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  1. Nice job Larry! Way to put in the time-Ray
  2. Glad Im not the only one here scratching my head over this. Applied online through the NJSP per my PD's requested new way. Received 4 emails from the NJSP within the first 5 days. Approvals, criminal history, references etc. all went well. Local PD wanted all copies received from NJSP. Dropped everything off without a problem on day 7. Paid my $2.00 to local PD and they stated they needed no further from me. Im currently sitting day 22 without another word or any form of communication. I was semi optimistic the first week, but not so much now.
  3. I have someone before you that requested them. Right now they are sold pending pickup. Thanks
  4. (02) Long sleeve Carhartt Shirts XL. One is Camo and the second is grey with "Time to earn that buck" on the back. Camo shirt was never worn and the grey one was worn once. They ended up being too big for me. $20.00 for both. Live in Toms River, but work up in Union
  5. Hoyt Super G Bow with accessories. $50.00 firm. Bow is perfect for someone just starting out or it can be used as a spare. Bow is in great condition and served me well. Weight- 50-70, Length- 29, String- 101.5, BC-37.0. Bow is in a camo soft case and comes with a camo release. Also included: (06) Beman IES 400 Arrows. One has a field tip, other 5 have muzzy's. They are in the kwiver that can be placed onto the bow. Additional items included, (06) CAE Carbon Arrows with field tips, bow string wax and extra muzzy tips. Arrows are 30" full length with tips. Live in Toms River, but also work in
  6. I paid $200, the others I called in Ocean County ranged from $150-175 a cord
  7. Im in Toms River and called 5 places. 3 got back to me saying they were sold out and the other 2 I never heard back from. I ended up getting a cord from Pharaohs out of Monmouth County. The guy called me back right away and then delivered it the next day. The wood was seasoned and a generous cord was delivered. I have been burning it for a month now with no issues.
  8. Made the change myself, back to the newbie status.
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