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  1. Hey thanks for checkin` it out hunterbob1
  2. Hahaha!!!!!!! Thanks very much Bonefreak!
  3. That`s it.....read all about my 2019 Turkey Hunting Season - *Click the link below; https://adventureswithken.com/thats-a-wrap-2019-nj-spring-turkey-season-ends/ Thanks for checkin` it out -
  4. ???????????????????????????????....................."Maintain" it?? What do ya mean hunterbob1??? I just wear that `ol magical Hat when I need a little luck fishin! haha!
  5. Maybe I was just inkäɡˈnēdō.....Or maybe I still thought I was Turkey Huntin......Or maybe I was caught in a torrential rainstorm, gettin` pelted with heavy-ass rain/wind for three hours out in the Yak today! haha! *Either way I got out & about late in the afternoon & "Yakked"(that`s the equivalent to the term "Boated") 5 pretty nice Greenbacks. I`ll take it! *Have a good week Gang! K-
  6. That is absolutely Awesome!!! The first of many! Congrats!
  7. then the Browning ended the conversation. #GobbleGobbleBang
  8. HaHaha! Hiya LPJR - Yea....... I gotta get back into visiting this site more regularly........ just sort of got away from it(not intentionally)..... Yea that Rattler situation wasn`t working out too well with Sharon.........She was pretty upset as to how close I was to that monster snake(& to be honest, it was very stupid on my part as they can easily strike half the distance of their body length. And he was easily 4.5-5feet long......lucky I didn`t get whacked in the face actually) ----- As we eventually got away from it, my buddy Curt looked at her and said, "I gotta tell you something Sharon....... I`ve known that crazy son-of-a-bitch a long, long time........ & trust me when I say this..... If you weren`t here, things would`ve turned out "differently" one way or the other. But he would`ve grabbed that god damn snake. 100%"
  9. Hahaha! Thanks Partner!
  10. And if ya have a change of heart & want to sell it, I just might be interested.........as I have a hankerin` for shootin` freehand & without an arrow-rest............ You can message me here or email me at [email protected] Thanks -
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