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  1. Just figured I'd share this. Great stand. Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak
  2. kenny10177

    Anyone metal detect?

    Dont really know what I'm doing and Never got anything good but if anyone is looking meet up and scout out a beach or park, shoot me a message
  3. kenny10177

    Anyone metal detect?

    Nice. I purchased one and tried it on a beach. It was so sensitive. It kept going off and all I found was trash.
  4. kenny10177

    Smoking a Turkey

    Looks better then mine from last Thanksgiving.
  5. And if some Chief starts bashing these Liberal Democrats, you think he will be appointed next term?
  6. Most Police Chiefs and captains are appointed by the mayor
  7. kenny10177

    Lets See those Trucks!!

    My Silverado with a little dirt, just the way I like it.
  8. I can tell you, most LEO understand this law is complete bullshit and know it doesn't make it any safer. The Police Captain and Chiefs don't speak against it in fear of losing their jobs.
  9. kenny10177

    So I tried a new archery store

    I've always had positive experiences with Dom, this is the first time I've ever heard something negative from anyone else. I purchased my first bow "Diamond Infinite Edge" from Cabelas, then after a month I wanted the poundage increased. Not knowing anything about bows I went there with it. He was kind enough to adjust it and show me how to adjust it .He answered all my questions for a good half hour. When I asked him how much for the adjustment he said "don't worry about it, hopefully you will upgrade that bow and come here when you do." I've since purchased my Prime Ion from him and have been going ever since.
  10. kenny10177

    Truck Question

    I've spoken to GM engineers during training and they always told me you should do frequent oil changes when the vehicle is new due to the engines breaking in and metal fragments scrapping off.
  11. kenny10177

    Truck Question

    I used to work for a GMC dealership as a mechanic through college 12 years ago. I remember thinking they were crazy raising intervals from 3k to 5k. I can't believe they are telling you 10k now. I remember taking a course from GM and they were saying the problem isnt making the oil last. It was making the oil filter last. The filter would usually clog up around 5k miles and go into a bypass mode. Things might have changed since then. But it's not like you purchased a Grand Am, you purchased there most expensive vehicle. I would have the oil changed 5k to 7k. When you hit 5k what does the oil life percentage say on the dash?
  12. kenny10177

    Free hospital bed

    Sorry to hear. That is a very nice gesture to offer it to someone in need
  13. kenny10177

    rookie questions

    If you live in NYC Staten Island is loaded with deer! Just don't get caught with corn in your truck, I heard the off duty cops there really bust balls if your hunting in their spot!
  14. kenny10177

    Opening Day/Shotgun

    You boycott Dicks all year long but then realize at 9PM they are the only Sporting Goods store open.
  15. That's the problem. These retards have no jobs and just sit at home thinking about how life is not fair and why everyone needs a participation trophy.