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  1. It's pretty simple. You work you eat. You don't work you don't eat. " We give to those who can't and NOT to those who won't"
  2. I mix it all together in a barrel with a lid to store, works fine... Then fill a 5gal bucket when I either start or refresh...
  3. I only mix a pail at a time. I use a grub hoe to dig up a 3x3 +/-, dump mix DRY and work it into prepared bed. Rain/moisture will wet minerals and soak them in ground. If I don't get activity after 2-3 weeks I bait this site on top of minerals, I've used corn whole or scratch, apples(smashed), sweet feed, etc and I scratch it into mineral site. I wait to replenish minerals until I find digging/ scraping in site usually every 6weeks. It seems that once they start eating in ground they tend to continue with minerals. I've had some spots that they actually dig site out a few inches!
  4. I agree that the molasses is only to get and KEEP their interest. I only bait during extended bow/rut, so while the minerals are essential my main goal is their interest in staying near my stands...
  5. Believe what you want. The truth will show in years to come, we all hope your beliefs are right. I personally doubt it...
  6. I understand these were hard drugs, but just wait till this Governor legalizes weed for recreation! We will see an increase in accidents, and sadly deaths. You think we would learn...
  7. I see a lot of beaver but wife will not give me a permit!
  8. Moved to the beach, haven't trapped in two seasons now. You make my day when you post your catch. Thanks!
  9. T10R4

    Another Brother Shot

    God Speed Brother...
  10. T10R4


    The only "State of Emergency" in NJ is this governor! Now, every time we get a hint of snow it's a SOE. It's just a way to cover up his lack of ability to run the state. Never heard of such bull, keep all traffic off road and we can clear the roads. He blows the first storm out of the box and now it's a SOE every time the wind blows... Just take responsibility, I was elected to my position by Jersey A-holes and I don't have an inclination how to run this state!
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