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  1. Going to get together with a few friends this weekend for what is know as the "World's Biggest Oldies Festival" that starts tomorrow. Going to take the Chevelle like we have done the past several years (except for last year as it was cancelled due to Covid)... If you have never went or experienced it before, it truly is something to see. Especially the original 50's groups still singing oldies on stage. Always a great time.... Will post up pics on this thread from the show... Link attached below. http://www.leadeast.net/schedule.html
  2. I believe they are adjustable for left and right handed use. Attached a link below for the Barnett crank... https://www.barnettcrossbows.com/universal-ccd
  3. Negative. Which was the reason for the beast mode/built 327 with fuelie heads out of a '68 Vette I had installed years ago....
  4. LPJR

    Who remembers?

    Wow! I THINK i remember these!! Good call Bob!
  5. The new radial T/A's arrived last week and just had the new SS rims mounted and balanced. Route 6 tires on 206 next to Stokes Sport Shop is second to none and the owner Moe does all of my family's vehicles there. Going to save to have the bodywork done, lots going on right now...Hoping to take the Chevelle with friends to LEAD EAST in Par Troy coming up. Always a great time. Some wheel pics below... https://www.facebook.com/route6tires
  6. 0.9 seconds https://www.moultriefeeders.com/xv-6000
  7. LPJR

    Who remembers?

    Creepy Crawlers! Loved them Rick... Vintage complete sets are going for @$200-$300 on Ebay
  8. At first it looks like a crow giving a critter a ride. Not sure....
  9. LPJR

    Who remembers?

    Easy if you grew up in the 70's..... Post up what brings you back when you were a kid....
  10. Welcome to the site Blood Trail.. The rounds you made look great 👍
  11. Matt, please put myself and my son Christopher down for both team and individual entries. Thanks
  12. Saw this setup recently and thought it was pretty cool. The owner said he just installed it and they are planning to use it with his beach permit in Long Island.
  13. Something wrong with you. Like Jack said, go back to brewing beer.
  14. LPJR

    2nd career

    Best of luck brother. Great time for selling homes now..... You done in 25 or 30?
  15. No way. I have never shot a fawn and never will.
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