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  1. njdeerhunter54

    Another bruiser from zone 7

    A friend of mine has held the typical muzzleloader buck record for quite a few years. It will be interesting if this buck beats his. It will have to score 160" or better to become the new record. Congrats to this hunter for an amazing buck !
  2. njdeerhunter54

    Status Report Black Bear Management Policy

    The bear hunt is definetly working, but the liberal Democrats will find some way of twisting the results !
  3. njdeerhunter54

    Vote yes for bear hunt

    Done !
  4. njdeerhunter54

    Best short video ever made IMO

    That is great !
  5. njdeerhunter54

    Learn something every day

    I hit the rubber bungees holding down my boay cover last yeay . My beast bof a snowblower chopped them up like they were butter ! Big gravel is another story !
  6. njdeerhunter54

    "Big woods" 10pt down!

    Nice ! Congrats
  7. njdeerhunter54


    That is f"ed up ! Nailing into your trees , he has a huge set of balls .
  8. njdeerhunter54

    Bear Meat

    As for the chops or steaks ,simpler is better. When you try to get fancy or cover up the flavor it is not as good. Just season (I like Montreal Steak Seasoning ) and throw it on the grill. when I got my first Jersey bear a few years back ,the NJDF&W handed out a recipe pamphlet. We tried some of those recipes and they were horrible !
  9. One jerk with a crossbow ,hunting in backyards shoots a white dog with a collar on it and it is going to affect all hunters ! If he really mistook that dog for a coyote he should not be able to be in the woods with a weapon ! Why don't they just enforce the existing regulations ? I understand "Tonka " was seen off leash on many occasions !
  10. We need a State Police Trooper or Conservation Officer with a big set of balls to arrest Lesniak and charge him with hunter harassment, because that is all this is !
  11. njdeerhunter54

    2017 bear season. lets see them.

    I got one in the archery season and another in the firearm season. Nothing big but I figured this was the last NJ bear hunt for at least four years !
  12. njdeerhunter54

    Big Bear Shot Yesterday

    Congrats to Garret on a very nice bear, and so late in the season !
  13. njdeerhunter54

    Nocturnals Only

    I am getting plenty off pics of small bucks and does during daylight. The shooter bucks are all at night. This will change as the pressure lightens up hopefully. If your area is still seeing a lot of pressure it will not change. As hard as it may be , not visiting your stand or camera for a while may help. The deer know if you or any other human has been around by ground scent. They avoid areas where they smell people and find areas with no human scent. Think the thickest ,nastiest stuff around !
  14. njdeerhunter54

    6 Day Buck Down

    Very Nice ! Congrats.
  15. njdeerhunter54

    Pre-snow success...

    Congrats, Nice buck !