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  1. I've got a rod that you can borrow, it's an Ugly Stick but it will most likely need new line. I will be in Green Brook for the first part of the day tomorrow if you want to pick it up.
  2. Part owner of a tire and auto repair business in Green Brook and I started a home inspection company last summer.
  3. Here's the link, but the board will most likely be too small for her, the boots are definitely too small, they're only a size 6. https://cnj.craigslist.org/spo/d/girls-snowboard-mens/6769169372.html
  4. How old is she? I have a setup that I just posted on Craigslist and FB. My daughter was 10 or 11 when she tried it out. I am in Hillsborough but travel all over as a Home Inspector.
  5. I just had a quick question in reference to the field portion of the firearm test. I may take my son next week, but he hasn't shot since last fall. Does anyone know exactly whats involved so I can possibly take him out this weekend if needed? Thanks.
  6. I'd like to try to get rid of these locally before I try the Gunbroker route. I am located in Hillsborough and I travel to Voorhees a few times per week. Matching DL and FID required. Handgun permit required for the S & W. Open to reasonable offers, please PM me with any questions. 1. Remington 1100 2 3/4 Modified 28" Barrel with extra 26" Improved Cylinder barrel. The extra barrel does have some rust-see pictures. $450 2. Browning BPS-10 Special Steel Handmade Camo Paint. I also have some steel 2 shot and T shot for it $600 3. Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum Model 629-3 Pre Lock $700 4. Browning A-Bolt 300WSM Stainless/Synthetic with Nikon 3-9 X 40 scope. It's one of the older "Made In Japan" Nikon Scopes. RCBS Dies and Box of Nosler Brass Included. See pictures for minor scratches on scope and scratch on stock $1000
  7. You do look angry in that pic! Here is a great room from Montana. The darker wolf was shot by the wife who was 8 months pregnant.
  8. Desktop computer. Windows 8 I believe. I'll see if it's easier on my phone. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  9. How do I reply with images?
  10. I have a Mathews Switchback that I'm looking to sell for $400. The bow comes with 12 Carbon Express Maxima Arrows with 4 Rage 3 blade broadheads and 2 practice heads. It's got a Trophy Taker rest, Spot Hogg Hunter Hogg it sight, Limb Saver stabilizer and Octane quiver. I also have a spare string and the original Mathews quiver that came with the bow. The arrows are 28 1/4" long. I live in Hillsborough and work in Green Brook. I can meet within a reasonable distance.
  11. 11 years ago we lost the man that got me into hunting and taught me to be the best sportsman I could be. I truly believe that he was watching over us yesterday when my daughter was in the tree stand with me. She spotted the 8 pointer that stepped out into the field before I did and she was the one that was whispering "relax dad, you got this". Unfortunately, my shot placement wasn't perfect, (totally my fault, I flinched) and there was some tracking involved, she again impressed me with her ability to get on the blood trail and stay on it for a very long distance. We ended up having to back out after bumping the deer and we decided to let him lay overnight. The deer was recovered this morning a mile from where I shot him with help from my father in law and it ended up being a true group effort. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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