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  1. Would be great, since I've bought my license for the past 4 years and have yet to use it. Hope somebody enjoyed my share of birds, that I paid for.
  2. Ok, had to make room in the freezer and don't see any gatherings in the near future, so I decided to cook a Prime Rib that's been in there awhile. I figured I would cut it into portions and vacuum pack for quick reheat dinners. So, I figured what the heck, I'll give the 500 @ 5 min a pound a shot. I've cooked plenty of Prime Rib, and thought I had it down to a science. Well, you can teach an old dog new tricks. This is my go to method from now on. Was probably the most perfect Prime Rib all the way through. Took out of the oven, internal temp 122 and as it rested, temp continued to rise into t
  3. I remember the local R&S auto store in Somerville Shopping center sold English 303's for 14.00 and change. They would sell to anyone, friend bought one at 17
  4. I didn't think of that, that's what I was supposed to do with that money ! Guess I'll have to get me one too.
  5. Kype that looks pretty damn near perfect to me. As much as I like the med-rare prime rib, that dark meat around the bone is where all the flavor is to me, so I like it all.
  6. The above is how my best ones were done, but I also like to rub down the whole roast with a mix of Salt , Pepper, and softened butter along with the garlic in slits. Sear for 20min @ 450 and reduce to 275 to 300. Get a remote thermometer and do not let it go above 117 before taking out ! Rest, will rise at least 10 degrees
  7. I had a long discussion with a CO detective before that poacher ( in Hopatcong ) went to trial and asked how severe the punishment might be. He said depending on his record, he would probably get almost nothing. It's such a joke that there is basically no punishment ! When you consider the cost of a trophy hunt anywhere, it just becomes just a cost of getting a bragging animal.
  8. Are there still quite a few down there? When I was in school down there ( many years ago ), there were tons along the brushy areas near the bay in the Sarasota area. Now these areas are all houses and condo's.
  9. I can't decide which is more wonderful, that story or that incredibly beautiful well earned buck. I'll bet a lot of Jersey "Hunters" are wondering how you got all the corn in back there for your Bait Pile Congratulations BTW
  10. 40 years ago, it would have sounded like World War lll up there.
  11. Finally , someone who speaks the truth !! When is enough , enough ?
  12. Beautiful gun, as nice as mine, although mine has vent rib. It patterns 00 buck incredibly at 50 yds., although haven't shot it in 30 years.
  13. Just hope he makes it through the rest of the season, should be a slammer next fall
  14. Tried to stop by and see if you needed a hand yesterday, but road was still blocked.
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