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  1. I was hoping when he crossed in front of my cam it would catch me in the pic also. Can probably say I won't get too many pics like this ever!
  2. Bbadrinath

    Tag soup?

    We all talk about "tag soup" or getting skunked! I guess technically I'm in that group also, but I think sometimes we "tag out" just with the experiences of being outdoors. I had an opportunity to fill my tag last Saturday but decided to just live in the moment and enjoy the scenario. I had a decent 8 come in at 29 yards, could of shot him there, or in 3 more situations as he meandered in my area for about 15 minutes. It's tough because I hunt public property that gets driven hard during 6 day. Letting the young ones walk sometimes is difficult knowing this, but just maybe he will be the one that makes it a couple more years! Anyway, I didn't fill my tag, but had a great time the limited amount of times I managed to get out this fall. This particular deer happened to pause for a photo and my stand is in view. One of my cooler trail cam pics yet!
  3. I took one out last year at the same spot as the one I just post d a pic of. I don't predator hunt but may need to start.
  4. This one is in Northern Ocean County.
  5. Kevin, sorry to hear the outcome of this scenario. As hunters/outdoorsmen we are always learning. Whether it be a shot gone bad, a successful track, or just a sit where we see nothing. There is always something to take out of a hunt. I hope you use this situation to learn from your experience. As others have said, use the remainder of the season to close the chapter on this deer. Use every tool in your arsenal to make this happen. You know his area, use cameras, feed, anything you can to better your chance of ending this deers pain. I also hunt zone 16 and although I was unable to help this time, please feel free to ask for help/advice in the future. I don't claim to be the best hunter or even the most successful, but I have over 30 years of experience and hopefully have some knowledge I could pass along if needed!
  6. I think he said arrow section was 15 yards from shot location.
  7. Very true. For his sake I hope not, but very possible.
  8. This! I once had an 8 pointer turn at release. Arrow hit in front of shoulder and stuck in opposite shoulder, I was 20' up,deer was at 8-10 yards. Was hunting very thick swamp, very little blood more like specks for 60 yards. Followed broken branches and leaves kicked up to find the specks. Found the deer 80 yards from shot location, it was here that there was blood everywhere. If you look at pic it would appear I got very little penetration, but was more than enough. Stay positive, get out there as soon as you can and hopefully your trophy is a short track away!
  9. I'm assuming pic you posted is shot location? Blood doesn't appear to be too dark, that could just be blood from initial contact. Any idea on where you hit the deer, behind shoulder, front of shoulder, neck, etc? Think the shot over in your head and try and re create it the best you can.
  10. Look for blood where you last saw the deer. No exit could mean internal bleeding. Tree stand?
  11. Measure up against one of your good arrow/ bolts. Could be shoulder but still can get enough penetration
  12. How much of arrow/bolt is left?
  13. I recently installed about 800sqft of flooring in my house and have another 500 to go. We went in a totally different direction. We have a late 70's colonial with a sunken family room that has large dark beams in the ceiling. A lot of our furniture has been handmade by myself and looks very rustic. We enjoy the worn in/beat up look and it fits our house well. After long deliberation we decided to go with pine flooring. The looks on people's faces when I said I wanted pine flooring was humorous. It is extremely soft, but we figured if it's gonna get beat up anyway why not sooner than later! It's not for everyone and I'm not to sure I would've gone in this direction if I had a dog, but done right in the appropriate environment it can look great! Sorry to add to the confusion just wanted to give an example from the opposite side of the conversation.
  14. Very true. Here where we are they have slowly caught up to the rest of the state. We use to just see/hear them occasionally, now it has almost become an every time occurrence where they are at least heard at last light.
  15. Haskell, this was zone 16. Lots of public land to hunt, and coyotes are numerous. My cousin and I have already began talking about a plan for the up and coming predator season. I have never considered hunting them before being that I was taught only to shoot what I intended on eating, however without any natural predators their numbers will just continue to rise.
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