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  1. Brian, Thanks for the advice, warning, and offer of guidance. Have not fish that much for the last few years, even though I've been a member of private waters close to home. Still learning every day when I get out. I started fly fishing when information and specific tackle wasn't as readily available as it is today. BTW, my lady works for F&W in Lebanon and we have met when you were a guest speaker at our club banquet. Thanks, Jack
  2. That is on my bucket list to get up there.
  3. Brian, wonder if this is the summer when they find your nicely improve spot on the Lamington? Oh, I forgot, it's covered by the police force of the wealthy, will be shut down quickly.
  4. As I posted on another site about this picture, this is in the area I grew up. People occasionally swam in the river, as I did when young in a spot in South Branch. It was all local kids, no trash, just a place to cool off. As population grows and the limited places to take your family on a hot day, this is going to happen without enforcement. Best reason for gating off the road through the Gorge, was to end the picnicking and swimming. If you think this is bad, take a ride this weekend upstream to North Branch. The parking lot by the bridge on 28 will have 50 cars and people barbecuing, river filled with swimmers and a mountain of trash left for the local people to cart away.
  5. A little off the topic, but inline with the duck spreading egg theory. Many years ago, I stumbled across an old farm foundation, maybe 30' square, deep in the woods. It was spring fed and filled with maybe 3' of water. This foundation was probably a mile from any brook or water. Yet, there was a large school of some kind of small minnows in it. Therefore, I always assumed that eggs had to have been spread by some water bird.
  6. Jerzguy2

    Light lunch today

    For me, peanut butter is good by the spoonful for hunger pains, on apples or celery. I have had 3 PBJ's in my life, the last to see if I really hated it on bread !
  7. Now you have me thinking, I have to try that. I think I could actually live on that stuff. Had thin sliced Arctic Char freshly caught with lemon while up in Labrador and it tasted just like lox. I never would have done it, but that is what the bush pilot was doing, so I figured I would give it a shot.
  8. Looks like aphids to me. Suck the life out of plants and there excrement causes fungus to grow on plants. Spray with Sevin, registered for food crops
  9. Beautiful work for a non pro. So glad you took the before pictures so after all the pain, you can look at your accomplishment. BTW, using a backhoe is cheating !
  10. That looks wonderful. I finally made a leg of lamb last year for Easter for all our family. I had to make a Ham also for all those that wouldn't eat lamb. I love lamb, but don't make it, as no one will eat it.
  11. NJPDdet, Just something for you to think about for next year. Since you do such a meticulous job with your planting area, think about setting up an area where you dig in large nursery containers ( 16"+ wide x 16"+ high) either in that area where you have your beds or a mulched area. You can leave 6" out of the ground and space out so you don't over crowd and can still walk around and avoid the expense of raised beds. I have a friend who does 30 - 40 pots and mulches around them, to avoid weeds and mud. He mixes his own mix to fill the pots and has done this for years.
  12. I have an old Ford 3800 with a bucket that I brought to my little lot when I sold my place, but I would have already replaced it with one like yours if I had that property. Nothing like well drained soil and your plants show it. Great looking yard, but I'm to old to look or move to something now. Good luck with your impressive garden.
  13. Just looked like Allentown soil to me. My dream garden where I could really use a tractor, with beautiful soil. Nice place
  14. Beautiful garden, looks like you tend it "old school", bet it does great. Is this central near 130 or south?
  15. Just remember, do you water everyday? You can love them to death, let them tell you when they need water. If they are to grow, they need to need water.
  16. Fluke, Thanks for making my day. Guess I should have taken the $1000 the dealer offered 10 years ago, oh well, guess I'll just leave it to my kid to sell.
  17. I have an S-VDB in the csollection I bought, but when I took it for an appraisal, I was informed that it was manufactured by a jeweler. Therefore, that collection wasn't worth near what I paid. One and only good investment, was the 55 double die I bought, but maybe that has gone down now too.
  18. That stream is really weird, I fished it 20 years ago and the trico hatch was great one morning just above the Crayola factory. Then we drove a couple of miles upstream and there was absolutely no water. It was really unbelievable how the water would go underground and the flow heavy after it came up downstream.
  19. With that story, that buck is far more impressive than before and deserving of that tremendous mount. Well done! Best hunt so far.
  20. For those who have never seen the sun pop out of the ocean, they are missing one of the most beautiful sights on earth.
  21. Love how your well kept planters are doing. Amazing how fast the plants grow the past two weeks as the ground warms up, huh. Now is the time to take a couple of notes and write things down for next year. Don't be fooled by that first spring heat wave and try to jump the gun. Remember the warm crops Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes can't be planted before May 10 where you are. Even then it can be early unless you want to cover on those cold nights. If seeding your own, Peppers & Eggplant end of February to Mid March , and Tomato's end of March is plenty early. Not really a Garden Nazi
  22. Pretty nice Muddler, first fly I learned to tie well. I even gave a demonstration speech in college tying one. I guess it is like anything else that you fish more than other flies, was a great producer for me.
  23. Jerzguy2

    Rte 78 is a mess

    I missed jumping off on 31 by 100 yds. , sat in that mess for an hour. Although it was quite entertaining watching what some morons in their little cars will do to avoid the wait. There were several that went from the left lane, squeezed between Semi's to get on the shoulder, drive to the on ramp and back up the on ramp to old 22.
  24. Wanted to try a Rutts Hut after hearing all the hype, but I don't go in that area unless I have to and it's quite a haul for just a hot dog. Now if it was the greatest Italian hot dog, I would make the run. Plus, my favorite are Thumanns, and I just bought a 3lb. pack at Costco.
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