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  1. Well, now....... How `bout that Gang? Got a call Thursday afternoon from NBC News......*Turn up your speakers & click the pic below to hear her call. **If you listen to the call, she just wants content in regards to the environmental effects on Lake Hopatcong & asked if she could use some of my ice fishing footage. That`s all. It`s not a segment on ice fishing. This Lady is doing a story on the environmental effects at Lake Hopatcong and wanted to use part of one of my ice fishing videos for footage. Hell probably won`t be much footage, but she said it would air this Sunday Sept. 15th at 8am. *Click the link below to here her call; *Now this was a pretty interesting story that aired this on NBC News’ Sunday TODAY this morning 9/15...... Ohhhhhh yea...... ya might recognize some guy that wears a Coonskin Hat when he ice fishes at around 2:15 in the clip! hahaha!~ Hell like I said, didn`t expect too much but thought it was awfully cool of NBC to reach out to me! Ken- 20190915_110858.mp4 NBC-mp4.mp4
  2. Hey Joeybeets - I saw what you wrote earlier, " Awesome Ken, I just dug out my first new bow a 80’s Hoyt eclipse super slam I bought myself with money I saved from 2 paper routes. Great shape but the strings need to be replaced. Going to look for the arrows now. Wife is asking what I am doing?? See what you started!!! It’s all good. 😎 AND I thought it was AWESOME buddy-boy!!!!!
  3. ???...........Not quite sure what that means exactly............. but ok
  4. Thanks very much 3Blade............hell....... I was thinking most guys on here would be like.........."Who the hell still has their first bow??"
  5. Well there ya go Lunatic! Like I said in the video, I just can`t use a release...........
  6. Indeed there is in my book as well Bonefreak............ Best of luck to you as well!
  7. Hey thanks mazzgolf - Yea that is the original string & cables......... nothin` wrong with them at all. I have shot the bow at least 60 times in the last few days. No worries..........at all. Good to go!
  8. Whelp I have not hunted with a Bow and Arrow since suffering that massive heart attack three years ago…….. and now I`ve decided give `er hell and have a go at it. I`m an old-school Bow Hunter and for the life of me, I cannot get comfortable using a Bow Release, as I have always shot with my fingers. So I dug out my very first Compound Bow that I ever bought in 1982 when I was 19 years old! This relic of a Bow, has not seen daylight in over 30 years! *Watch me re-fletch arrows and actually shoot this 37 year old Bow that has been put away since 1982! **Click the link below to watch this cool, little Video that I shot; https://adventureswithken.com/bringing-back-the-80s-watch-ken-beam-dust-off-his-37-year-old-bow-from-1982-nj-bowhunting/ Good luck to all of you this deer season! Be safe Ken-
  9. Hiya NJW&W Gang - Thought you all might like to check out my latest adventure in Jersey - *Click this link below to read all about it & to see more pics! https://adventureswithken.com/nj-flathead-fishing-adventure-night-moves-on-the-delaware-river/ Hope this finds all of you guys and gals doing well! Ken-
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