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  1. If I offended anyone I apologize. I removed my post. Hope you find a home for him
  2. https://abc7ny.com/food/shake-shack-testing-out-four-day-workweek/5199731/
  3. The little pond has more fish. Caught some of my biggest there.
  4. Can't wait to hear from the few libs we have on this site.
  5. Did he ever earn his in the first place?
  6. In cases like this the state should use Asset Forfeiture powers and seize the owners vehicle use in the crime and auction it off. The could install LPR (license plate readers) and track people drivekng down these roads.
  7. I have a Prime Ion and love it. Go to a shop that let's you try a few bows out. Shoot what makes you feel comfortable.
  8. I normally use a cheap headlamp that is dim when walking in so I dont spook anything.
  9. Ya. I shot it too and was impressed. If you want to check it out more stop by and see Dominick at Woodbridge Arms and Archery
  10. It is in no way entrapment. No one is putting a rifle in your hand and telling you to shoot this buck. If your and honest person this won't effect you.
  11. Lol. That's great
  12. Yes. I love mine. You can also get a Law enforcement or Military discount if that applies to you.
  13. I hope all the first responders go home to their families ar the end of the incident.
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