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  1. Plan on pruning that tree this winter ? Shaping
  2. As said above, I envy you and wish I could have done the same. Missed so much of my daughters childhood, and what else is there ?
  3. If I can figure out how to post pictures, my young fishing partner and his girlfriend regularly catch really nice Tarpon on fly rods off the beach in Florida.
  4. Great thread and many educated theories, that are entirely opposite of what was preached to me in economics in collage. Although much has changed in our new world, the supply and demand theory remains the same. Will have to reread this thread and try to digest the free economics credits from a variety of sources.
  5. Yea, that silence does leave a bad taste. After reading about a father and son trapping out of state ( where real traps are allowed ) I remembered that I still had old trapping books from bygone masters from over 50 years ago. I dug them up and even delivered to his house, not so much as a thank you for my efforts.
  6. You my friend are what this sport once was and I congratulate you for carrying out that tradition. One reason why I enjoy your photos and stories and wish I had learned to hunt in your fashion when I was young. Carry on a great tradition.
  7. My section of 13 and far west 8, more fawns than usual, all twins and a few triplets.
  8. Finally seeing some chicks. Last week saw a hen and 3 tiny ( size of Tractor supply chicks ) chicks with hen. Yesterday saw 8-10 chicks ( pullet size ) with hen . These were all close to houses and on the side of the road, so maybe that's the secret to their survival. Anyway, finally some home for a decent flock finally in this part of Hunterdon.
  9. So refreshing to know there are a few others that experienced what I did and have relatively the same perspective on Hunting !
  10. Had to replace starter on Honda CRV, dealer quoted me $750.00. Two bolts on a Chevy 350 and wire connection, 1/2 hr and $60. , times have changed.
  11. " Wow, sounds like a great opportunity, and fun, NOT ! ": How is my comment creating an argument ? Just stating that this is not a hunt, but culling an uncontrolled number of deer, without paying outside companies to just kill over bait. Kype and I have yet to meet, but will soon as I spend most of my days less than 5 miles away from his home. Read the post and get Your facts straight, it was me and not Kype that stated that I hunted the boundaries of Dukes. When Dukes came up, it struck a nerve. You were probably not even born when I hunted and it was a heavily patrolled and protected estate cared for under Doris Dukes terms. This was a magical place in the middle of an overpopulated state where you could see record book bucks on a regular basis. Occasionally these monster bucks would venture out during the rut and end up winning a local contest. FYI, the time period that I'm speaking of was the late 60's and early 70's , so not even relevant to todays world. Good luck with your recruitment and your necessary Culling, in areas that it is required. Sorry for my rant, but when the word "Dukes" came up it struck a nerve. When you have 2500 acre park and the initial slaughter of this herd takes place, it is beyond troubling and its a little different than the current required Culling !
  12. Sorry, for me it falls into the same category as baiting. Yes, with the situations we have today, I'm sure these hunts are absolutely necessary , but not something I could do. Also, as someone that hunted the boundaries of Dukes with a bow and I realize the over grazed habitat had to be dealt with, the image of that slaughter of magnificent animals is more than I can deal with.
  13. Wow, sounds like a great opportunity, and fun, NOT !
  14. Approximately what was your delivery time, from ordering to receiving time? I think I need a new toy, since I haven't treated myself in two years
  15. Does this come common carrier? Do you get a notification window of time when it will be delivered?
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