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  1. Newt

    Anyone bring their dog trapping

    You can say that again!
  2. Newt

    Anyone bring their dog trapping

    Yes, Just lost my last trapline dog Friday. The first and ONLY time he went up to the paved road. I'm having a VERY hard time of it. Lost other dogs before. But I don't ever rember their lost felt so bad. Guess they did. My dogs are my best friend. At my side all day. Even at night. Schackles, was the best trapline dog. You couldn't catch her in a snare. Did a lot of beaver and turtle work in North Carolina when I had her. Abe ,who just died Friday was very good on fox. He would pee where ever they did. I sure miss him. I'm all teared up writing this.
  3. Newt

    Made a skinning hoist

    I'v had one for years. As I grow older. THE MORE I LIKE IT
  4. Newt

    Duke dp traps

    Fell free to Call me for more details 609-338 -7011 Deposit needed send to Newt Sterling 7 Bates lane Port Republic NJ 08241
  5. Newt

    Duke dp traps

    South Jersey Trapping and Snaring School Jan 18 Noon till? 19& 20 7:00 AM - 9-10 PM its up to students Cost $400.00
  6. Newt

    First check was good

    A good coyote ,is dead coyote
  7. Newt

    NJ snarman

    What a difference between North and South jersey
  8. I build mine into the snare,as I build the snare.
  9. Newt

    NJ snarman

    rain and wind here.
  10. How was your first day? You guys North and West of me. Did you get any snow ?
  11. For Foot hold trapping. we use a Belisle foot snare. We can own them Not use them. They will be demoed and taken back in.
  12. Even had to go to summer school for that. Did'nt have putters when I went to school
  13. What link / I'm a trapper not a puter expert. I'll call Jonesie to see if he can post the school schedule. What is IIRC ? January 18 noon till ? 8:00 -9:00 19 & 20 7:00 am till ? 8:00-9:00 when students what to quit for the day. $400.00 for the school. We feed you lunch and dinner. Feel free to call me. 609-338-7011