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  1. Good condition, pick up in Livingston...
  2. Thanks for sharing, brought back so many memories of my own daughter who is now 44 yr. old, it goes by so quick, cherish lifes times...
  3. T10R4


    Great looking boat, best of luck!
  4. Heading to Livingston area on Wednesday, I'll transport if anyone interested...
  5. E-Z two dog kennel for sale, lightweight 33lbs, 49wide x 28deep x 21 high, excellent condition. $150 located in Seaside Park (sells for $300 from lion country), fits between the wheel wells of most full size pickups, and many small pickups.
  6. last I heard Lab's were still considered a retriever breed. Indian Creek breeds and trains Lab's as well as pointers, and about his pricing one of the most economical and best training you could ever find...
  7. Indian Creek Kennels, Hardyston NJ, Garry Malzone...
  8. NJ judicial system treats car theft like shoplifting, not worth getting involved because penalty doesn't equal the crime. It doesn't matter what our laws have in print , our liberal judges have the last say!
  9. Great boat! You'll be real happy with purchase, Maycraft's are fish catching machines. I have a 2008 Maycraft, 1900 and love it.... FYI 4strokes are over-rated. you made a good choice!
  10. Thanks for the post, brought back great memories...
  11. Moose steaks with mushrooms/onions...
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