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  1. I breasted my bird out yesterday and gave up after messing with the legs for a few minutes. If we get birds in NY this weekend, I will definitely get the legs! Thanks for the recipe
  2. Heading to the Callicoon area Thursday afternoon. The kids are looking forward to the change of scenery. Plan on turkey hunting, trout fishing and riding the quads. I'm not sure how the locals are going to feel about people from NJ coming up there, so we plan on bringing all of our food and staying out of town.
  3. Can't wait to get up there. I haven't turkey hunted in NY for quite a few years because of baseball, but I will be taking my son up this year. It's his first turkey season and we're both stoked to go.
  4. I need to make some room to make my home office more functional. Both pieces are in decent shape except for the scratches on top of the NWTF chest. I'm looking for $100 for the DU piece and $50 for the NWTF chest. I live in Somerset county but travel from Hunterdon to Mercer county on a regular basis for work. I would be willing to meet someone or directly deliver if I can make it work.
  5. I second what Bowhunter says. I used to use google drive but had an issue when adding it to a new laptop so I now use Onedrive which is free with Microsoft Office(1 TB). I run two businesses with an office at one, a home office and a good amount of traveling with work on my laptop. One drive is constantly syncing and I can access it on my cell phones as well. As far as the computers go, I have always used Dell laptops and desktops with no problems.
  6. I'll be in Callicoon with my son who just passed his test two weeks ago. We'll be up there until Sunday night and then back up for Thanksgiving.
  7. I'm not surprised. How far do you go for treatments? Send me your company info and I can send you some business. The termite guy I was using retired.
  8. I'm a home inspector, that house would most likely have a lengthy report
  9. I've got a rod that you can borrow, it's an Ugly Stick but it will most likely need new line. I will be in Green Brook for the first part of the day tomorrow if you want to pick it up.
  10. Part owner of a tire and auto repair business in Green Brook and I started a home inspection company last summer.
  11. Here's the link, but the board will most likely be too small for her, the boots are definitely too small, they're only a size 6. https://cnj.craigslist.org/spo/d/girls-snowboard-mens/6769169372.html
  12. How old is she? I have a setup that I just posted on Craigslist and FB. My daughter was 10 or 11 when she tried it out. I am in Hillsborough but travel all over as a Home Inspector.
  13. I just had a quick question in reference to the field portion of the firearm test. I may take my son next week, but he hasn't shot since last fall. Does anyone know exactly whats involved so I can possibly take him out this weekend if needed? Thanks.
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