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  1. I always dropped off, it wasn't a bad drive, their # is 973 779 8600 give them a call,
  2. Tubari ltd Tannery, Passaic NJ
  3. Or you could just ask for a Taylor ham, egg and cheese w/spk tomorrow for breakfast, never know what will happen...
  4. Start seeds on March 19, St. Joseph's Day. Transplant after last frost, differs by weeks all depends on your location.
  5. My wife's father fought in Iwo Jima, Guadal, and other major invasions. We are so proud of his service, he passed at age 96. One tough man. RIP Dad. Semper Fi
  6. 2008 Maycraft CC 1900, 115 evinrude, excellent condition, located in Seaside Park, I'm looking for $18 but willing to talk. PM me if interested.
  7. Do not pay him a dollar! I'd also bet it was him who took the wood as ash this time of year is a cash crop. Tell us his name
  8. Thank You for your service, God Bless...
  9. Just another POS...
  10. Thoughts and prayers for a true American...
  11. Saw ur post and tried it tonite, used Ballantine Ale, unbelievable good! Many thanks
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