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  1. Oliver, Since you live right there, is there any word on where Dom and Marie are now, working or opening another place? They became our close go to place, price and quality were great. The new people running that place are doing just that, into the ground, food NFG.
  2. Same issue with my last female Brittany. I had her "door" trained and she wouldn't go out an open door for deer, squirrels, rabbits, or anything else, but bets were off on groundhogs. She turned into a vicious killer with them.
  3. Jerzguy2

    Found one

    Any birds left? Public ground?
  4. I hope that wasn't the beautiful wide buck I saw mid morning 2 days ago in zone 7. Still holding both sides, standing in a cut corn field.
  5. Had the only butcher available do it 40 years ago and it was terrible. Had a very good surgeon repeat 20 years ago and it was nothing, back to light work and walking fine 3 days later. I also had both knees replaced 4 years ago at the same time and didn't think that was to bad either.
  6. Jerzguy2

    WTS Barn Beams

    Do you have any 1" pieces left like the one you posted a while back?
  7. Trying not to hit your does with my car each week becomes a challenge.
  8. Beautiful pup, sounds like he has a great disposition and will be super easy to train. b b
  9. I can tell from your name "Jack" you are the better guy. I agree with what most have posted, plus the above and at the "bro" point, I would have taken the stand down, and cut it into small sections and left it where he would park. Jack
  10. Congratulations on the pup and get Gun Dog by Wolters, thats what I followed with my first Brittany, some 50 years ago. Give me a shout after you get him home and settled in, I would love to see him and show you my new monster.
  11. I stop in once a week to see if there is a notice and was hoping to ask a waitress at Washington Diner that worked there, but didn't see her. I'm sick, best reasonable Italian food around.
  12. I've always loved Brittanies and have owned 5 in my lifetime, all females and they were all wonderful with children and strangers. My first was strictly an outside dog and the others were with me all day as business companions. Next to last came from a best friend of Marjo's, and shared their breeding. When I gave Field Trialing a shot, I was friends with the owners of Marjo's (the parents of current owner) and they were wonderful people and bred wonderful dogs. If I was to get another American Brittany, I would probably go to them. I couldn't leave well enough along, and had to try a male and this time a Epagnuel Breton (French Brittany). He is extremely smart, but energy wise at 10 months, off the chart. I hope to hunt him this fall ( will probably have someone else do gun work) , but I'm sure I'll just be working on handling.
  13. Jerzguy2

    Hunting clothing

    Stopped in a small shop this weekend, that was my type of place for friendliness and service. Although it will be my go to place for some shell and whatever they can help me with, they didn't have much in the way of clothing. After hearing that Cabelas was poorly stock (and really don't want to drive out there), can anyone point me to a central or north Jersey shop with some selection.
  14. I knew it, now it's gonna get packed ! I love their Calamari salad and some of their veal dishes are to die for. I forgot, BYOB is the best part, great Italian food and bring your own.
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