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  1. chris90

    Goose Hunting

    Wow that is quite an offer taking out guys. Kudos to you sir!
  2. chris90

    Peasant stamp

    I purchased it in the spring when I bought my license, that's why I couldn't see it. :facepalm:
  3. chris90

    Peasant stamp

    I tried to purchase one on the division site and it is not there.
  4. chris90

    WTS: 6 Canada Goose Shell Decoys

    So does that mean you are going to make an offer?
  5. chris90

    Mossberg 500 JIC

    Pretty sure that's why it sold so fast!
  6. chris90

    Mossberg 500 JIC

  7. chris90

    WTS: 35 Boxes 12 Gauge 00 Buck

    I hear they like .223 better!
  8. chris90

    WTS: 35 Boxes 12 Gauge 00 Buck

    Never know when the Zombies are coming!!!
  9. chris90

    WTS: Pacific Calls Special Edition Goose Call

    It sure is! It is beautiful, and sounds great. Not a scratch on it, but I never use it.
  10. 6 Canada Goose Shell Decoys, in great condition. $125 located in Toms River
  11. Pacific Calls Four of a Kind Goose Call, Special Edition call number 2 of 5. Thats right only 5 of these calls made. New condition Located in Toms River, $250.00 The 4 of a Kind is our PREMIER short reed goose call. This call produces FULL HONKER sound from top to bottom making it a deadly call in the field or on the contest stage. Smooth tapered interior bores, finely tuned exhaust, and PCG broke in gut system make for an efficient and effective goose killing weapon. From the longest hails and hardest clucks to the softest moans and heavy pressure notes that make up the goose calling spectrum, it can handle it all. Our most popular goose call among staffers, guides, contest callers and customers alike! Its sure to find a spot on your lanyard.
  12. chris90

    WTS: Hoty Magic Kids Bow set.

    WTS: Hoty Magic Kids Bow set. Hoyt Magic Camo Youth Bow 20lb Weight 29 Length Includes quiver, arrows, release, soft case
  13. PSE Silver Hawk Bow, 30-45lb 23-25" draw, 3 arrows, quiver and soft zippered case. Located in Toms River. Good starter bow. $100
  14. chris90

    WTS: 35 Boxes 12 Gauge 00 Buck

    35 Boxes of Wolf 12 Gauge, 2 3/4", 9 Pellet 00 Buck. 5 Shells per box, 175 shells total. Located in Toms River, $100