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  1. kenny10177

    Hunter harassment Statute

    I think most of us were supportive on this topic toward you. Axiom was the one giving you a real hard time. If your not familiar with him he is the forum troll. If you say the sky is blue he will start an argument as to why it is really orange. Just ignore him. Anyway glad to hear your situation worked out for you and your wife.
  2. kenny10177

    Venison Taco Salad

    Is it straight venison or a mix?
  3. kenny10177

    Turkey Defys Science & Turkey One OH Ome

    I never turkey hunted but was thinking about going there to practice calling. Did it work well?
  4. kenny10177

    Turkey Defys Science & Turkey One OH Ome

    Be careful or one day your neighborhood will look like this. https://youtu.be/JC2pGd-RMF4
  5. Wikipedia says " If the cowbird egg is removed, the female cowbird may destroy the host's eggs to dissuade further removals, according to the Mafia hypothesis." I know Wikipedia isn't always true but maybe it's not a good idea to remove the egg.
  6. kenny10177

    Looking for a place that kayak fish n north jersey

    I'm always looking for people to go kayak fishing with. Let me know if you ever want to head out. There is another thread called what do you paddle that I started if you want to introduce yourself there. There are also a few apps I use to find kayak spots called FishBrain and Go Paddling.
  7. kenny10177

    what to look for in a kayak

    Bass pro is having a decent sale this week on there Ascend brand. Cabelas may have the same sale. It's worth taking a look. The quality looked good when I saw them in the store. Only down side seemed to be the weight. They are heavier than most kayaks in the same category. May not be a big deal if transportation and water access is easy.
  8. kenny10177

    what to look for in a kayak

    So to answer your question, 650 is low to buy a decent fishing kayak in my opinion. If you just want to buy a cheap pelican one and rig your own pole holders in you could work something out.
  9. kenny10177

    what to look for in a kayak

    I would recommend a sit on top for fishing and for your price I would get something used. Just remember kayaks don't come with paddles and a decent carbon fiber is about $200. I would look for a used Wilderness, Perception, feel free. The field and stream ones are ok but have very poor quality control. If you walk into Dicks, half of the display ones have broken accessories. If you go for a cheaper kayak it usually have cheaper plastic which is less durable and less stable, but is lighter. The more expensive ones hold up better and some even allow you to stand and stretch your legs.
  10. kenny10177


    Is that a kit or did you build the whole thing from scratch?
  11. kenny10177

    To those that requested tickets to New Egypt Speedway....

    Got them in the mail. Thank you
  12. kenny10177

    China just Retaliated with 25% Tarifs

    Have you ever made a claim on an item? Did the claim and replacement go smoothly?
  13. kenny10177

    GAMEHIDE (ElimiTick) Tick Repellent Clothing

    I purchased and used a balaclava from that company. I have not experienced any ticks on myself in 3 years of hunting. But I do spray all my clothes with a liberal amount of permethrin as well. The material is made well and is comfortable.
  14. kenny10177

    Aruba Vaction Week

    If you have it available that week for the 2019 season am looking for something for my honeymoon. Keep me in mind
  15. kenny10177

    4th of July frogging

    Whopper popper always produces nice blow ups. Caught some of my biggest on the 130 loon. Looks fun