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  1. Who in their right mind voted for this dope.
  2. T10R4

    Getting A Flu Shot ?

    Please, you guys are hurting my ears! Only crazy libs and dems and crazy cults have a problem with vaccinations that prevent illness, coming up with outcrys of how vaccinations promote illness. Have we all lost our minds. Don't drink the kool-aid, get the shots! As well as pneumonia and shingles, why would you put yourself thru a potential sickness. If your too young to remember read about the polio vaccination in the 60's, it's mind boggling for me to even think we put our health in jeopardy...
  3. Didn't see needed info, were you in a stand or on the ground? What position was deer in relation to you, incoming-broadside-turning away? Pic of broad head and full arrow?
  4. No problem, FYI, middle divider is removable...
  5. PM if interested, will let it go for $100
  6. It's just not Wawa, add Quick Check, etc..., anyplace that has a convenience store and it's also in state as well as out of state. It just shows the mentality of this liberal age we are in. If most of these idiots grew up "back in the day" and experienced a good ass kickin I doubt we would be experiencing this type of behavior...
  7. T10R4

    Boaters Beware

    Only 2 weeks 5 days and the Benny's are gone and we can get back on the water!
  8. Wash with brown soap immediately and then apply baking soda with water paste, don't itch...
  9. Lightweight 33lbs, size 49wide, 28deep, 21high, fits between wheel wells of most full size pickups and many small size pkups. Excellent condition, $100 (Bought from Lion Country for $300) Seaside Park or Livingston
  10. Is this part of the NJ assisted suicide legislation???
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