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  1. Fishing

    Is that considered Topwater fishing or a dive bait?
  2. Lake Management

    Here is a fishing map with the depth. Seem like the devils hole is in the north end
  3. Lake Management

    In the video it states that the lake will be stocked with sterile grass carp so reproduction will not be an issue. I wonder if there will be fishing restriction or ban on them. If not I see the population dwindilling in a short time due. https://laketopanemus.com/grass-carp
  4. Just One Lure?

    Watermelon Yum Dinger on 3/0 hook Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  5. First Time Out With the Fly Rod

    I would like to give a special thanks to BucksnBows for giving great advice at his Fly introductory class. And thank JerseyHunter for giving me a good deal on his old fly rod. So I headed out to the Rahway river this morning and was able to land my first trout on a Fly rod. The roll cast you taught me worked great as I can say no treefish were caught that day!
  6. Little Yak Fishing

    Very cool. What kinda Yak are you paddling around?
  7. Are they still a pain to take the wrapper off?
  8. Rompola Buck

    Only been into hunting the last 4 years so I've never heard of this story before. Sound interesting. One thing I've noticed with this sport is there is unfortunately a lot of doubt and jealously anoung hunters. I hunt for the enjoyment of outdoors, the experience, memories, and to have some meat in my refrigerator. I could really care less about scoring. Don't get me wrong it is nice to see a big buck coming in but that is not what hunting is all about.
  9. Worst experience ever

    Sorry to hear this. Wish you a full recovery Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  10. Hunting with transition lenses?

    As others have mentioned. The only issue I had was fogging. I also switched to contacts and never looked back. Just remember to resight in your equipment as it may change the way you see your target. I spoke with a tech at the eye glass store and he told me glasses are designed to look straight ahead, so when you look sideways through a scope or peep sight your focus is off and will the target may appear blurry.
  11. Where's Haskell Hunter?

    I heard the NSA recruited him and shipped him off to an undisclosed location.
  12. Trout Stamp

    As a former NJ resident for over 20 years who now has to pay out of state licensing fees. All which are practically double besides the bear hunt. I'm not over here complaining. Conservation costs money, but I do think horsebackriders and hikers should have to chip in too. Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
  13. ScoutLook Hunting app

    It looks like you can subscribe for one month at a time. That works well if your hunting or scouting an area out of state. Cheaper then onX
  14. ScoutLook Hunting app

    ScoutLook Hunting app just announced they will now offer property ownership maps for 5.99 a month subscriptions nationwide. I currently use OnXmaps and am happy with it but I'll give the free 7 day trial a change and see how it compares.
  15. Wow. Those prices are ridiculous. I'd be suspect too