears every day a sow with two cubs spooked a herd of deer to me on Monday. I killed a seven point from that herd. Bears cleaned up the gut pile overnight, but a bear came in sniffing that area Tuesday evening. I think the same bear laid down in my corn bait this morning for over an hour. I have a bear permit for this zone but can not shoot them on the park ! There is an age old question that is answered at the 50 second mark on this video ! DSCN2221.MOV
  4. We had a buck in my area that lived for several years wih one leg completely gone. They are tough animals !
  5. njdeerhunter54

    Caught 1

    With the way that deer was stressed the meat is going to be horrible ! You certainly did him a favor by dispatching him .
  6. Was this on private property ? Is it property where people are allowed to hunt ? The guy could have got spooked if he saw someone else and ran off. Zone 11 did have muzzy buck days Monday and Tuesday so if it has been there for several days it was probably shot in season. No matter ,it sucks that it was left to waste !
  7. I would not mind if they outlawed baiting. There are guys dumping full dump truck loads of corn the average hunter can not compete with that amount of bait. The deer go nocturnal knowing the food will still there in the middle of the night, it changes the natural moment patterns . Also sitting over bait is not that easy as the deer seem to always circle and scent check the bait location. They get the slightest bit of the hunter's scent and then even if they come in they are at full alert. I do bait but only lightly as everyone else around my areas are dumping tons of bait. Another problem is when feeding with corn the deer's stomach does t change over to eating woody browse so when all of a sudden the baiting stops in Winter the deer can actually die of starvation.
  8. Harvest is right on a level with last year since $0 percent of the bear range is state property. Last year there were 244 bears killed. ^0 percent of 244 = 146.4 ! So this year with 139 killed you are only a bit over 7 bear kills down. Not bad considering the weather. Lets see what happens in December. If the kill remains low there are going to be a lot of bears for next year. Maybe by then Mu rphy"s EO will be found to be illegal by the courts.
  9. Got my doe yesterday but can not hunt the spot on Sundays. Work tomorrow , but it is supposed to be a washout anyway. May get back out for a buck hunt on Tuesday .
  10. The memo from the NJDF&W was very poorly written. In one paragraph it states for First license. In another paragraph it says they can use a license prior to 2007 as proof of a previous license. If it is only for first time licensees why mention pre 2007 licenses? We tried to call the phone number at the bottom of the letter but only got a voicemail and they never returned the call . If this is only about certain license agents giving licenses to hunters who only previously holding an apprentice license or giving a firearm license to a hunter that only previously held an archery license they could have said not to do this in two sentences. Instead they confuse the issue by mentioning pre 2007 licenses and not accepting ANY green computer generated license as proof of previous license.
  11. Brian, It seems you do not understand my post. I do not know how this works if an individual goes online himself to purchase a license, but License agents can not issue a license or rifle permit without seeing a pre 2007 license or hunter education certificate ! This will probably affect thousands of people . The agent can not just use the CID from a computer generated license as proof of prior license . I know this is ridiculous but that is the word from the NJDF&W ! That is why I posted it. I am going online now to see if I can purchase my rifle permit using my CID number.
  12. I work for Shannon's Fly and Tackle in Califon. We are a license agent. Friday I received a package from NJDF&W . In the package was a letter basically stating that we can no longer issue hunting licenses or rifle permits to anyone unless they have their Hunter Ed certificate or an NJ hunting license issued prior to 2007. Any prior license that was issued from 2007 0n which are the green computer generated license are now no good for proof of prior license. In my case the Hunter Ed Certificate is from fifty years ago and I n do not know where it is. Luckily I have several old licenses from prior to 2007 so I will be ok, but this is giving you guys a heads up on this mess. I was told that this came about because some license agents issued actual hunting licenses to people who showed an apprentice license and so issued firearm licenses to people who showed only an archery license. This is going to create a big mess and a lot of pissed off people , not to mention the money the NJDF&W will lose in license fees !
  13. A friend of mine has held the typical muzzleloader buck record for quite a few years. It will be interesting if this buck beats his. It will have to score 160" or better to become the new record. Congrats to this hunter for an amazing buck !
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