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  1. T10R4

    My Dog Passes On

    Sorry, I know your pain...
  2. T10R4

    A Text That You Don't Want To See.

    Thoughts and prayers...
  3. T10R4

    Question for the trappers

    I was getting $5 coon carcass with feet on (wanted to make sure I wasn't throwing in a cat) and $1 per muskrat. $2 per possum...
  4. T10R4

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    Sounds like a lot of the old Jersey boys set roots in Colorado...
  5. T10R4

    Need To Check My Camera More Often

    So let's get ready for winter bow!
  6. T10R4

    Dreadlocks and wrestling

    The ref screwed up, he should have forfeited match. This is what happens when you let a 16yr old kid make the decision. I wrestled division 2 in college and would have been thrown off team if I didn't go along with the program. If you don't want to play nobody is forcing you but one important element, you must play by the rules!
  7. T10R4

    The pleasure of in laws..

    Pull those stands and write him off!
  8. T10R4

    Best Way to Cook Deer Heart

    Slice it thin, dip in flour, fry in pan with bacon & liver... We always fry the liver and heart together that way and also add wild mushrooms! Life can't get much better...
  9. T10R4

    Miss the Guy,Stevo

    Truly missed...
  10. T10R4

    CZ supreme field 28 gauge

    Good shooting! Love those 28g...
  11. Ginsburg says she won't retire for another FIVE years...
  12. T10R4

    Seared backstrap, Again!

    That looks unbelievable!
  13. Can't get enough of them...
  14. T10R4

    Prayers needed

    Prayers with you...