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  1. Red-tail

    Raptor Quiz

    I did keep him and fly him, but I recently released him. Flying longwings is not really for me, but I gave it a try.
  2. Red-tail

    Raptor Quiz

    I am a state and federally licensed falconer. NJ was allotted 5 passage peregrine permits last year & I was lucky enough to get one of the 5.
  3. Red-tail

    Raptor Quiz

    Passage peregrine, great picture! This is a passage peregrine I trapped in Cape May this past year.
  4. Red-tail

    Today's Raptor Pictures

    Golden Eagle. It's that time of year, love is in the air! The NJ Falconry Club had their annual winter field meet last weekend in Swedesboro, lots of resident adult red-tail pairs out harassing the falconry birds.
  5. Red-tail

    South Jersey Falconry Hunt (Video)

    Yeah their are a lot of hoops to jump thru! But it is doable & totally worth it for me. They say that falconry is the most regulated field sport in America.
  6. Hi All, I thought some people might enjoy this short video clip of our latest hunt. It was shot with a GoPro so it isn't up close or professional, but it gives a good idea of how our hunts go. My apprentice & I both took rabbits on this day. We are both flying passage female red-tails that we trapped in early September. Dave
  7. Red-tail

    Today's Raptor Quiz

    JH, I agree with Little M, first one is an adult Red Shoulder (beautiful birds), Second is an adult Harris. LittleM is correct on mine, immature female Peregrine Falcon (trapped on the beach in Cape May).
  8. Red-tail

    Today's Raptor Quiz

    Sorry, I couldn't contain myself! Give this one a shot.
  9. Red-tail

    Today's Raptor Quiz

    Immature Red-Tail hawk.
  10. Red-tail

    A Different Kind of Hunting

    The Coops does look really big in that picture, what did she weigh?