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  1. I always had Yamaha dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and wanted to switch to a utv. I decided on the Mahindra Roxor after test riding and researching all the others out there. I wanted a workhorse. Its a 2019, bought it this past spring as a left over. 2.5 liter turbo diesel, 5 speed manual trans, box steel frame and everything is rhino lined. Its a beast! Stock it has 144 foot pounds of torque and can tow 3500 pounds. They start around $15k, but for the money with that engine, it should outlive me. They've been building them since 1947 with a patent from Willys overland and now build these in Michig
  2. Thanks! Not the one I was after as I'm sure you already know, but seems there is alot of new hunting pressure this year in our usually quiet area. I'll be down on the farm for permit. Hope you get after em!
  3. Just a cell phone - I have mount for it but it only mounts to the shooting rail on my climber or a few ladders I have with the rail. Walmart $20-$30
  4. Left myself wide-open for that. Very nice.. Thanks!
  5. Hey Mark, I used the crossbow. My recurve days are over till I retire in a few years and have the free time to practice. And very rarely do I even take the compound out anymore. Rick
  6. The photos were actually taken the previous day while on stand. I had given him a pass. Took alot of video as well as the still photos. I was sneaking back into that same stand the following day, when I shot him. MGHunter66 that's some detective work πŸ˜„
  7. With this wet weather on the way to close out the fall bow season, I slipped in along a swamp edge to take this buck yesterday afternoon, where I knew he was locked in on a hot doe. I was on foot, it happened fast, was a quick fun hunt! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
  8. Sent 7 down from Pope John. Have 3 in the finals and one more still wrestling back for 3rd this morning.
  9. 100% of the guys on here have the luxury of hunting more than one location/spot/ treestand. There are thousands of acres of public land that hold mature bucks. There is also access to thousands of acres of private land if you're willing to put in the effort and or the multiple rejections when asking for permission. However there are still landowners willing to allow the right person on their property, but you have to put in the effort. For the original question.. I have year round mineral sites on all of my hunting properties and feed deer all year long on my property. 6 months of just co
  10. Funny you should mention this, as I know these bucks as well, and noticed a guy carrying corn into that piece of stateland yesterday.
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