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  1. Congratulations on that beautiful buck and showing that it can be done by a hard hunting regular guy. Hope you are as successful with your Elk hunt. Thank you once again for all the pictures and the day by day reports. Definitely one of the best post ever.
  2. Jerzguy2

    Wool Socks ??

    Cabelas, what a shame for a great company to go to hell. Would drive out for a ride, and first walk to the sock bins. Fantastic work socks that lasted for ever, 3 pairs for $15 then discontinued. Then over to the shoe dept for a great low, waterproof work shoe. Just give them the model # and buy a pair or two and knew they would fit perfect. Spring catalog came and this shoe was listed as their #1 selling shoe. Fast forward to Bass Pro buyout, and they discontinued the #1 shoe!! I'm freaking done with them.
  3. Bought my "last" vehicle, 4Runner TRD last summer (Tacomas with a body) and so far love it. Gets just over 20 mpg overall, same as my 2003 Honda Element, but does not have quite the highway ride of my 2001 Yukon, but I tend to keep my vehicles as you can tell. Interior could be a little roomier, but if you are "normal size", it's perfect. I wanted something that could tow like the Yukon, Park like the Honda and Last till the end.
  4. Hope you are keeping a journal, great magazine read, giving this old guy something to look forward to each morning.
  5. I wish I could have put you on a hunt and follow your daily stalks on bucks in Colorado. Every night you could glass them in a neighbors field from my buddies porch, across the road. The problem being a half mile private, no hunting, pasture buffer from the road to the Federal forest where they spent their days. Had a neighbor that would do stalking like you, from the entrance to the Fed. land several miles down the road behind all the private land to hunt these beautiful bucks. You are doing it right, keep the pictures coming, living the dream of a "real" hunter.
  6. You are probably up for #1 post of the year. Hope you connect with the big one on one of your last days, so we can continue to enjoy this wonderful hunt.
  7. First, I do not know TcCook personally, but after following this site for several years, he would be one of the first people I would trust with such a post. Why there is always someone that has to reply with harsh questions toward others is beyond me. If you feel it's necessary to pose such questions, do it in a PM, not on a public forum. If it was my property, such questions written in that manner, would hit the trash bin in a heartbeat.
  8. Doesn't your property go down to the river? That rich loamy soil would be the spot, if it's not shady. Make a small garden! Large garlic farm in Vermont planted in rich stream bottom land.
  9. Have had the smaller size one for 2 years, best thing since sliced bread. Anyone or child can use it, fast, safe, makes making kindling a fun chore.
  10. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Hope this hunt works out for you.
  11. Yup, I'm sure that's it, Oliver gave me one also. I sure wish I had look up that chart before munching away on it. Although was an experience everyone should try at least once !
  12. #6 looks like the chocolate Jalapeno that almost did me in 2 months ago ! Need to try cooking with them, will never chew one up again .
  13. Probably my favorite post. Thanks
  14. Difficult to believe that a deer like that occurs outside of one of those genetic high fence farms. Just hope it lives long enough to spread it's genes.
  15. How about this cute guy my friend took picture of on the road near Blairstown, 4+ feet.
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