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  1. Howdy howdy NW&W Gang! Thought you all just might enjoy seein`/readin` about my latest Adventure. Even got a cool, little tid-bit Video on here about something cool in regards to Snakeheads......... So crank up your speakers and click this link; https://adventureswithken.com/gettin-dirty-in-the-swamps-of-jersey-snakehead-wranglin/ Hope this finds all of you well. Thanks, Ken-
  2. Howdy NJW&W Gang! Hope this finds you all doin` well! *I believe you just might enjoy reading about my "Ten Minute Deer Hunting" Adventure last Friday- Just click the link below to read all about it; https://adventureswithken.com/ended-winter-deer-season-with-my-38-year-old-bow-the-quickest-hunt-in-my-life/ Thanks for checkin` it out, Ken-
  3. Hell the weatherman called for a "balmy" 38° today....... "Good day to toss the Yak in the pond" I thought to myself. Got a late start(No no not "3:10 to Yuma"...... 3:10 to White Lake") is when I showed up. Figured that would give me `bout an hour & forty-five minutes to do a little Winter Wranglin` - And I was throwin` my "go-to-Lure" that my good friend Pat Gallagher got me started on...... a vintage "Believer" lure and man, I love these lures........ for muskies, pickerel, bass whatever! Using a very, very slow "twitch-twice, retrieve, twitch once" method, this mighty fine Winter Hawg Greenback, slowly inhaled the 7 inch Believer and became my 1st fish of 2020. As you can see, either a Eagle or Cormorant had him recently. I`m betting it was an Eagle as there are quite a few up in that area. Snapped a few pics and released the beautiful Bass back in the icy cold January water to fight another day. Ken-
  4. I had a lacerated liver but never a Biopsy............ wishing you all the best John. Stay positive.
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