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  1. I’ve been chasing elk pretty much every year since 2003. Depends on what your expectations are as far as quality of animal or experience? Each Western state will have a different set of rules to acquire tags. If you have deep pockets then the sky’s the limit as far as landowner or outfitters tags in most Western states. I started with Outfitter drop camps and a few fully outfitted hunts. Now I do DIY unless I draw a coveted tag in states such as AZ, NM and Utah. I’m actually headed to MT on Tuesday for 12 days or mule deer & then 12 days of elk hunting with the bow. Shoot me a PM and I can try to shed some light on the Western game.
  2. Make sure you thoroughly understand the license/permit process in WY. As a non-resident you must apply through the draw first. OTC tags are only available after the draw, usually are limited in amount and are unit specific. Leftover/OTC tags are usually in Units that have limited access (Private Land). Good Luck.
  3. The concept is pretty simple and I have been using the nose button for two years now. I switch between a hand held and wrist release often and the nose button keeps me in line with my peep and sight housing. I did find that it has helped in tightening up my groups at longer range. Just my $00.02.
  4. My 2020 Ohio Archery buck has the same rack structure. Local hunter sent me cam pics of his growth from the summer and antlers were growing like that from the start (no injury). Gives them great character. Congrats on a great deer.
  5. Montana all the way. 4 years and counting...buying in Flathead County up by Whitefish/Glacier. Just waiting for the right property.
  6. Congrats. Yes, indeed you have in your possession a coveted tag. Hope the elk receive good moisture this spring (during antler growth) because they went into winter in bad shape due to the severe drought last summer, fall and winter. "BIG" bulls will be far and few between unless they get rain. Good luck!
  7. Great memory there!
  8. 🦌 Great news! Checked the draw results and I’m headed West again this fall. Good news is I will bring you guys along by posting daily hunts from the High Line of Montana. Wait it gets better...I’m also bringing a newbie along for the adventure this year. I’ll keep his identity a secret until we get out West. It will be his first experience out West and I know he’ll have a great experience chasing mule deer and elk DIY with the bow. Now the preparation begins!!! * I remember a few members wanted me to do a follow up on how I approach, plan and hunt out West DIY. It would be easier if members who had specific question ask them here and I’ll try to answer the best I can. Thanks in advance, JK*
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Five of us were booked for moose in New Foundland last year and bumped to this year. Guess it will remain a bucket list into the future.
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