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  1. Great guy selling the packs. I purchased the lumbar pack and it was perfect. His prices are very fair on some quality packs. Tater1973
  2. Farmshine- real men don’t shoot the 6.5 Creed😂😂😂
  3. During my college years we used to canoe the stretch of water several times a year on one or two overnight stays. I have file full of information. Hit me up with a PM. FYI if the parks are still closed come early summer the camp sites will be a no go. JK
  4. mazzgolf - Montana south of Ennis in the Gravely Range (Just west of Henry's Lake). Cascades Mnts. (ID) in background. Public land, general tag and great hunting. JK
  5. First and foremost you have to remain BEAR AWARE when your in bear country. Not sure if your looking to do multiple day DIY or just in and outs. Being aware and not be stupid has probably saved my butt more times than I care to know when I have been in the backcountry. Whatever you decide on as far as caliber/make you better practice, practice, practice...Its got to be second nature getting that hand cannon out and getting it on target. Practice standing, kneeling, rolling and from your back. I hunt 90% these days out west mostly DIY for multiple days in MT, WY, NM & AZ. These areas have BIG bears & cats. Mind you that chances are better you will a cure for this virus before you ever have a run in with a large predator. I carry exclusively on my chest with a Gunfighters Inc. Kenai holster. Gun is always with me in reach and doesn't affect my movements. But you have to PRACTICE!!! I run a Smith & Wesson .460 and a Glock 20 10MM. In areas that I know are heavy with Griz I run the .460. GOOD BEAR AMMO IS A MUST. Stay Bear Aware, carry bear spray & a BIG BOOM HAND CANNON (if your proficient). IF you want to chat shoot me a PM. Joe K.
  6. Why did your guy stain the horns? Great ram. Did Aoudad a few years ago in South Texas, Glass Mnts.
  7. Thanks all who looked. All boots are spoken for. JK
  8. Woody 13’s spoken for. Woody 12’s still for sale. JK
  9. Arctic Sport boots have been spoken for. Woody Sports still available. Tater1973
  10. Before I return the boots because they just don’t fit right, I figured why not pass on the savings to somebody else. I really like the quality but I need a 12 1/2 which Muck does not offer. The following two pairs were purchased off of Camofire last week. The retail price from Muck directly was $200. I am selling them for the Camofire price that I paid $89.99. The model is Woody Sport All-Terrain Hunting Boot - Size 12 & 13, both NIB. The third pair I purchased in November from Tractor Supply for my annual Ohio Archery hunt. I wore them for only one morning hunt and they are too tight. Wiped them off and put them back into the box when I returned home. Purchase price was $160 and I can’t return them. Seeing how used boots are hard to sell I’m asking $75 for the pair. The model is Arctic Sport Extreme Conditions Sport Boot - Size 12, LNC. Located Stockton, Hunterdon County. Can meet along the way to Bordentown. PM’s will be answered in order received. Thanks for looking, Tater1973
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