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  1. Thank you for sharing your NH experience with us. The photos and report read like the old time articles in Outdoor Life and Field & Stream. Sure is great to experience this adventure and times in camp with you and being able to wish I had done something like that while I still could. Thanks Again
  2. That is going to be a beautiful gift !
  3. That one definitely needs another year, Yea, Right !
  4. Beautiful country. Looks like a terrific trip and memorable time to spend with your son. Tme goes by fast, looks like he has grown quite a bit since I gave him the trapping books. Jack
  5. Wonderful idea and thoughtful gift. I'm not going to try to claim I know anything about the drying process or any of the finishes you mentioned. But my German farmer father was always meticulous about his tools and I'm trying to take care of the wood handles on some of them. I know he never uses straight linseed oil, but a mixture of linseed and turpentine. The mix I found on the internet was 50 - 50.
  6. Midway has both Brenneke an Remington Sluggers available with 2 box limit on each.
  7. One of the most beautiful mounts I've ever seen. You are a true artist.
  8. Oh, they count us now ? NJ Army National Guard 1966-1972, on post in Newark 1967
  9. That's a beautiful buck and if aged, I'll bet it's on it's way down. To say there are no big bucks in Clinton, is a joke. With all the Sanctuary properties surrounding that tract, some have got to cruise through at some time. I've seen some really nice bucks around there, but never during shootings hours and never standing out in the fields in daylight. Not sure if it was last year or year before, a trooper shot a massive buck by the barracks on 173 around this time that tangled with a pickup just at dark.
  10. Sorry for your loss, may she RIP.
  11. After believing that Sony was the only quality company and for 50 years only bought their products, I will never by anything from them ever again. Before all these flat screens were almost "Free", I spent a fortune on their top of the line projection TV. They had a problem and I found out about the class action suit after the termination date. They then offered to sell me a TV at dealers cost, but only the out dated models, not current models.
  12. I hope it was one of the 3 trucks that put in the time, they have been there almost every day for over a month.
  13. Unfortunately, I have the memories of hunting Black River when it first opened. Hunting during the week and you had only a couple of other hunters. I guess those memories and also the wild birds are where I should spend my hunting time.
  14. Since this is my fourth year of buying a stamp and not taking a shot, I would definitely turn around and go home. How people can take that risk and call it hunting I'll never know.
  15. Wanted to go down to Clinton to watch ( not partake ), but was in to much pain. Two miles away and could visualize the pheasant flushing and the ensuing barrage as the sound of shots echoed up the mountain, as it flew for it's life across the field.
  16. That's interesting, because when I used to hunt up there years ago, I never hunted that side.
  17. I didn't look up the size of that area, but 350 hunters? That is not hunting, at least from my perspective.
  18. Is this really here? Or you yanking our chain? For an old guy who can be pretty gullible, I wanted to ask the same question.
  19. Anyone hunt Clinton yesterday? Any report?
  20. Just wondering if with spending everyday in those woods up there, have you seen many grouse?
  21. https://patch.com/new-jersey/bridgewater/bridgewater-man-retired-cop-gets-1-year-fatal-dwi-crash?utm_source=alert-breakingnews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alert Having many LEO's as friends, both retired and active, so this is definitely not an attack on officers. But being a lifelong friend of this wonderful women, I'm overwhelmed with anger at this injustice. This POS was so remorseful that he was arrested 6 months later for the same offense, in the same town, only a mile from his residence.
  22. This has to be a friend, just wanted to jerk your chain, or a relative of owner that thought he might just take advantage of sticks left in the woods. Other than that scenario, it's to hard to believe. PLEASE let us know how this plays out.
  23. Got Brenneke 12 ga a couple weeks ago, limit 2 boxes , about $18 each with shipping from Midway
  24. Jerzguy2

    USPS Is Screwed Up

    I'm shocked, you mean the last guy wasn't the greatest ?
  25. Will miss your stories of the big bucks. Sure will be to bad that none of the younger generations have an interest, once it's gone, it's gone forever. Wow, that's what I said before I tied myself to 30 years of struggling to hold on to memories.
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