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  1. Well here ya go Gang, the last of my "Winter Projects" - figured you all might enjoy seeing these; *Click the link below to see/read all about them; https://adventureswithken.com/the-jersey-bird-and-chief-turkey-wing-my-winter-projects/ Hope you`re all doin` well! Thanks for checkin` it out - Ken-
  2. Hey thanks Buschman, as always, I really appreciate you checkin` it out.
  3. Indeed it was TroutandBucks!!!!! HaHaHa! My buddy was pissed to say the least!!!
  4. Howdy NJW&W Gang ~ Hope this finds all of you well. Well....... been playin` on the Hard Water a bit the last few weekends and thought you might like to read about and see what I`ve been wranglin` up lately; **You can click this link if you`d like to read about my latest "On Thin Ice" Adventure; https://adventureswithken.com/on-thin-ice-an-ice-fishing-adventure/ Thanks for checkin` it out! Ken-
  5. I use a Master Built electric smoker and love it! Easy to use....(because I sucked at using a charcoal smoker!! haha!) I love to smoke eels in the summertime in it! Deeeeeeeeeelicious! **Check out the Smoked Eels that I did here; https://adventureswithken.com/full-moon-eel-fishing-on-the-musconetcong-river/?fbclid=IwAR3j2jXtC5oDHjU76bTlCORhku5u2jWgoD03YiMgDKy1S2qEJHQMr_-K4WA
  6. Ohhhhhhhhh is that right? Well.....they might know of me.......
  7. Very Nice picture. Yes..... we do not have beagles like way back when.........but all in all, it was a great day afield with a few great Friends indeed. Thanks for reading it. Happy New Year!
  8. Is that right Tarhunt? Well that`s where I grew up......... so we just might know each other! (But I might be a little older though)
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