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  1. Well thank you very much for checkin` it out Live to Hunt......... glad you liked it. I gotta feelin` `ol Tom Turkey is gonna like it as well!
  2. HAHAHA! Alright! Thanks LPJR!
  3. Hiya NJW&W Guys & Gals - hope you all are doin` well - Figured you all might enjoy seein` what I made from that Gobbler I shot a couple weeks ago... Just click the link below & watch the short Video; http://adventureswithken.com/ken-beams-wingbone-turkey-call/
  4. They say "Wind from the east fish bite the least" ..........ya know what I say? Hmmmmmmm....."They" must not of had a 'Yak!.....haha
  5. Hiya Gang.....Figured you all might get a kick out of this one....... Was out & about scoutin` some possible turkey huntin` areas with my good buddy Jeff Van Nest this afternoon........ walkin` along this pond, I spotted this behemoth monster lurkin` in the swampy water........ And this was one of those times that I tended to get a bit extreme....So I jumped off the bank into the swampy muck & wrangled with the big devil!!! He was pretty pissed off as you can see! Probably weighed easily between 50-60lbs! Biggest Snappin` Turtle I ever latched onto! He was gonna be taken a ride to the man that makes the best turtle soup in New Jersey, Art Landon........ but he was out shad fishin` & didn`t pick up his phone...... So I put the monster Snapper back to fight another day.
  6. Hey thanks much Live to hunt....... apppreciate ya takin` the time to check it out.
  7. Thanks a lot rgw
  8. Thanks for checkin` it out Buschman