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  1. Condolences Dave, so sorry to hear of your loss. Jack
  2. If you are the normal plant it and forget it type, cages are definitely the way to go. A well grown pepper plant may need to be staked with the weight of peppers. Stake & Tie for tomatoes if you are going to tend to your plants at least twice a week. Has to be your passion, not plant and forget. I have memories of my fathers beautiful garden and his German friends that were tended to daily, but that was there only hobbies or outlet. There is a women in Asbury, with a magnificent garden, maybe 40 x 80. It's like something from a magazine, but I'll bet she is out there at least 30 hrs. a week.
  3. OMG, don't think the heart could take that in the morning
  4. Jerzguy2

    Well... Truck post?

    Love the grill guard. They kept calling her "StormTrooper" so the lady had to do this!
  5. I believe harmless BT will get those, if not Sevin surely will.
  6. I understand not wanting to use pesticides Grey, but you won't even use BT for greenworms? Works almost instantly and you can eat the stuff. Jack
  7. Which model did you get? I got a Vostro and it's ridiculously fast.
  8. Just love technology, I had maybe 100 or so pictures on my last phone that I never thought to download. One day a random bunch just disappeared to I have no idea. Just love this crap. My 10 year old laptop was on it's last leg and was unbelievably slow. I got pissed and got a new one. This thing is so fast that I bump something and my work is gone, or it jumps to another website.
  9. I think the tomatoes and eggplant will be a challenge once they get size to them, to keep watered. I know a guy that didn't want the weed issues of a regular garden and has planted large pots ( 30+ ) for years and has done well. He digs the pots in ( leaving 4 -6 " out of the ground ) and puts a couple of inches of wood chips around the pots to keep mud and weeds down. I'm going to do this this year, as I haven't finished my raised beds.
  10. LL: 9085374995

    Cell: 7322616460

    1. Jerzguy2


      I have to go to Tractor Supply today or tomorrow, so I'll give you a call. I can only use a few 6 ish Heirlooms, as I just over bought last week to make sure I have enough before they sold out.   Thanks

  11. I'll take a few if I can stop by, just 1 of each weird ones ( Heirlooms ). Jack
  12. My dell laptop did the same thing 4 months ago. I looked up the receipt and it was 9 years old. Went online and Dell had updated model on sale, so I decided to just buy it. Best thing I could have done, this thing is 10 times as fast and works like a dream, but I don't have a bunch of kids to take care of.
  13. It is going to most likely die from moving it from its home range. They will wander until they die trying to go home. I don't know about this ( if true, as kids with turtle pens we did a lot of harm), but as soon as the biologist go back to work, I'll check with the head turtle guy.
  14. If sand washed out and you saw black dirt and worms, I would say the installer to easy way out and little to no base before installation. That's why it's done right the first time and it cost more. BTW, great looking repair and hope it stays for awhile.
  15. My special treat is Calamari or Shrimp Fra Diavolo, but I'm going to copy your dish and give it a try, looks delicious.
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