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  1. I have a set of rims. 2007 f-150 I'm in Burlington county.
  2. Yes I agree with what's said about one Y permit. I tried to buy him a regular permit and OTC option was not available.
  3. Yes I got his Y permit. I tried to buy an extra and there is no option available.
  4. This new way doesn't allow you to purchase extra permits for youth.
  5. At the time we as a country should of been preparing the Democrats main concern was impeaching Trump. Democrats have done nothing for our country and take blame.
  6. Never stopped in the field. I have been checked at the check station. They were sitting in the parking lot waiting for hunters to come in.
  7. I've done several Euro's and have encountered same problem. It's just a little membrane or meat left somewhere in the skull. I put a little borax in the skull and it usually fixes the smell.
  8. Unbelievable!! When I took my daughter for her driving test my wife made copies of her birth certificate and SS card, and she was turned away. They said they need original copies. WTF
  9. I've tried most root vegetables as bait sugar beets and sweet potatoes work great. Least favorite was carrots.
  10. Congrats nice fish. I believe the law is anyone 12 and under must have life jacket on at all times.
  11. Nitelite material is very good it's just don't breath, get overheated in them. Similar to the old wick clothes.
  12. Your pic didn't work. Would like to see it.
  13. Cheyenne outfitters in bordentown as well.
  14. I have 3 Penn battle II a 4000,3000 and a 2500. Very smooth with no troubles so far going on 4th season.
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