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  1. NJ judicial system treats car theft like shoplifting, not worth getting involved because penalty doesn't equal the crime. It doesn't matter what our laws have in print , our liberal judges have the last say!
  2. Great boat! You'll be real happy with purchase, Maycraft's are fish catching machines. I have a 2008 Maycraft, 1900 and love it.... FYI 4strokes are over-rated. you made a good choice!
  3. Thanks for the post, brought back great memories...
  4. Moose steaks with mushrooms/onions...
  5. I always thought when a horse started to overtake a make a move it was up to overtaken to yield?
  6. When I lived in Sussex County, Dominick's was our favorite! That pie looks great maybe I'll have to take a road trip...
  7. Definitely going to try! I never had luck with the legs eventually throwing out due to the toughness...
  8. Tommy (forget his last name) in Sussex county 973 670 5918 does a great job if he still has his beetles...
  9. Suburban was a good company many many years ago. I then was paying over $5gallon. Started shopping yearly for best deal (Sussex County) and one was worst then the other. Finally ended with a company delivering out of PA to NJ that was cheaper then any in NJ for many years. Town finally was going to natural gas and I moved to the shore. I now pay $20-$30 per month summer and highest just over $100 for couple months in winter, natural gas heat.
  10. Excellent, always a nice job...
  11. How many people for the $800, type of fishing, type of boat, location, etc? Price already sounds excessive. I've done private all day charters for tarpon for much less, with great results.
  12. Saturday night is prime time in AC, sometimes the Sheraton rates aren't too bad and will only cost you $8-$10 plus tip for a taxi...
  13. Yup, still have them and others if I look hard...
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