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  1. Had originally planned costal Carolina south of Moorehead City but friends and my wife now have me thinking Eastern Tennessee on a lake.
  2. I have been out about 4 days past week in Zone 10 and it has been super slow. Haven't seen them chasing around in the fields or by the roads either when driving. Hoping its just the weather and this gets going but upcoming week isn't looking good.
  3. Out in 10, it was dead this morning. Not what I was hoping for.
  4. Out in 10 this morning till 11 am. Saw 6 doe and heard no shots.
  5. Had to get out early for funeral. In zone 10, before a snow storm, on Saturday of 6 day firearm and I heard Two shots all morning. 2 shots!
  6. Haven't even heard a shot yet
  7. Nice rack, he is a shooter.
  8. I almost left this summer but decided to wait until my youngest finished HS, so I'm here for another five years for her. As soon as she is off to college I'm out, I can't see the benefit to staying. The property tax savings per year plus lower cost for housing in Carolinas is hard to pass up. I get to fish the wife gets the sun.
  9. Headed out this afternoon in zone 10.
  10. Just fired it up for the first time this season.
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