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  1. Bonefreak - Thanks for the recommendation. Have already been in touch with his son Roger about the hunt. Hope you doing well, JK
  2. Rocky - Think Canada would take Paul on trade and let us go?
  3. Sako76 - sounds like you had a great time...driving seems better every day
  4. Hunting with Black Ridge Outfitters, Kings Point, Newfoundland
  5. Heading up to Newfoundland in 2020 for a moose hunt with three other hunters. At this point in the time, the plan is to drive up from NJ. For the NJW&W members who have hunted in Newfoundland I'm looking for tips on travel. Specifically, did you drive or fly? Any tips on keeping travel costs down or any other information would be appreciated. This hunt is not the first rodeo for the four of us but is our first in Newfoundland. Thanks in advance, Tater1973
  6. Bored...nope!!! This time of year is about reflecting on past hunts and planning for the upcoming season. All about the training and shooting (bow/rifle). Can't wait for September where I'll be chasing Big Horn Sheep & Elk in Montana.
  7. Addicted to Western hunting as of late. Didn't give NJ much thought this year. Eastern Montana 8x6 mule deer DIY public land.
  8. Taking a stab in the dark in trying to locate a Fuse Carbon Blade 10" Hunter model (black preferred). If you have one and would consider letting it go let me know. Thanks in advance, JK
  9. Actually, the little monsters mate this time of year. Males dig out and go find the ladies.
  10. Bowtech factory replacement limbs come in matte black finish with no decals.
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