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  1. I'll stick with Evan Williams
  2. 82ndAbnRVN

    New Baby Brother ...

    Our first rescue was also from a kill shelter in Annapolis. She was a Chesapeake Bay retriever / Border Collie mix ... a gentle sweetheart that gave us 14 years of joy. Then, in a moment, she couldn't get up - a stroke. We still miss her.
  3. 82ndAbnRVN

    New Baby Brother ...

    Kill shelter rescue from Ohio: a 3-month old Australian Shepherd. His big sister, Great Pyrenees / Border Collie mix, was a kill shelter rescue in Kentucky when she was 5-months old. She's 2 2/12 now - 80 pounds.
  4. 82ndAbnRVN

    Is This for Real?

  5. 82ndAbnRVN

    Crawfish Festival

    Taj Mahal and Mahaska Jackson were wailing ...
  6. 82ndAbnRVN

    Crawfish Festival

    Had a great time there today ... great weather, great music, dancing, great food (crawfish, spicy alligator sausage, spicy chicken & sausage jambalaya, and grilled oysters), and lots of weird hippies to watch.
  7. 82ndAbnRVN

    Free Trycold Gel Packs

    My daughter gets medication delivered very Friday that needs to be refrigerated. It's kept cold in a Styrofoam-lined (sometimes with bubble wrap)box and 2-3 24oz gel packs (occasionally get ice bricks). Makes pretty good coolers ... I hate throwing these away ... anyone want some? For pickup in Fanwood, NJ.
  8. 82ndAbnRVN

    I'm a daddy!

    She's a sweetie!
  9. 82ndAbnRVN

    Tick Repellent?

    I take entresto, amiodarone, synthroid, eplerenone, coreg, zetia, crestor, CoQ10, aspirin and D3 twice a day ... ain't an insect out there that will go near me.
  10. 82ndAbnRVN

    The Art of the Deal

  11. 82ndAbnRVN

    Knife Control

  12. 82ndAbnRVN

    Where to live with a city commute.

    My town (Fanwood) was carved out od Westfield and Scotch Plains to be a commuter town. No point in the town in the town is farther than 1/2 mile from the train and bus lines. It's quaint, quiet, safe and close access to shopping, restuarants, and theaters. We're on the NJT Raritan Valley line with a strain shot into NY Penn Station. I worked in the City for 15 years and it's my mode of choice. And, we have bus lunes, too. And property values continental to increase ...
  13. 82ndAbnRVN

    SOLD! Spring Cleaning #5 Browning Citori