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  1. T10R4

    Prayers needed

    Prayers with you...
  2. T10R4

    Deciding when it's time

    It's been 6 yrs, not a day goes by I don't think of him, only you will know when it's time...
  3. T10R4

    Maine Moose Down(pic heavy)

  4. T10R4

    Hen of the Woods mushrooms

    Hens/Woods are my absolute favorite, next time you fry them in olive oil put over linguini, A little hot pepper and drizzle a little more oil!
  5. T10R4

    UBNJ Saddle River Hunt Lawsuit

    Rumor has it, not the first time they have messed up on one of these town cull hunts...
  6. T10R4

    Mushroom ID please..

    Definitely hen of the woods, enjoy!
  7. T10R4

    Getting overrun with coyotes

    Time to start setting the snares!
  8. T10R4

    Buck Down

    Congratulations, nice buck!
  9. T10R4

    Maine bound

    Best of luck!!!
  10. T10R4

    Maine Moose down 2018

    Up at 3:30am Monday morning to meet our guide who scouted area since previous Thursday . He found several Bulls in area near my camp one being what he thought was close to 50in and had pics. We went after him first, it was 22degrees at 5am perfect morning very still. Called to 9am with no results. Moved to several different areas with same results. I have to admit I have a new respect for moose, hardest hunt I've ever been on. I've hunted north woods of Maine since I was a kid but running the ridges, crossing bogs and tramping thru the swamps really caught up with me this time. By late afternoon my guide saw I was dragging and asked where i wanted to sit until dark. We went back to starting point and he started calling we immediately got a response from several directions, guess full moon had they laying late in day, by 6pm he showed himself in bog. 338c barreled him over from 200yds, but needed backup from my son with 30.06c as well as several more rounds to keep him down. You definitely don't want to let them run back into the deep woods. Live weight approx 1100lbs. It turned out to be same the 50in possible bull we were after at first light. We had additional 2 friends paralleling us all day as well as another friend waiting with trailer. 3 hrs later now 9pm he was hanging on pole...
  11. T10R4

    Maine Moose down 2018

    No outfitter involved...
  12. Trip of a lifetime! Moose taken on Monday afternoon, I was with my son and longtime friend and Maine guide... 48in spread 849 lb dressed
  13. T10R4

    Maine Moose...

    I'll be heading back up for deer season on October 29...
  14. T10R4

    Maine Moose...

    Camp not on the lake, go deep into woods at elbow and camp actually located on the Blackwater River.