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  1. Newt

    NJ snarman

    What a difference between North and South jersey
  2. I build mine into the snare,as I build the snare.
  3. Newt

    NJ snarman

    rain and wind here.
  4. How was your first day? You guys North and West of me. Did you get any snow ?
  5. For Foot hold trapping. we use a Belisle foot snare. We can own them Not use them. They will be demoed and taken back in.
  6. Even had to go to summer school for that. Did'nt have putters when I went to school
  7. What link / I'm a trapper not a puter expert. I'll call Jonesie to see if he can post the school schedule. What is IIRC ? January 18 noon till ? 8:00 -9:00 19 & 20 7:00 am till ? 8:00-9:00 when students what to quit for the day. $400.00 for the school. We feed you lunch and dinner. Feel free to call me. 609-338-7011
  8. We have only 3 openings left. If your thinking about attending this your get your deposit to me.
  9. About 6 miles north of Hammpnton on rt 206 Atsin lake you cant miss it
  10. Weather looks GREAT!
  11. Vendors usely start packing up when the NJFH meeting and auction starts. maybe 1:30-2:00 Best to get there no later than 12:30. Every vendor will still be set up. 3:00 is way too late to get there.
  12. The weather looks good.
  13. 1-no 2-Dont know if it realy makes a difference to the animals .But it makes me feel better about the set. 3-yes I do buy fur " in the round" With that said. What fur is bringing these days. Some fur is not worth what it costs me to put up. Don't look at trapping to make some spending cash. There was a time not so long ago. I payed all my bills from trapping. Then in the off season. I sold trapping supplies. Traveled the country doing Trapper Conventions.
  14. to start out this is what I recomend to my students Made sure all your cable products are made with good Korean cable (not all Korean cable is up to my standards) 5/64" x 60" 1x19 $20.00 $25.00 dipped 3/32"x 72" Extension cables $20.00 Roll 14 ga wire $6.00 Hit cable cutters $28.95 8" slip joint plyers Get at any hardware store 4' catch pole $89.95( this is up to you) Master Land Snaring book $9.95 3/32" 7x7 is not a good choice in snare cable 1x19 is true snare cable Are you gona put up your own fur?