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  1. jerseyelknut

    WTB - Snowboard for Daughter

    Here's the link, but the board will most likely be too small for her, the boots are definitely too small, they're only a size 6. https://cnj.craigslist.org/spo/d/girls-snowboard-mens/6769169372.html
  2. jerseyelknut

    WTB - Snowboard for Daughter

    How old is she? I have a setup that I just posted on Craigslist and FB. My daughter was 10 or 11 when she tried it out. I am in Hillsborough but travel all over as a Home Inspector.
  3. jerseyelknut

    Hunter Education

    Thanks for the info!
  4. jerseyelknut

    Hunter Education

    I just had a quick question in reference to the field portion of the firearm test. I may take my son next week, but he hasn't shot since last fall. Does anyone know exactly whats involved so I can possibly take him out this weekend if needed? Thanks.
  5. jerseyelknut

    Eastern Shore MD Lease

    What county or towns are the leases in?
  6. jerseyelknut

    Guns For Sale

    I'd like to try to get rid of these locally before I try the Gunbroker route. I am located in Hillsborough and I travel to Voorhees a few times per week. Matching DL and FID required. Handgun permit required for the S & W. Open to reasonable offers, please PM me with any questions. 1. Remington 1100 2 3/4 Modified 28" Barrel with extra 26" Improved Cylinder barrel. The extra barrel does have some rust-see pictures. $450 2. Browning BPS-10 Special Steel Handmade Camo Paint. I also have some steel 2 shot and T shot for it $600 3. Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum Model 629-3 Pre Lock $700 4. Browning A-Bolt 300WSM Stainless/Synthetic with Nikon 3-9 X 40 scope. It's one of the older "Made In Japan" Nikon Scopes. RCBS Dies and Box of Nosler Brass Included. See pictures for minor scratches on scope and scratch on stock $1000
  7. jerseyelknut

    Mathews Switchback For Sale

    Price drop $350
  8. jerseyelknut

    WTB: Browning Shotguns and Rifles

    A-Bolt in 300WSM??
  9. jerseyelknut

    Great Room Ideas

    You do look angry in that pic! Here is a great room from Montana. The darker wolf was shot by the wife who was 8 months pregnant.
  10. jerseyelknut

    Great Room Ideas

    Desktop computer. Windows 8 I believe. I'll see if it's easier on my phone. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  11. jerseyelknut

    Great Room Ideas

    How do I reply with images?
  12. jerseyelknut

    Mathews Switchback For Sale

    I have a Mathews Switchback that I'm looking to sell for $400. The bow comes with 12 Carbon Express Maxima Arrows with 4 Rage 3 blade broadheads and 2 practice heads. It's got a Trophy Taker rest, Spot Hogg Hunter Hogg it sight, Limb Saver stabilizer and Octane quiver. I also have a spare string and the original Mathews quiver that came with the bow. The arrows are 28 1/4" long. I live in Hillsborough and work in Green Brook. I can meet within a reasonable distance.
  13. jerseyelknut

    Thanksgiving buck-NY State

    11 years ago we lost the man that got me into hunting and taught me to be the best sportsman I could be. I truly believe that he was watching over us yesterday when my daughter was in the tree stand with me. She spotted the 8 pointer that stepped out into the field before I did and she was the one that was whispering "relax dad, you got this". Unfortunately, my shot placement wasn't perfect, (totally my fault, I flinched) and there was some tracking involved, she again impressed me with her ability to get on the blood trail and stay on it for a very long distance. We ended up having to back out after bumping the deer and we decided to let him lay overnight. The deer was recovered this morning a mile from where I shot him with help from my father in law and it ended up being a true group effort. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  14. jerseyelknut

    Free Youth Bibs

    Gone-pending pickup.
  15. jerseyelknut

    Free Youth Bibs

    Cabelas bibs in size Youth Small. My son has outgrown these and would like to pass them on to someone. First PM gets them, I work in Green Brook and live in Hillsborough. I can meet anywhere in between.