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  1. Day #10 - Gotta luv it when a plan comes together and regret when “ All good things come to an end”. Today was, well let’s just say PRICELESS!!! The following is how today unfolded. Over the past few days while glassing the river bottom in the morning I kept seeing the same good buck jumping a cattle fence between 6:45 & 7:00 AM. An old two-track lead up to the fence and the buck was using it to head to his daytime bed. Fast forward to todays plan...Get up extra early (3:30 AM), hike 4 miles out and around as to not spook any deer, cross the Milk River 2x’s and be tucked into the
  2. 💥BIG Mule Deer Down💥 Story & Pics in a few...have work to do now!
  3. Hunt #9 - Today was a weird day in Montana. The smoke from the western fires blocked the sun and keep temps low. A good wind made stalking a go. I was able to get on several deer but none were what I was looking for. I have a plan for tomorrow and if it works and a deer I’ve been watching keeps his routine...Enjoy today’s pics! Incredible sun rise with all the smoke! Coyotes here eat well too... Good luck is always welcome! For you bird hunters...Sharptail A few ladies... Can you spot the two does? Creepy bug
  4. Day #8 - Today was the slowest so far for deer and deer activity. Hot temps, no wind, smoke in the air from CA/WA and every step makes a loud crunching sound. I hiked in the dark back into the bad lands in the hopes I’d catch deer headed to bed. The plan worked as I glassed 5 good bucks work their way into a nearby drainage. I worked my way closer to discover they were no where to be found. Tried a new location this afternoon but found very little sign. Hope tomorrow bring better news. Enjoy the pics. MT Big Sky sunrise...priceless! Set up in an ambush spot but
  5. Day #7 - First and foremost I want to say a prayer for all the Americans who lost their lives 19 years ago on this tragic day. Next, good luck to everyone who will be hunting tomorrow in NJ. Today was a day I want to forget! I decided to get up an hour earlier and hike up above the deer that have been using the river bottom at night. Glass from high to locate bucks and hope that the bucks that have been using the badlands to bed do it again. WELL..I broke a golden rule, “when you see antler tips draw your damn bow”!!! Glasses several bucks down in the river bottom. Then at 72
  6. Day #6 - Early update today. I couldn’t ask for a better day of hunting. Fog covered the river basin so glassing was limited. I headed to the Bad Lands with a plan. Meet the rancher who owns all the property around where I am hunting. You know your not in NJ when after a hand shake and a great conversation the opportunity to hunt 17,000 acres was a reality💥! Fast forward to 10am. With my new gained permission I am able to access the BLM land that I have been hunting with ease, no more 15+ mile days. Headed to a promising drainage and was covered in deer. Sat on three good mule deer bu
  7. Hunt #5 - Today was a long day with ups and downs but I felt that I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. The day started with a tire issue on two of the four new tires I purchased prior to the hunt. The side walls were splitting. The local tire place got me up and running in no time and I will as off hunting. My main issue is that I’m not SLOW enough when it matters. These deer are wired to pick out any movement. So today I hit the Bad Lands with the intention of getting close to deer. I actually caught a great 5x5 in his bed at 22 yards but no shot was available. I also stalked in
  8. Day #4 - Man, it was one for the books. I was in the ball game all day...and then I went 0 for 4. Located to super bucks near the Milk River and had 4 awesome stalks. Took most of the day but in the end no deer were harmed. This type of hunting is so addicting!!! But I am getting closer to sealing the deal... Enjoy todays pics... Speed Goats Some of the mule deer I located today. Video of one of the big boys. IMG_5906.MOV Montana Frog!
  9. Day #3 - Uneventful day due to the rain here last night and into the morning. If you know anything about this part of Montana after a good rain you dare not travel any road that isn’t blacktop. The “gumbo mud” here is crazy stuff. Not going to lie but I needed the extra rest after the last few days of travel, scouting and hunting. Temps are dropping like a rock. It was 94 here on Saturday and lows tonight around 24. Spent the day glassing from the truck and located a few good bucks. Hope to have better news tomorrow. Pics from today. Doe way up on hill top. Brown spot below fence
  10. Day #2 of hunting was, let’s just say very humbling. The big issue was too many deer at the wrong time. I decided to hit the Badlands and see if I could locate and stalk a good buck. Left the truck at first light with a 4 mile walk ahead of me. My plan was as to hunt BLM and target drainages that had harvested fields near by. The trick is to stay out of sight by walking down the middle of the table top separating two drainages. Get to the upper portion and dive in undetected. Deer 100 Me 0! I was getting picked off left and right. Had two stalks on great deer ruined by a spoiler I cou
  11. Opening Day Archery 9/5 - AM hunt was awesome but frustrating! Glassed a group of 4 bucks at first light and watched them for 2 1/2 hrs as they made there way up into the Badlands to bed. One of the bucks was just what I’m looking for. I took the round about way to try and locate them before they disappeared (see my truck way below). And I mean disappeared!!! They literally mine themselves beds in the sides of the badlands which they have used for 100’s of years to make their own shade. 3 .1 miles and I was lucky to catch one of the bucks feeding above a little drainage.
  12. Zero Archery hunters so far...be surprised if I do. Only hunters I have seen are hunting prairie birds which opened on the 1st.
  13. 9/4 - Day two of locating potential deer for the Saturday 9/5 Archery Big Game opener here in MT was awesome. I was able to locate the buck I saw yesterday and found two other great deer. Incredible how the first light sun makes them glow. Spent the bulk of the morning finding a way to cross the famed Milk River. Then found a way to approach the bucks where they are bedding undetected ( about a 2 1/2 mile approach). Can’t wait for tomorrow morning to have the bow on my pack. JK
  14. NJW&W Crew - Hit the road two days ago and arrived in Montana without incident. DIY Spot & Stalk mule deer on public land around Malta, MT. Will keep you updated with daily posts/pics. Season opens Saturday... 9/3 - First morning of scouting was a pleasant surprise. Located one possible and one definite deer to keep an eye on. BIG country, awesome views and great people.
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