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  1. kenny10177

    Manly man stuff

    Looks great for a show car but doesn't look practical on a daily driver.
  2. kenny10177

    Best winter gear ??

    IWOM https://iwomouterwear.com/collections/iwom-hunting
  3. kenny10177

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    Very good idea! I would try tactic first. Maybe even laminate the picture and hang it on a few trees in the woods.
  4. kenny10177

    Jury Duty

    During the interview process just yell out guilty!
  5. kenny10177

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    If you dont have OnX Hunt, I pay for the subscription and I dont mind looking up the property to see if it lists the new owner. Just shoot me a private message
  6. kenny10177

    Jury Duty

    Civil or criminal cases?
  7. kenny10177

    Don't You Love It When..........

    I heard a lady caught a nice deer this morning. A quick-thinking motorist avoided what could have been a far more serious crash Monday morning after she struck and killed a deer that darted in front of her SUV. Howell police praised Melissa Misthal, a 36-year-old township resident, after the cl... http://www.nj.com/monmouth/index.ssf/2018/11/alert_driver_praised_by_cops_after_deer_jumps_in_f.html
  8. Two years ago I mounted my first deer ever. A button buck. I dont care what anyone says, it was my first deer, I put a lot of work into learning to hunt and it was a great story behind it.
  9. kenny10177

    Let's See Your DIY Mounts

    I really like that brown / tan skull. How did you have that done
  10. kenny10177

    real time results

    Al Sharpton's NAN actually rents Van's and buses. They go to the ghettos pick people up and bring them to the polls. They also get food or other incentives for voting. I personally see this every year.
  11. kenny10177

    Safety Harnesses?

    We are all glad you made it out. Thanks for sharing your experience and lesson on tree strap height.
  12. kenny10177

    CarShield Vehicle Warranty

    When I worked at a GMC dealer people would come in with these aftermarket warranties and they were all horrible. Most of the time the company would make us replace parts with junkyard or refurbished parts. They never used OEM for repairs. I'm all for extended warranties from the actually manufacturer but I've never heard of an aftermarket company that was trustworthy. The repairs would also take days to approve. The car would sit around and just wait.
  13. kenny10177

    Legit or no?

    First thing that drew my attention was the timestamp and date is missing!
  14. kenny10177

    Trespasser Photo Zone 2

    I have to agree. That's definitely what it looks like. Good observation
  15. kenny10177

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs

    I've had these on my Silverado for 2 years. Great off road tires.